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Blueberries survived the rain!

June 30th, 2006 at 09:39 pm

15 inches of rain in 24 hours are enough to bring down the best plants, especially when their limbs are heavy with wet fruit. But I finally held my breath and headed out to survey the damage.

Our homeowners covenants don't let visible gardens detract from the property. So, we have a postage stamp size garden hidden behind a home grown fence of flowing ornamental grasses and pine trees.

Hidden away, we have a vegetable patch, yet to be planted. A frugal tip - don't overcommit yourself to a giant gardening project and lose your investment in plants if you can't establish and maintain them.

We have a line of blueberry plants, a range of varieties to pollinate and keep blueberries ripening throughout the summer. Most seem to have hung on through the storms, and only a few succumbed to a hungry deer tearing away the protective netting:

We also have six dwarf fruit trees. Growing up in California farm country, the concept of dwarf trees affronts me. How can you possible get decent fruit from dwarf trees? Do they produce much? Is the fruit dwarf?

I'm happy to report they are also doing well...and the quality, well, the pile of pits on the ground from said deer indicates they are doing well. Not ripe yet, but growing quickly.

Savings of the day...well, a cup of blueberries runs around $4? We and our friends, family, neighbors, dental hygenist...picked around twenty quarts last year. The cost...well, the fertilizer won't put a dent in the Home Depot g/c I just received. Blueberries are remarkably hardy, and one of the easiest to grow organically.

Finding storage space in the freezer...well, you can do worse things to your friends than donating buckets of fresh blueberries to their homes!

Finally something on the challenge!

June 30th, 2006 at 08:13 pm

Today I received a $50 Home Depot card from My Points. I think I purchased some Avon or Lancome, free gifts and sale, all that. Things I would have purchased elsewhere anyway, in my new TAKE CARE OF ME OCCASIONALLY state. The Home Depot card, definite bonus.

Well, maybe I wouldn't have purchased bath gels, and stuff, without the additional incentive of the gift card and the free gifts and the half price sale. But, this is one thing I am TRYING to learn. A bit of self-nuturing. I'm horrible at it, but I'm trying to get better. A nice bubble bath is a great start.

I also received two $20 rebates from, g/cs of course. $40, but I won't add that in to my totals until I use them. DH still wants that software, but I'm hoping for, maybe a new vacuum? Ionic Breeze?

Shopping, well, that was fairly excellent. Dropped by the store to see if they had more Oreo coupons, and use another meat coupon. They had a package of premium cut beef, originally $39.45, on sale for 17.45, and we had a $10 beef certificate WYB 5 oral-b, so we picked up a few more packages of floss. We run through loads of it for health reasons. DH wasn't happy...until he saw the meat. We'd never purchase something that expensive.

I've seen people in other stores finding sample sizes of floss, 18 cents a piece or so. Five of those for $10 of beef would be excellent. No such luck here. But, I'll take the savings we did find.

Also picked up cranberry juice at BOGO, and more salad. Last day to use the $2 coupon, and at BOGO it came out free.

So, new totals:

Current savings:
2006 $20 challenge: $4852
2006 grocery savings: $6661

Free Meat with wine tag coupons

June 30th, 2006 at 08:03 pm

Today I received several wine tags in a trade, $2 on any meat, no wine or other purchase required, $2 on meat with A1 purchase, and a Coors coupon booklet with coupons for charcoal, BBQ sauce, and 8 other things (I think, going from memory here).

I don't drink beer, and we don't have wine tags here. But, I traded them, for, of all things, MILK coupons Big Grin

Other coupons new in stores today..
blinkie - $1 off any one spinbrush product, 7/31/06

hang tang - on BBQ sauce - $1 on one wet ones wipes canister or one box of singles, 12/31/06

loose - 0.50 create your own platter from olive orchard, no expiration

tear pad - mail in, free MBL t-shirt and hat by mail, B4 pepsi or aquafine 12 oz 12 packs, or any 3 pepsi or aquafina 24 packs and use your club card, mail in receipt only to Pepsi CMG. Found at Safeway, but not marked for any store.

loose - looks like a small hefty plate, 75 cents off any one package of hefty serve 'n store plates or bowls, exp. 1/31/08

coupon trains and other news

June 29th, 2006 at 10:53 pm

Midlight has mailed her trains off. She still wants to contribute coupons to the team, even though she is too swamped to keep up with a train. New babies, no sleep.

So, kicking off two new coupon trains today, one that bounces all over the place, and one that is extremely localized.

DH helped me sort coupons. The entire room is covered with onesies and twosies. So many I just have one or two of, didn't post, because hey, I do have a life, and hey, I'm not that great at typing and, well, no one is THAT interested in random coupons. But, it's quite funny and so sweet. The trouble with being a rocket scientist, as I've learned over the years, is that they are either completely unorganized, and the random piles make complete logic to them, or they are obsessively accurately and precisely (there is a difference!) organized to the point of shutting down the process. Which is why he doesn't cook.

DH was responsible for putting our coupon box together last year, when we started from scratch. Which is, again, why it has 72 categories. I think there are more dividers than coupons at times, but then again, when I'm rushing through a store, I do know EXACTLY where to look.

Email is backed up, the problem with 15 inches of rain and no power, I'm afraid. I have surveys to take, and companies to contact, and articles to write (sorry, Jeffrey!). I've probably spent more than I saved this week. DH managed to save two of our birch trees, but they are, well, topped off? Other than that, we are in great shape.

So, nothing new to report in the challenges or savings. Other than we are hanging in there.

Couponing by example, another lesson and more free coupons

June 29th, 2006 at 08:09 pm

It's the end of the month, so time to clean out my coupon box for all the "use it or lose it" (expiring) coupons.

I receive a large number of coupons, using all the methods discussed at I do test my own advice before I submit it to the site Wink. So, while I remove expiring coupons, I also evaluate whether or not I'm actually going to use other coupons I have filed.

Having a great coupon for something I don't really need can be an expensive temptation! DH regularly reminds me that we have a BACKLOG of groceries, and, groceries, like coupons, have expiration dates. No matter how good the sale and coupons are, it's wasted money if you never use the products.

So, I use the coupon trains! It's much more satisfying to send off coupons that I know someone else really needs. And, since manufacturers do target specific promotions and coupons to specific regions, I also receive a broader selection of coupons myself. And, of course, it's also great to receive multiple coupons of the same type, since a great sale needs MANY great coupons to match!

Here is the list of my current "haves list", coupons I have but won't be using myself. It's a broad selection, encompassing most categories of groceries. It also illustrates the types of coupons that are readily available. They are all non-newspaper insert, non-printable, except where noted.

While this shows the types of coupons available to any consumer, remember, if you are on the coupon trains, these are available to you, just let me know!


Beverages (non-dairy)
(3) 5 free 2-liter Coca-cola product, 8/31/06
(3) Bottled water, FREE (NTE $1), WYB (1) Crystal Light mix, any, 9/30/06
(3) Hansen’s soda, $1 /2 6 pk, DND,8/31/06
(2) Nesquick Strawberry, 64 oz. carton, $1/1, 12/31/06
(3) Odwalla, any drink FREE/1, NTE $3.49, 12/31/06
(3) Turkey Hill Iced Tea, Lemonade, or Nature’s Accents, any ½ gal +, $0.35/1, 12/31/09
(2) V8 Fusion, 12 oz., $0.50/1, DND, 8/31/06
(2) V8 Fusion, 46 oz., $0.50/1, DND, 7/31/06
(4) 7up, 2 liter, FREE (NTE $1.59), 7/31/06
(4) 8th continent soymilk, 64 oz., FREE/1, 6/30/07
(4) Ice, $1/1, $2 minimum purchase, DND, 9/9/06
Miscellaneous inserts

(22) Cheerios, any, $0.75 /2 DND, 9/10/06
(56) GM cereals, $1 /3, DND, 7/17/06
(35) GM cereals, $0.75 /2, DND, 9/10/06
(2) Kashi GoLean Instant Hot Cereal, any, $1 /1, DND, 12/31/06
Miscellaneous inserts

(25) Advantage Caramel Bars, $1 /3, DND, 9/30/06
(15) Doritos 13 oz. bag, FREE WYB 3 cards, 7/04/06
(3) EatSmart baked potato crisps, 6 oz., $1 /1, DND, 12/31/06
(16) Famous Amos cookies, 16 oz. package, 9/1/06
(16) Frito-Lay Light snack chips, $0.55 /1, 12/31/06
(8) Jet-Puffed Marshmallows AND 10 oz. or larger Honey Maid Graham Cracker, $1, 12/31/06
(20) Kraft/Nabisco: $1 WYB 3 Balance bar singles, Nabisco snack pack, nabisco to go, or Barnum’s animal crackers, DND, 6/30/06
(6) MetRx bars, BOGO, insert, 8/31/06
(40) Nabisco multi-pak AND (2) Kraft snack products, $2, DND, 8/31/06
(5) Nabisco Honey Maid graham honey sticks, 13 oz, $0.75/1, DND
(4) Ore-Ida, $1/2, insert, 7/31/06
(40) Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies, FREE (NTE $3.00) WYB 2 boxes goldfish crackers (11 oz. or larger), 7/31/06
(11) Ritz crackers, any 2 12.5 oz or larger, $1 /2, DND, 8/31/06
(5) Ritz crackers, 14 oz +, $0.75/1, DND
(2) South Beach Diet Cookie or Cracker, any, FREE/1 (NTE $3.99), 2/28/07
(40) Sunchips, Rold Gold, Frito-Lay Baked! And/or Frito-Lay Light snacks (any combo, 9 ¾ oz or larger), $1 /2, 12/31/06
(5) Triscuits, 8.5 oz +, $0.75/1, DND
Miscellaneous inserts

(2) Activia 4-pk, FREE /1, 12/31/06
(8) Activia 4-pk or larger, $1 /1, DND, 6/30/06
(2) Dannon yogurt, any, $0.50 /1, 12/31/06
(2) Daisy sour cream, FREE/1, NTE $2.29, no expiration date
(1) Eggland’s Best Eggs, $0.50/1, insert, 9/30/06
(3) Eggland’s Best Eggs, cage free, $0.50/1, insert, 9/30/06
(2) Eggland’s Best Eggs, $0.35/1, insert, 9/30/06
(5) Kraft singles cheese, 12 oz +, $0.75/1, DND
(5) Kraft sting-ums cheese, 24 ct. $0.75/1, DND
(15) Land O Lakes ½ pound or (1) package pre-sliced Land o Lakes Cheese, DND, 9/30/06
(1) Land o Lakes eggs, FREE/1, NTE $4, no expiration
(5) milk WBY 1 Oreo 14 oz., $1 /1, 6/30/06
(3) milk, FREE (NTE $2.99) WYB any two oreo, DND, 7/31/06
Miscellaneous inserts

(3) Amy’s product, any, FREE/1, no limit, 12/31/06
(3) Bagel Bites, $0.55/1, DND, 6/30/07
(5) Breyers, Good Humor, Klondike, or Popsicle, any, FREE /1 (NTE $6), 3/31/07
(4) Contessa Homestyle Convenience Meal, any, $1 /1, DND, 12/31/06
(14) Edward’s whole pie or any two slices, $1, DND, 9/30/06
(11) Eggo, any product, $1 /2, 7/31/06
(28) Freschetta Pizza, any, $0.75, DND, 8/14/06
(22) Healthy Choice Frozen Meals or Entrees, any, $1 /3, DND, 7/22/06
(28) Kid Cuisine meal, any, 0.50 /1, DND, 7/23/06
(4) Lean Cuisine, any, FREE/1, NTE $3.49, 2/28/07
(26) Mann’s Fresh Cut Vegetables, any, 0.55/1, 9/30/06
(9) Morningstar Farms, any one, $1 /1, DND, 7/31/06
(3) Texas Toast, any, $0.50 /1, DND,8/15/06
(3) Turkey Hill ice cream, any 48 oz +, $0.55/1, 12/31/09
(3) Turkey Hill frozen yogurt, ice cream, or carb IQ, any 48 oz +, $0.75/1, 12/31/09
Miscellaneous inserts

(25) Aidells sausage, any, $0.50/1, DND, 8/31/06
(36) Beef WYB A1 Steak Sauce OR Marinade, 10 oz. or larger, $1 /1, DND, 5/31/07
(28) Bumble Bee Prime Fillet Steak, 4 oz pouch, $0.50/1, DND, 9/30/06
(1) Chicken (fresh), $1 off WYB 2 Fresh Express Salads, DND, 6/30/06
(2) Fast Fixin’s, any, FREE/1 NTE $7.99, 12/31/06
(23) Ground Beef WYB Lea & Perrins, any, $1 off, DND, 9/30/06
(25) Ground Beef, Giant, WYB (2) 64 oz. Heinz ketchup, FREE (NTE $2.50), DND, 9/30/06
(2) Ground Beef WYB (2) Hamburger Helper, $1 off, 9/1/06
(2) Honeysuckle White product, any, $1/1, 1/31/07
(2) Honeysuckle White product, any, $0.50/1, 1/31/07
(5) Pilgrim’s Pride cooked chicken, any, $1 /1, DND, 2/28/07
(30) Prairie Grove Farms pork product, any, $1/1, 2/01/07
(2) Perdue, any chicken product, $2/1, 5/31/07
(16) Rancher’s Reserve Beef, WYB any (5) Gillete, Oral-B, or Duracell products, $10/1, DND, 7/31/06
(2) Seafood, WYB any (1) A1 marinade for seafood, $1, 1/31/07
(1) SeaPak Shrimp, FREE package (NTE $9.99), DND, 6/30/08
(1) SeaPak Shrimp, any, $1 /1, DND, 6/30/08
(41) Tyson canned or pouch chicken, any, $0.50 /1, 8/31/06
(1) Tyson fresh chicken, FREE/1 any, NTE $3, 12/31/07
(1) Any meat, $25 on $75 MIR, 7/15/06
(1) Any meat, $15 on $20, MIR, 7/15/06
(2) Any meat, WYB (2) Wishbone salad dressing, 16 oz+, 8/31/06
Miscellaneous inserts

Produce/Salad Dressing
(3) Earthbound Farm Product, any, FREE/1 (NTE $6), 12/31/07
(4) Fresh Express packaged salad, any, FREE/1 (NTE $4), 12/31/06
(11) Fresh Express Complete Salad, any, $0.75 /1, DND, 7/31/06
(7) Fresh Express Complete Salad, any, $0.75 /1, DND, 6/30/06
(40) Fresh Express Salad, any, $2 /2, DND, 6/30/06
(2) Fresh Express Organic Salad, any, $0.55 /1, DND, 6/30/06
(9) Fresh Express salad, free bag (NTE $3.99) WYB (1) Oral-B Pulsar or Advantage twin pack toothbrush, DND, 7/15/06
(175) Litehouse dressing, any, $1 /1, DND, 12/31/06
(5) Maple Grove Farms Dressing, buy 2 and lettuce, $1, DND,10/31/06
(5) Marzetti dressing, any, $0.50/1, 7/31/06
(30) PRODUCE, any WYB (1) Kraft Parmesan Cheese (7 oz. +), and Good Season Salad Dressing mix, $2, 9/30/2006
(1) PRODUCE, any WYB Reynolds Plastic Wrap, any, $1, 11/30/06
(44) Ready Pac Bistro-to-go or Ready-to-go bowl salad, $0.55 /1, DND, 12/31/06
(11) Sunkist Almond Accents, any bag, $0.75 /1, 12/31/06
(100) Sunkist Almond Munchies, any bag, $1 /1, 12/31/06
(23) Sunkist Almond Munchies, any bag, $1 /1, 12/31/07
(1) Tomatoes FREE (NTE $3) WYB two Fresh Express slaw or shreds, 8/31/06
Miscellaneous inserts

(27) Cattlemen’s, any, 0.75/1, 12/31/06
(5) Classico pasta sauce, any, $1 /2, 12/31/06
(1) Delmonte, free can, any, 1/21/07
(4) Filippo Berio Olive Oil, any, $1, DND, 12/31/06
(15) Heinz Tomato Ketchup, 32 oz or larger, 0.50/1, 7/31/06
(5) Jello Pudding, 4.5 oz, $0.55/1, DND
(30) KC Masterpiece BBQ or Marinade, FREE WYB (1) Kingsford 18 lb charcoal, (NTE $4.50), DND, 6/30/06
(2) Kikkoman Teriyaki Takumi, $1/1, insert, 12/31/06
(3) Kikkoman, $1/2, insert, 12/31/06
(2) Kikkoman, $0.55/1, 9/30/06
(3) Olivio, any product, FREE /1, NTE $2.30, 12/31/06
(4) Sara Lee soft and smooth bread, FREE WYB (2) Hillshire Farm Deli, DND, 6/30/06
(2) Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter, any, $0.35 /1, DND, 4/30/07
(2) Tabasco, any, $0.75, DND, 7/23/06
(1) Tree Top Apple Sauce, any, $0.30 /1, DND, 7/31/06
Miscellaneous inserts

(4) Brawny Napkins, any, FREE /1, (NTE $5), 12/31/06
(31) Cottonelle TP in Ultra or Aloe & E, (3) 4-pk OR (2) 6-pk OR (1) 12-pk, $1, DND, 8/13/06
(25) Reynolds Wrap Release Non-stick Foil, any, $0.75/1, 12/31/06
(25) Reynolds Wrap Release Non-stick Foil, any, AND Reynolds Wrap Foil, $0.75/1, 12/31/06
(1) Reynolds Wrap Release Non-stick Foil, any, AND Reynolds Wrap Foil, $1/2, DND, 9/30/06
(17) Solo, any product, $1 /1, DND, 8/13/06
(3) Scott any (1) 4 pack or larger scott extra soft tissue OR (1) 12 pack or larger Scott 1000 Tissue, $0.50/1, DND, 8/13/06
(29) Scott any (1) 4 pack or larger scott extra soft tissue OR (1) 12 pack or larger Scott 1000 Tissue, $0.50/1, DND, 10/08/06
(3) Scott any (1) 4 pack or larger scott extra soft tissue OR (1) 12 pack or larger Scott 1000 Tissue, $1 /1, DND, 10/08/06
(105) Sparkle paper towels, (2) big roll or (1) larger size, $0.50, DND, 7/16/06
(2) Viva, 2 big roll or (1) big roll 2-pk, $1, 7/1/06
(1) Ziplock easy zipper bags, $0.35/1, 7/1/07
(1) Ziplock container, $1/1, 8/31/07
Miscellaneous inserts

(1) Airwick Freshmatic starter kit, $4/1, 12/31/06
(2) All small and mighty, insert, $1/1, 8/20/06
(2) All or Surf laundry, insert, $0.50/1, 8/20/06
(1) Ajax liquid dish, any, $0.25 /1, 1/30/07
(5) Cascade, various, $1, 6/30/06
(5) Clorox, various cleaners, $1 - $5, 6/30/06
(3) DampRid, any, FREE/1, (NTE$5.59), 8/31/07
(1) Glade candle, $2/1, 11/1/06
(1) Glade scented oil candle holder, $2/1, 11/1/06
(1) Glade plugins extra outlet and night light warmer, $2/1, 8/1/06
(1) Glade glass scents or air infusion spray, FREE WYB Glade Wisp or Oil Fan, 12/31/07
(2) Glade Wisp starter kit, $2/1, 6/30/06
(7) Hot Shot, $1 on 1 ultra, or $1/2 other, 7/31/06
(1) Murphy’s Oil Soap Product, any, $0.50 /1, 1/30/07
(1) Palmolive Automatic, any, $0.40 /1, 1/30/07
(3) Pledge product, any, FREE/1 (NTE $4.50), 8/31/06
(2) Pledge Multi Surface, $1/1, 8/31/06
(1) Scotch Brite floor cloth starter pack or refill, $1/1, 12/31/06
(1) Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner refill, $1.50 /2 12/31/07
(1) Scrubbing Bubbles shower starter kit, $5 /1 7/31/06
(4) Tide, various, $0.50, 6/30/06
(1) Wisk 32 oz. Dual Action or High Efficiency concentrate, insert, $1.50/1, 7/9/06
(1) Wisk 100 oz +, insert, $0.50/1, 7/9/06
(1) Woolite carpet, $1/1, 12/31/06
Miscellaneous inserts

(32) Sunsilk, any 24/7 crème, volumizing crème, or masque, $1 /1, 7/01/07
(30) Chapstick, $1 /3, 12/31/06
(1) CoverGirl Last Exact mascara, $1/1, 9/30/06
(2) Dermal Therapy product, any, $3/1, 12/31/06
(1) Dove Energy Glow, FREE/1, (NTE $6.49), 6/30/07
(5) Dove Energy Glow, $1.50/1, insert, 8/12/06
(1) Dove hair care, FREE/1, (NTE $5.99), 6/30/07
(4) Hawaiian Tropic suncare, 4 oz.+, $1 /1, 12/31/07
(12) Jergens Natural Glow, any, $1/1, 12/31/06
(1) John Frieda Luminous Color Gaze, any, $1.50, 12/31/06
(1) L’Oreal Feria haircolour, any, $2/1, 12/31/06
(1) Maybelline Pure Makeup, fullsize, $2/1, 1/1/07
(4) Nivea, various, $1 - $2
(1) Olay, any, $2 /1, 9/30/06
(1) Pantene Pro-V expressions, any, $1/1, 9/30/06
(4) Selsun, any, $1/1, insert, 11/7/06
(1) Sunsmakers, $1/2, 10/31/06
(50) miscellaneous inserts

Personal Care
(4) Adidas deodorant, any, $2/1, insert, 9/30/06
(20) Banana Boat product, $1 off WYB 1 minute maid coolers, 8/31/06
(1) Colgate Power Toothbrush, any, $1/1, 1/30/07
(1) Colgate toothpaste, any, $0.75/1, 1/30/07
(1) Colgate toothbrush, any, $0.75/1, 1/30/07
(1) Colgate kids toothpaste, any, $0.75/1, 1/30/07
(1) Colgate Total toothpaste, any, $1/1, 1/30/07
(1) Dove bar or body wash, FREE/1, (NTE $4.99), 6/30/07
(1) Dove deodorant, FREE/1, (NTE $3), 6/30/07
(1) Irish Spring soap, any multipack, $0.30 /1, 1/30/07
(1) Ivory personal cleansing product, any, $1/1, 9/30/06
(7) Lamisil AT cream, 24 g, $3/1, 1/31/08
(7) Lamisilk, any, $1/1, 1/31/08
(25) Oral-B, $1 any (1) Pulsar, Crossaction, or Advantage Artica, OR any (w) Oral-B Advantage, Indicate, or Stages toothbrushes, DND, 7/18/06
(25) Oral-B Crossaction power toothbrush, $1 /1, DND, 7/18/06
(13) Refresh Dry eye Therapy, any, $3/1, insert, 8/31/06
(12) Refresh, any, $1/1, insert, 8/31/06
(1) Secret, any, FREE/1, 9/30/06
(1) Secret Platinum, $0.50/1, 9/30/06
(1) Softsoap Body wash, any, $0.75 /1, 1/30/07
(1) Softsoap liquid hand soap, any, $0.40 /1, 1/30/07
(1) Speedstick, any, $0.75/1, 1/30/07
(1) Speedstick, any Ladies, $0.75/1, 1/30/07
(1) Thermacare, any, $2/1, 8/31/06
(3) VO5 styling produce, $1/1, insert, 7/31/06
(1) Viadent, any, $1 /1, 12/31/07
Miscellaneous inserts

(12) Accuchek meter, $40 coupon and $40 MIR, 8/31/06
(1) Free Ascensia Breeze monitoring system WYB test strips 100-count, 6/30/06
(42) Advil PM 20 ct +, $2 /1, 11/30/06
(4) Aleve, 8 +, $1/1, insert, 7/31/06
(2) Aleve, 8 +, $0.75/1, insert, 7/31/06
(1) Aleve, 20 ct + or Cold and Sinus 10 +, or Sinus and Headache 10 +, $1/1, 3/31/07
(1) Bayer, any up to 120 ct., Free/1 (NTE$8.50), 3/31/07
(1) Bayer, 24 +, $1/1, 6/30/07
(6) Benadryl, any, $1/1, insert, 7/31/06
(4) Caltrate, any, $1 /1, 3/31/07
(6) Claritin, any, $2/1, 3/31/07
(2) Digestive Advantage Children’s Lactose Intolerance, $1/1, 11/30/06
(5) Flinstones, any, insert, $1/1, 6/30/06
(7) Metamucil, any, $0.50 - $1/1, insert, 6/30/06
(1) Metamucil, any, $1/1, 7/31/06
(11) Mylanta liquid, 12 oz. or larger, $1 /1, 12/31/06
(2) One-A-Day, any $1 /1, 6/30/07
(2) One-A-Day, any 200 ct., $1.50 /1, 9/30/07
(11) Pepcid, any 25 count or larger, $1 /1, 10/31/06
(6) Pepcid, any 25 count or larger, $1 /1, 1/31/07
(2) Robitussin, any, $1 /1, 12/31/06
(1) Rogaine, women’s, any, $5/1, 12/31/06
(3) Rolaids Plus, FREE UP TO $1.50/1, insert, 8/31/06
(1) Rolaids, any, $0.50, 12/31/06
(7) Tylenol PM, 50 ct or larger or 8 oz liquid, $2 /1, DND, 8/31/06
Miscellaneous inserts

Rite Aid Allergy Booklet – exp 7/29/06
(6) $1 /1 NasalCrom
(6) $1 /1 Visine
(6) $1 /1 Sudafed PE
(6) $1 /1 Zicam
(6) $3 /1 Nasal Comfort Mist
(6) $1 /1 DayQuil Sinus
(6) $1.50 /1Claritin
(6) $1 /1 Benadryl

(1) Baby Avalon organics, $1/1, 12/31/06
(28) Beechnut table time bakery, tubs, or dices, $1/4, DND, 9/30/06
(1) Bright Beginnings formula powder, 31.7 oz, $3, 12/31/07
(1) Gerber bowl, cup, or utensil, $1/1, insert, 6/30/06
(1) Gerber bowls or utensils, $1/1, insert, 10/31/06
(1) Gerber Grins & Giggles, $1/1, 10/31/06
(1) Gerber Grins & Giggles, $1/1, 12/31/06
(1) Gerber Graduates, any, $0.75/1, 10/31/06
(1) Gerber Graduates, any, $1/3, 6/30/06
(1) Gerber Graduates, Lil’ Entrees, $1/2, 10/31/06
(3) Gerber Graduates Fruit or Veggie Dices, $0.75/3, 10/31/06
(1) Gerber Graduates Fruit Splashers, $1/2, 10/31/06
(1) Gerber Graduates 1 liter Fruit Splashers, $1/1, 10/31/06
(3) Gerber Graduates Garden Mashers, $0.75/2, 10/31/06
(2) Gerber Graduates mini Fruit or Veggie, $1/1, 10/31/06
(3) Gerber Tooth & Gum cleanser, $1/1, 10/31/06
(3) Gerber 2nd foods, $1/8, 10/31/06
(1) Gerber 2nd foods, $0.50/8, 10/31/06
(3) Gerber 3nd foods, $0.75/6, 10/31/06
(3) Gerber Puffs, any, $0.75/2, 10/31/06
(10) Gerber Tender Harvest jars, any, $1/8, 9/30/06
(4) Gerber Tender Harvest jars, any, $0.75/4, 10/31/06
(200) Huggies Baby wipes, $0.50/1, DND, 8/31/06
(3) Huggies Good Nites, $1/1, insert, 8/14/06
(11) Huggies Lil Swimmers, $1 /1, insert, 9/06
(6) Huggies Lil Swimmers, $1/1, DND, 7/31/06
(4) Huggies any, $2/1, DND, 6/30/06
(4) Huggies any, $1/1, insert, 7/20/06
(6) Huggies any, $1/1, insert, 8/20/06
(26) Huggies any, $1/1, DND, 7/29/06
(5) Huggies Pull-up, jumbo or larger, $2/1, insert, 9/4/06
(4) Huggies Pull-up, jumbo or larger, $1.50/1, insert, 8/13/06
(4) Pampers, jumbo or larger, $1/1, 6/30/06
(2) Pampers, jumbo or larger, $1/1, 7/31/06
(2) Pampers, jumbo or larger, $1.50/1, 9/30/06
(3) Pampers, jumbo or larger, $1.50/1, 3/31/07
(4) Pampers, Easy up or Feel n Learn, insert $2/1, 6/30/06
(2) Pampers, Easy up or Feel n Learn, insert $2/1, 7/31/06
(3) Pampers Splashers, $1.50/1, insert, 7/31/06
(8) Weis Bear Essentials diapers, any, $1 /1, 12/31/06
Miscellaneous inserts

(10) Cesar dog food, $10 rebate on grooming WYB 12, 10/14/06
(1) Eukanuba puppy food, 4 lb. +, $2, 7/31/06
(1) Eukanuba, FREE 6.5lb bag dog food, 6/30/06
(1) Feline Pine cat liter, $3 on 2, no expiration
(1) Fresh Step Cat Liter, $5, 7/30/06
(15) Friskies cat, miscellaneous, inserts
(1) Greenies coupon booklet, various, 12/31/06
(1) Hills Science Diet, $5, PRINTABLE, 7/23/06
(12) Iams tartar Treats, $2 and $3 off, inserts, 7/31/06
(6) Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, miscellaneous
(1) Meaty Bone Chew-Lotta, any, FREE /1, NTE $2.99, 5/9/07
(1) Meaty Bone Chew-Lotta, any, $1 /1, 5/9/07
(2) Meow Mix, any 3.15 lb +, $1 /1, DND, 6/30/07
(4) Milk Bone, $1 /2, insert, 8/5/06
(2) Natural Choice Complete Care cat food, B12,G6 (coupon by mail for 6 free), 6/30/06
(5) Natural Way dog food, $1.50 on (1) 5 lb +, insert, 7/31/06
(12) Pedigree dog food, miscellaneous
(1) Pet Promise dry dog or dry cat food, FREE 3 lb. bag OR $9.99 on any 5 lb. bag or larger, 12/31/06
(2) Purina brand pet food, any 4.5 lb, $2 /1, 5/31/07
(3) Purina Busy Bone, $1/1, insert, 7/31/06
(8) Purina Dog Chow, $1 on 22 lb., insert, 7/31/06
(6) Purina Little Bites indoor complete, $2 on 4 lb, 10/31/06
(6) Purina dog food, any, $1, insert, 8/21/06
(1) Purina One Natural Blends Cat Food, $2 3.3 lb +, 12/31/07
(12) Purina cat, miscellaneous
(3) Purina Pro Plan Selects, $5, any, insert, 7/31/06
(10) Purina Whicker Lickin’s, various
(20) Whiskas cat food, various
(20) Miscellaneous dog treat coupons
Miscellaneous inserts

(3) RadioShack, $10 off on $20, marked Baltimore area but good other locations, 9/30/06
(3) Kingsford Charcoal and Bic Lighter, any size, $1, 6/15/07
(6) Duraflame 3 lb. bag charcoal, $0.55 /1, DND, 7/16/06
(8) SixFlags America, $15 off with movie ticket stub, exp. 9/9/06
(6) $5 off GNC Gold Card at Rite-Aid
(5) Maxwell House Points Program, offer form, 12/31/06
(5) Costco sign up and receive $10 g/c form
(40) Costco refer-a-friend form ($10 to you, $10 to friend), 12/31/06
Miscellaneous inserts

CVS Pharmacy Booklet
$5/20 for 12 weeks

(12) Accuchek meter, $40 coupon and $40 MIR, 8/31/06
(2) Feline Pine cat liter, $3 on 2, no expiration
(2) FiberSure, $2 coupon by MIR, any, 12/31/07
(1) Filtrete filters, B2, $3 rebate, 7/31/06
(47) KC Masterpiece (any one) and Kingsford charcoal, (any one), ($2.00 rebate), 12/31/06
(1) Kedem sparkling juices, $1/bottle, up to ($6 rebate), NO EXPIRATION
(38) Ortega products (2) AND “eight below” or “glory road” DVD, ($3.00 rebate), 7/31/06
(2) Natural Choice Complete Care cat food, B12,G6 (coupon by mail for 6 free), 6/30/06
(1) Senokot, ($1.50 on 10 or 20 ct., $5 on 30 and larger and bran, no limit on number), exp. 6/30/06
(3) Sidekick System, ($5.00 rebate), 12/31/07
(40+) Sunny D movie ticket official order form, exp. 8/31/06
(3) $1.50 on flowers, MBP by 7/15/06

(42) Advil PM 20 ct (FREE, no $), 8/15/06
(20) Aquafresh White & Shine or Extreme Clean 4.3 oz or larger (up to $3.69) 3/31/08
(3) Boost with Benefiber (up to $8.50), 10/31/06
(5) SpeedStick with Irish Spring scent, any, (NTE $2.99), 12/31/06

(1) Aquinas napa valley, ($1.50 /1 - $30 /12). 1/31/07
(2) Bacardi party drinks, $2, PMB 7/14/06
(10) Black Velvet Canadian Whiskey, 1.75L, $3, 8/31/06
(10) Burnett's gin, 1.75L, $2. 9/9/06
(3) Burnett's Vodka, 1.75 l, $2. 9/9/06
(7) Christian Brothers Brand, $2 on 750 ml or 1 l, or $3 on 1.75 l, exp 7/7/06
(1) Delicato wine, up to $7 MIR,. 8/31/06
(1) Francis Coppola wine, $2, 12/31/06
(1) John Barr, $3 on any, 12/31/06
(2) Rosso Bianco, $1 any, 12/31/06
(20) Seagram's Vodka, $4 on (2) 1.75L, or $2 on (2_ 750 ml, 6/30/06
Seagram's Gin, $2 /750 ml or $3 on 1.75L. 6/30/06
(10) Ten High Bourbon Whiskey, Lauder's Scotch Whiskey, Imperial Blended Whiskey, Northern Light Canadian Whiskey, Corby's Reserve Whiskey Or Corby's Canadian Whiskey. ($22 on 6 1.75L, $10 on 3 1.75L, or $3 on 1 1.75L) exp. 8/31/06
(1) Wild Bunch wine, $2 - $5 /2, 7/15/06

DAGG is merging into another site

June 28th, 2006 at 08:09 pm

Wow, I'm a bit surprised. And saddened, not just by the change, but by all the concern members are expressing at that site.

I'm new to trading, I really don't have much experience. But, it's an interesting site, a place to contribute recipes and share the latest hot deal found at a specific supermarket. Or a rare find coupon.

There has been so much concern about personal info being sold to the other company, people wanting all their posts at DAGG deleted. So much so, they had to lock the comment thread after maybe a day.

I don't have any great wisdom or ponderings, just sadness that people feel betrayed. Perhaps relief that I'm not a moderator at THAT site. And mostly a touch of awe, at what a strong community, friends and family, a site can become.

Me, I love our community, be it our blogs or the site. A close knit family, with opinions and advice, a few emotional battles now and then. But that's part of being a family. The good, the bad, the ugly, the spending and saving and free advice. Family.

Money. It brings families together, pulls them apart, and weaves them back together again.

Coke or Pepsi - sales cycles

June 28th, 2006 at 07:50 pm

If you've noticed the price of the frig packs of Pepsi and Coke bouncing around, you are right. Soda is one of the true rollercoasters of sales pricing. And it has little to do with supply and demand.

Remember, shelf space is limited, and old packaging is, well, old. Think back...around the holidays, Pepsi ran a huge promotion, get the code out of your package and enter into an instant win and sweepstakes. Prices were higher, people wanted the codes. The game ended, and suddenly the packaging was old. Who wants to buy a specially marked package to WIN, only to find that the contest has been concluded. Certainly Pepsi-co doesn't want to deal with unhappy consumers. Time for mass sales, 5 packs for $10, rebates, gift cards.

Enter the coca-cola olympics promotion. First, dump all the old packaging. People want the packaging with the codes! Then, game over, dump the old packaging, 5 packs for $10, rebates...and so it goes.

Notice Pepsi has been on clearance for the last month...and now the Superman promotional packages are hitting the shelves.

As a saver, which do you prefer, the sale price, or the game code?

Well, truthfully, you can have both, and it's actually a better deal. Almost all soda contests are NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. If you participated in the coke Olympics games, you know that you can get MORE codes online, up to 5 A DAY (?).

Personally, I can't drink 5 frig packs a day. I can generally log on to request five codes a day, while sipping my $1 a pack coke from the last sale/rebate/deal.

Remember, super savers take advantage of packaging changes. For every item that is squeezed onto a store shelf, one is taken off. Usually at a clearance price. New packaging, label changes, new laws and labeling requirements, all mean SALES.

Available in a store near you Big Grin

Free milk coupons

June 28th, 2006 at 07:40 pm

Mercy me! Oreo has a coupon out now, buy any two oreo products, get $3.99 in free milk. Any two Oreos means...those little teeny snack packs count. Suddenly, this simple little coupon became the hottest deal around. 20 cents for cookies and free milk during the summer when kids are home EATING.

Oops! Not quite what Nabisco was looking for. And so...while the displays remain up in almost every supermarket, the tearpads of coupons have been removed. Making the coupon even hotter!

For our trains, well, if you hoped for the coupon, the 3 I had were traded...for around 30 other coupons for train members. The beauty of knowing people's wish lists.

Still, much to ponder. I'm still trying to get my mindset around coupon trading. It's fun, and fascinating. But tracking thousands of coupons that closely takes too much mental energy!

Then again, I don't have a five year old wanting Oreo's and milk.

bricks are expensive, but floods are free

June 28th, 2006 at 07:33 pm

An old expression from childhood, but very applicable today! We've had 15 inches of rain at the house, a tree is down, and a bit of repair work to do.

The expression is basically another version of penny foolish, pound wise. Not investing in the important things that may catch you short in the end.

Six years ago, we weren't really into putting up the bricks, figuratively or literally. New house, looked pretty solid. We did all the right things in planning, house was nowhere near flood plains, high enough, good swale, and not the highest point around (lightning).

The first downpour, and we realized the weather stripping around the front door looked perfect...except the rain came right through, and onto my wood floors! We, in our 24/7 work ethics, shoved towels into the cracks, wiped up the floor as often as possible, and kept saying we would "get around to it".

Loads of wet towel laundry later, time passed, and the door frame rotted out. Again, a bit of packing tape around the door as a short term fix...that was retaped over the days, then months, then years...

The basement...well, it's in ground. Nice and dry...except that when a downpour comes down onto the concrete exterior staircase, all that water makes a nice river down. There is a drain at the bottom, but it has to be cleaned out of debris. And, let's face it, 15 inches flows down to form a pool several feet deep.

Over the last two years, we've done a bit of "investing". DH removed the old door frame and replaced it himself. We changed the weather stripping. All the window caulking has been redone. DH has created an UGLY tarp system to flow the water over the stairs; it only gets put up when downpours are predicted, and it works extremely well.

DH received a wet/dry vac for his birthday, which works great for water in the basement; it also does a great job vacuuming the deck. Yes, the outside deck. All the little leaf and debris that accumulates between the boards can silt into a concrete that holds water, and rots out the deck. Even though we have Trex, it's not invulnerable. So, the gunk is vacuumed out.

In the end, we have spent a bit. We have saved ALOT. One nasty storm...and we did NOT lose our computers through a power surge through the modem or other lines. Since this has happend 4 times previously, four computers that could not be repaired...and phone lines, and water leaks, paint, so many little things.

Floods are free. Watering my garden, free. Saving the house...those few "bricks" were priceless.

MORE no print, no newspaper, in store coupons

June 27th, 2006 at 08:21 pm

Hangtag, $1 off Filippo Berio olive oil, 17 oz. or higher , exp 12/31/06

Peelie, $1 off Kingsfords charcoal, any size, with purchase of Bic multipurpose lighter, exp 6/15/07

Peelie, $1 Kashi GoLean instant hot cereal, any, exp. 12/31/06

Blinkie: $1 any Pilgrim's pride bag full cooked chicken, exp. 2/28/07

Rebate form, $5 off Sidekick system (diabetic)

$40 coupon Accuchek system, and $40 rebate inside package, exp. 8/31/06

$1 Sunsilk, exp. 7/1/07 (just restocked)

ALSO, did you know...
$10 cash card for Costco with membership (form)

Costco sign up a friend, each get $10 cash card, form, exp. 12/31/06

The Meat coupons, rebates, and mind games continue!

June 26th, 2006 at 10:02 pm

Pretty good day, other than not getting home in time to be online. So much to read, so little time!

Did indeed receive $21 check back from Novartis for the Lamisil I didn't like. They really seem to be a good company.

Meat, well...we have a $10 off $10 or more meat, Safeway, when purchase 5 Oral B items. I found the coupon in the pharmacy aisle, displayed with all the $10 - $20 packs of Oral-B and other products. Found the $1 each floss, bought 5 and a $14 back of meat reduced to $10.

Now, there is a rebate, $15 back with purchase of $20 meat, charcoal, and BBQ sauce.

Charcoal is half price this week, $3.99 a bag, have a $2 coupon, and a $2 rebate. But the rebate requires the receipt. So, that's a complete loop ($4 for product minus coupon minus rebate is free, but receipt is used).

Also have a buy charcoal, get free BBQ, and since charcoal is half price, that's pretty good, and fits the meat deal. And the $14 of meat receipt would count towards the meat purchase.

But we still have that $25 on $75 on meat, which I was so positive we would never use...purchase $75 in MEAT?????

But then Jeffrey asked me to show people how to cut costs shopping, so I did a free ham deal and a free chicken deal, and so much more, so now I have all these receipts, I probably have purchased that much meat! Yikes!

I have all you to thank for that, or DH does. He loves meat. Protein.

Of course, now we are having a bit of a disagreement...what to do with so much charcoal. Three years ago we were BBQing all the time, and bought up a bunch. DH left it under the BBQ cover over three winters of snow and ice, and three summers of heat and rain. So, *I* say it won't light, and we need to pitch (recycle). DH says it is still perfectly fine. We'll see...

In the meantime, he has been inspired to take the cover off, remove the wasp nests and what nots, and is scrubbing off the rust to refurbish and repaint. YEAH! BBQ! We've had POURING rain for two days, 7 inches in the last 24 hours, I think they said. I know it was 5 yesterday.

I spent the rest of the time in the store looking for the elusive Oreo coupon. A nice find, I posted, buy any two Oreos, any size, get $3.99 free milk. I didn't pick extra's up, because we don't eat oreos or milk, except when the kids are in. Turns out they are a hot item, and no one else seems to have them. So many requests.

The rest of the evening...chasing down coupon trains that have gone MIA.

Anyway, $75 to add to grocery challenge, and $26 dollars (haven't added in last one) to the $20 challenge.

Current savings:
2006 $20 challenge: $4802
2006 grocery savings: $6629

found in stores today

June 26th, 2006 at 08:49 pm

$2 Organic Valley OR Organic Prairie Meat -- it is INDEED in the system as $2 off ANY ORGANIC VALLEY PRODUCT. I used it on milk.

$1 any Edwards Whole pie or two slices, exp. 9/30/06

$1 6 oz. EatSmart Baked Potatoe Crisps, exp. 12/31/06
0.55 on Soy Slender, no exp.
$1 Nesquik 64 oz. Strawberry carton, exp. 12/31/06

$1 any 8 oz. or one package pre-sliced Land O Lakes Deli American Chese product, exp. 9/30/06 (manufacturer coupon, says Giant store, but does not say only good at Giant)
$1 Jet-Puffed Marshmallows and 10 oz. or larger Honey Maid Graham crackers, exp. 12/31/06
$1 on beef with A1 10 oz., exp. 5/31/07

Hang tags:
0.35 on Smuckers Natural Peanut Butter, exp. 4/30/07

$2 MIR Kc Masterpiece & Kingsford Charcoal
Banana Boat contest forms

$5 off Gold Card at RiteAid

coupons in stores yesterday

June 25th, 2006 at 10:19 pm

Tear Pads/Booklets

buy 14 oz. or larger Oreo, get $1 off milk, exp. 6/30/06
buy ANY two oreo, get free milk (up to $2.99), exp 7/31/06
Maxwell House Points program form, exp. 3/30/07
$1 any 2 Ritz crackers, exp. 8/31/06
$3 MIR two Ortega products plus select DVD exp/ 7/31/06
0.75 ANY Reynolds Wrap release foil, exp. 12/31/06
0.75 Cattlemen's, any one, exp. 12/31/06
0.55 Mann's Fresh Cut Vegetables, exp. 9/30/06
$1 on 1 Reynolds Wrap release AND one regular foil, exp. 12/31/06
$2 ANY Claritin, exp. 3/31/07
$6 MIR Kedem Sparkling Juices, exp. NONE
$1 / 2 Classico Pasta Sauce, exp. 12/31/06

$1 on 1 Scott TP, exp. 10/8/06
0.50 on 1 Scott TP, exp 10/8/06
0.50 off one any SOLO product, 8/13/06
0.50 off one Kid Cuisine, exp 7/23/07
0.50 on Heinz, 32 oz. or larger, exp. 7/31/06
0.75 any Tabasco, exp. 7/23/06
$1 one Hot Shot Ultra or any other two Hot Shot, exp. 7/31/06
$1 ground beef with any Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce, exp. 9/3/06
$1/3 Healthy Choice meals, exp. 7/22/06
0.75/2 any GM cereals, exp. 9/10/06

things to ponder BEFORE retirement

June 24th, 2006 at 09:24 pm

It's an interesting time in my family. We may not be blood, but our lives remain thicker than water.

My brother is still hoping to retire soon. But he has a failure to launch child, 22, with no ignition source. DB keeps saying he will simply tell his son that he must move out when he retires. Truthfully, and matter of factly, he has been saying this for four years, perhaps even before. DB has two more children to go through college, and several grand children. No retirement funds, per say. And the son living with him doesn't work, and has no plans too.

My sister, in contrast, has moved back in with my parents at age 53. Right now, while they recover from their latest health crises, it almost makes sense. Except that my father really wanted to sell the house and move into a senior facility, where someone else would care for the yard and upkeep, and doorways are wide enough for wheel chairs and walkers. Mom breaking her hip and being in the hospital really showed how much they both need continuous care. But, my sister wants the house.

So, they are considering letting her move into the house, while they move into the retirement village.

But...buying in to the retirement village is...$300,000. Plus $300 a month for the continuous care. Despite what they firmly believe, that some how a government program will cover the costs, it doesn't work that way.

Somehow in figuring the costs associated with living after retirement, the price of caring for grown up children, or our declining parents, gets lost in the noise. Or maybe just the hope. Retirement sounds good, current expenses are low, and those unexpected costs, well, they are unexpected, right?

Wrong. Recent polls have shown that approximately half of the students attending university plan to RETURN HOME after graduation. Predictions for the cost of elder care is rising.

And so, we must put pen to paper again, and start working out all these costs.

But it's difficult. If these were business finances, the decisions are so crisp and clear. But family, emotions, muddies the water. Strings are attached, and "if we loved them..." or "we deserve, they deserve", all the feelings from a lifetime. It just seems so complicated.

Free meat coupons?

June 24th, 2006 at 09:09 pm

I am learning a few things myself these days. One of them is the wonderful coupons available on meat. I have always assumed that was the one area I would have few coupons on. Yet, that is where I'm getting the best deals.

Today, $10 off Ranchers Reserve beef with purchase of 5 oral-B products. Floss, trial size, on sale. Then, the meat receipt itself is good for one of two rebates, $15 off $20 meat, or that $25 on $75 meat. I will have to review my old receipts to see which is the better deal. But, after coupons, the meat on sale is free. And, rib eye, chicken breast, ham.

DH continues to find coupons in the meat aisle. It's interesting to me, because it's the one place I never see them, whereas he can walk by a blinking super coupon machine deal and never see it. Guess it's a matter of importance, or priorities.

Picked up cole slaw mix (fresh express cabbage) free after $2 on 2 coupon. Tonight it will make oriental chicken salad. Chicken strips, almonds, mandarin oranges, pineapple, raman noodles, shredded carrots (organic, free after O $1 coupon this week), and Ken's asian dressing. YUM.

Yet, it wasn't a great day for shopping. I didn't need anything, really, other than some fresh air. It's been pouring, thunder, and the pup is skittish. His safety zone seems to be atop my head, and since he's 23 pounds now, well...

still need to buy a bra...and there is a clearance sale...but I just don't feel like it...he's started eating my socks again, the dog, that is, not the husband.

And so it goes!

$5 Science Diet coupon or $5 Fresh Step coupon

June 23rd, 2006 at 07:50 pm

Ah, at the risk of being redundant, there is ALWAYS free dog and cat food, and litter, by the bag.

Hills Science Diet is rerunning their Pet Fit offer, this time instead of a free sample, it's a $5 coupon...which is a great deal...

Looking for Cat Litter? Fresh Step is running a coupon for $5 off on their cat litter, and you can receive the coupon BY MAIL if you choose.

Me, well, I'm well overstocked on dog food from my latest shopping. However, the Corgi has decided that bras are more to his with a LARGE sigh, I'm heading to the victoria secret site. At least they are having a clearance sale Big Grin

Free Purina One - again!

June 22nd, 2006 at 09:58 pm

Another 30 day challenge for Purina One has been offered...

free bag or $6.50, I think, off any Purina One. I requested the cat and dog coupons, I know a train member that can use them.

I traded a coupon for PetSmart for more $2 Huggies coupons. We have a new train member, jstanawa, who can use them, if I hurry! They expire 6/30. I suppose I could have used the PetSmart $10 off, but I just can't store any more dog food myself, and I've got to find some "super dog" toys before I purchase any more. The Corgi destroys every toy within 5 minutes. I've given up stitching them (although - frugal tip: binders thread is super strong! it outlasted the rest of the toy each time).

I'm still waiting for a few train member hopefuls to PM their mailing info; one of the challenges of running the trains is getting everyone together in the same locale at the same time.

Received $5 from ACOP from a survey today. Brings the total challenge up, but too much work to do right now.

No words of wisdom today. Well, maybe...sign up for your free dog food!

no useful mail today

June 20th, 2006 at 11:27 pm

I'm getting used to the gift of junk mail: freebies, coupons, ideas. Today, only a pile of magazines. Granted, good magazines, and all free. The New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly, Men's Health, three others. Received three more yesterday. Prepared Foods update came, and I need to do another trend analysis, I suppose.

Instead, I'm just feeling out of sorts. I *finally* had time to skim the forums, a favorite treat I rarely have enough time for. One rude post from a site member to me, and all the wind leaves my sails. Dead in the water.

Such a silly thing, too. But deflating emotions often lead to deflated savings, or at least more spending!

Well, anyway, a no spend day. Worked out, enjoyed the pup in his wading pool. Got some great advice on the dog forum. And, our close friends have two of the national champions in agility (dog), and are starting their own training camp. Looking forward to helping them get up and running.

DH is cooking, he has no clue on using up the stockpile (although he expects me too Big Grin ) so I'm intrigued what he is coming up with. I'm betting frozen dinners, but could be a frozen pizza. As long as he's not running out for take out from our favorite restaurant, it's fine.

$600 in groceries for less than $50!

June 20th, 2006 at 03:21 pm

Okay, I'm a bit excited. I did a bit of spontaneous shopping to conclude the "article", and found some great savings. Shopping sales, using coupons, rebates, and relying on my own "store" of a.k.a. the stockpile, to suplement my purchases, I was able to purchase $600 of groceries for almost nothing.

Photos and receipts, and details are in the article, which Jeffrey has posted on, at

Text is Success Story! and Link is
Success Story!

No brags, but I do hope that it's a bit inspiring. Those of you on our coupon trains know I don't cherry pick and keep the best coupons for myself, and I didn't "cheat" with free product coupons.

Lot of assistance from DH, who made sure we only purchased items WE can use (I think it's cheating to show great savings that you can't use yourself! Nothing wrong with giving away, but I want to show REAL LIFE savings).

For someone like me, who was spending $400 or more a week last year, no coupons or sales in sight, it's nice to see I can get back to the saving mindset.

And, turns out I'm SPENDING much less than I thought! I've been tracking the savings, but the spending is MUCH less than it was.

Hope you find it enlightening and inspiring!

free coupons Fresh Express salads

June 19th, 2006 at 10:17 pm

I am getting better at reporting problems. I purchased 4 bags of salad greens at the store, only to find ONE expired that day. We were in a hurry, and I forgot to check.

I emailed Fresh Express. Even though I never received an email, today I received FOUR coupons for FREE product.

I hate complaining about things. I hate wasting money more. It's a huge leap for me to take the time to contact companies, but the rewards are definitely there.

I do enjoy contacting companies to tell them I love their products, and am so glad they are available. But, it still takes time, which is valuable in it's own right.

So far, I'm just accumulating the coupons and letters. DH will NEVER contact a company, no matter how much food we've thrown out or money we've wasted. But, he's budged a bit, to at least writing down package info if there's a problem. Hopefully after awhile I will have enough "rewards" accumulated for him to see that it does make a difference in our grocery budget. Or, maybe at the end, I'll see it's a wash. At the very least, I'll have a bit more discipline in focusing my produce choices BEFORE we spend the money.

Paid survey - and request for ideas on software!

June 19th, 2006 at 10:04 pm

I got my check today! Yeah! A bit more to go into the challenge. Haven't taken any in awhile.

I have accumulated quite a bit in gift cards...over $200 this year from surveys...I was hoping for something fun, like an ionic breeze air cleaner Big Grin but now DH is thinking word processing software. That silly MS Office package! We had the 2000 version, so I hoped we could upgrade for half ($250), but when we tried to load it, turns out IT was an upgrade package, and since the original went out with the old computer, we are starting from scratch.

Used to use word perfect. But we've been using Word/Excel/Powerpoint for years now. Ah...

what does anyone else like, and how do you get the cost down?

Current savings:
2006 $20 challenge: $4786
2006 grocery savings: $6554

Sunny D movie tickets...thinking about it

June 19th, 2006 at 09:58 pm

DH used to drink quite a bit of SunnyD juice, but he can't since his medical problems. I've been ignoring the movie ticket offer, but since we used the free tickets last week, things are changing.

I looked at the forms this morning...limit four tickets per household...but they the "movie money certificate" i.e., ticket, is "valid seven days a week, for all show times, to see any film, even when a 'no coupon/no pass' feature is shown".

That's new to me. I've never seen an UNRESTRICTED ticket from an offer.

Read it to DH, and noted that others were purchasing the juice and dumping it to get the tickets ($2 of juice per ticket or less if on sale). We could do that, or even give the juice to the youth group...and DH said, it's going to be time to make muffins again, can't you use juice in that?

I do, indeed, use juice, melted ice cream, yogurt, cereal, whatever needs to be used up in our 50 dozen baking batches. But DH has NEVER made a suggestion of something to use up in muffins! A new age dawns.

So, just maybe, I will head out to the stores this week. I can't imagine where I am going to store ANYTHING else. Especially muffins...50 dozen takes half of the freezer.

Then again, to see a movie Big Grin

more coupons today

June 19th, 2006 at 09:50 pm

in stores...

MIR Senokot, $1.50 on 10 or 20 size, $5 all else including bran, unlimited but one form/submission per household. Exp. 6/30/06

FREE Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks and 2 - 20oz. cocke with purchase of Papa's Perfect Pan 3 topping pizza, carry out only, Papa Johns.

Claritin brochure, $2 any size, exp. 3/31/07

$1 Coricidin HBP, any, and free cookbook or walking CD mail in, exp. 6/30/06

Free FreeStyle blood glucose meter from Abbott

Free Accu-Check meter, ($40 coupon, $40 rebate) exp. 8/31/06

MIR $1 any Francis Coppola wine, exp. 12/31/06

MIR $2 Bacardi party drinks P/M by 7/14/06

MIR $3 John Barr wine, exp. 12/31/06

$1 any two Classico pasta sauce, exp. 12/31/06

MIR $1 up to 6, Kedem sparkling juices, NO EXPIRATION

Lots more MIR forms for various alcohol products listed in my HAVES LIST...I never knew they had rebates on alcohol, but someone asked, so I found them...or they found does it work again?

Shopping from my own kitchen

June 18th, 2006 at 08:01 pm

With compliments to a fellow blogger, I liked the statement.

Today, well, DH's radiation irritations have flared up, so we haven't been eating the mango. I peeled and diced the 6 remaining mangos and put them in the freezer. If nothing else, they will be blended and used in muffins, along with the aging ice cream.

Also, the last of the asparagus, and the corn from last weeks shopping. Tonight I will fry the chicken I picked up at a great price yesterday, and call it a simple meal. If we have any left over chicken...homemade mannicotti. Fatfree ricotta was on sale, with coupon, and it makes a nice high protein meal. I make my own manicotti pancakes to roll, old style. YUM.

The frig is PACKED, but I'm working on it.

Last night, to add some greens as a side to sushi, I took a pound of fresh spinach, chopped finely, added in the remainder of the artichoke stuff in the jar, remainder of the parmesan shreds package, remainder of some low fat dip, and this and that to make a surprisingly good spinach artichoke dip. On pita chips, actually went well with the sushi. DH was impressed, and he's difficult to impress after all these years.

Free Dove Coupons, and a Refund!

June 17th, 2006 at 10:57 pm

I purchased a Dove facial cleanser after using a free sample, which I was fine with, but after the second time...AGH. Skin was beyond irritated.

I contacted them, and they suggested other products.

Tried them...WORSE.

So, I actually contacted them again (my new commitment to stop losing money), and they sent a pile of coupons,, a check for $28! They also offered to pay any medical bills. I didn't have any, and I certainly did not pay that much for the product. I didn't keep a receipt (who plans for these things?).

A nice reward to my commitment to following up instead of just throwing things out and taking the loss.

Into the challenge it goes...

Current savings:
2006 $20 challenge: $4766
2006 grocery savings: $6554

Today's Groceries -- $66 for $9

June 17th, 2006 at 10:52 pm

A quick trip to the store, and a VERY grouchy clerk. I did redeem one of my Coke coupons, with MUCH ado from the staff. If I have time, I will contact Coke and let them know what a pain it is to redeem these!

Found a great sale, chicken, ham, dog food...spent under $9, and the receipt was $66 to start. Not bad!

I finally emailed the great savings day article to's long, with all the details. Hopefully it won't crash his computer! Or yours...although I am sure he will clean up any data overloads before he loads it onto the site.

So, I did indeed do my "standard savings", and documented it all with photos, receipts, and spreadsheets. Ick! But, it was good, too. Haven't allowed myself to shop in awhile.

So, now we are TRULY overstocked in our stockpile! Back to USE IT OR LOSE IT.

DH...well, we won't be taking any pictures of the stockpiles now! He's past embarrassed!

But tonight...tonight is SUSHI. Someone else is fixing, and I am taking some down time.

Free Breyers, 8th Continent, Brawny, SeaPak, Pledge coupons

June 16th, 2006 at 10:34 pm

Been working on contacting manufacturers, good, bad, happy, sad...and most are sending coupons. Another big boo to THAT COMPANY...but YEAHS to so many more.

Nothing like getting a coupon for a FREE PRODUCT from a great brand.

Can you hear the article being written?

Now, just need to get the word processing worked out...

coupon have list has been updated

June 16th, 2006 at 10:30 pm

doesn't include everything, but more...

see Sites I Frequent (below, right), Have List.

Finally used FREE movie tickets!

June 14th, 2006 at 11:02 pm

I received two free movie ticket vouchers from referring a friend to the entertainment book. I've previously won 4 tickets individually...gave them away. Received the Johnny Walker free movie code...gave it away, or at least offered it on my blog somewhere...DH hates to use free ticket vouchers. BUT...SIX months after receiving them, and having them prominently displayed on the refrigerator...we used them!

Quite by accident, well, sort of. We haven't been to the movies in more than six months. We haven't done much of anything, except save and work and do projects. But I SERIOUSLY needed to veg today, away from the house and all the things begging or demanding to be done.

So, DH said, how about a movie?

I said sure, how about the tickets?

He said...umm...I don't know...ummm...they probably aren't good on any current movies...there are exclusions (NOT!)...

So, being totally enthralled by the trading game, I said, hey, maybe I could post them and trade them for some coupons!

He looked at me, frowned, and said, no, I want to try to use them.

I said really?

He said, well, maybe...

I said, oh, I'm sure I could find someone to trade...

He said, no, I am going to try to use them...

Who knew, the psychology of free tickets = embarrassment. Unless someone ELSE wants them!

So, nice day, not the best movie, popcorn and a drink. Saved $24, assuming we would have gone.

Ah, a saving cannot take your own food into most theaters. Unless you have a medical condition that requires you to eat specific foods or at certain times. Call ahead and discuss with the manager if you are bringing in something obvious, like a paper bag, and ask him to leave a note at the front saying you can bring in your own food.

Diabetes, cancer, allergies, headaches, in training...we bring in protein bars, etc., even organic popcorn. There is no invasion or strip search, just a phone call. Savings...?

We did drop by Barnes and Noble on the way home...the additional 15% off coupon, stacked with the 10% membership discount on two clearance books...$75 down to $20. Still money, but something DH has been wanting awhile. I won't add it into the challenge, since we would not have purchased it without the discount...but NICE.

Current savings:
2006 $20 challenge: $4764
2006 grocery savings: $6502

Pampers coupons, Tide, Covergirl, and eligilibity

June 14th, 2006 at 04:13 pm

Well, given our trains desire for all things Pampers, as opposed to the other brands, I decided to look into the Pampers membership program (coupons and special offers). need to have a baby, fair enough, and you need to provide the babies personal information. Why? Coupons and Other Special Offers and promotions are, according to Proctor and Gamble, timed to your babies specific needs. And, very limited. One coupon every few months. Contacting them, I was informed that coupons are available in the local papers, and privately issued coupons are available through the Pampers program as determined by the information you provide.


And onto the other P&G products, Tide, Covergirl, Clairol, Dawn, Olay, Mr. Clean...I was informed that coupons are available in the PG saver newspaper inserts, and through special programs such as VocalPoint and individual clubs. Eligibility for coupons is at the discretion of Proctor and Gamble.

Which gets to my previous post...

While I'm becoming more aware of the black market for coupons, I am also seeing, perhaps, a bit of the "need" for the black market coupons. I do understand that you should have a baby to receive baby coupons...but why does MY AGE, or my marital status, or even my standards for being a "good wife" (i.e., obedient to my husband) determine my eligibility to receive coupons and special offers.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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