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Pampers coupons, Tide, Covergirl, and eligilibity

June 14th, 2006 at 09:13 am

Well, given our trains desire for all things Pampers, as opposed to the other brands, I decided to look into the Pampers membership program (coupons and special offers). Hmmm...you need to have a baby, fair enough, and you need to provide the babies personal information. Why? Coupons and Other Special Offers and promotions are, according to Proctor and Gamble, timed to your babies specific needs. And, very limited. One coupon every few months. Contacting them, I was informed that coupons are available in the local papers, and privately issued coupons are available through the Pampers program as determined by the information you provide.


And onto the other P&G products, Tide, Covergirl, Clairol, Dawn, Olay, Mr. Clean...I was informed that coupons are available in the PG saver newspaper inserts, and through special programs such as VocalPoint and individual clubs. Eligibility for coupons is at the discretion of Proctor and Gamble.

Which gets to my previous post...


While I'm becoming more aware of the black market for coupons, I am also seeing, perhaps, a bit of the "need" for the black market coupons. I do understand that you should have a baby to receive baby coupons...but why does MY AGE, or my marital status, or even my standards for being a "good wife" (i.e., obedient to my husband) determine my eligibility to receive coupons and special offers.

Has anyone else experienced this?

7 Responses to “Pampers coupons, Tide, Covergirl, and eligilibity”

  1. kashi Says:

    I couldn't agree more, flash. That question about whether or not women should be obedient to their husbands gave me shivers. That is relevant...how?

  2. arg1211 Says:

    Oh my good Lord. . .you're joking, right? They REALLY asked you that?!? I'm not even a wife or mother yet and that makes me want to cringe! That's just so. . .backward, not to mention rude! What nerve these manufacturers have!

  3. fern Says:

    They're just mining for demographic info. I consider my SS, address, phone, email all highly confidential and don't give it out unless i know for sure it's legit.

    Unfortunately, there are MANY men out there who still prize obedience in a wife.

  4. flash Says:

    Well, Proctor and Gamble is legit, but they still don't need to know my religious or sexual or well, ANYTHING personal to decide if I "deserve" a coupon! But, they are the BIG company bully.

    I actually think it was worse that I had to rate my feelings about the statement on a scale, I think 1 - 10, could have been 1 - 7. Anyway, being raised Mennonite, and spending most of my adult life providing counseling and sanctuary to abused women and children, there are just TOO many facets, and it's probably one thing I WILL hop on a soapbox about.

    What those feelings POSSIBLY have to do with being eligible for "free samples or coupons", I have NO idea. Why Moms must be married and under age 35 to receive samples or coupons...what about the single unmarried mom's struggling? They don't "qualify" or "deserve" coupons????

  5. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Hmmm....reeks of discrimination IMO. Shame on them!

    Obediance? Sounds like a training class for my dogs....
    Demograohics...how about the plain and simple act of agreeing to purchase thier product and customer loyalty/satisfaction... for providing the darn coupon.

    Or how bout they stick....ooops....almost forgot myself.

    Again, shame on them...

  6. flash Says:

    I think that item is already stuck WAY up there, Ray!

    I'm still SHOCKED! What level should a wife obey her husband too...

  7. flash Says:

    Oh, yes, and that DH that I am supposed to be so obedient too...um...he chooses their products how? And influences those purchases HOW? Punishing me for asking for them???

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