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Free Meat with wine tag coupons

June 30th, 2006 at 08:03 pm

Today I received several wine tags in a trade, $2 on any meat, no wine or other purchase required, $2 on meat with A1 purchase, and a Coors coupon booklet with coupons for charcoal, BBQ sauce, and 8 other things (I think, going from memory here).

I don't drink beer, and we don't have wine tags here. But, I traded them, for, of all things, MILK coupons Big Grin

Other coupons new in stores today..
blinkie - $1 off any one spinbrush product, 7/31/06

hang tang - on BBQ sauce - $1 on one wet ones wipes canister or one box of singles, 12/31/06

loose - 0.50 create your own platter from olive orchard, no expiration

tear pad - mail in, free MBL t-shirt and hat by mail, B4 pepsi or aquafine 12 oz 12 packs, or any 3 pepsi or aquafina 24 packs and use your club card, mail in receipt only to Pepsi CMG. Found at Safeway, but not marked for any store.

loose - looks like a small hefty plate, 75 cents off any one package of hefty serve 'n store plates or bowls, exp. 1/31/08

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