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Today's Groceries -- $66 for $9

June 17th, 2006 at 03:52 pm

A quick trip to the store, and a VERY grouchy clerk. I did redeem one of my Coke coupons, with MUCH ado from the staff. If I have time, I will contact Coke and let them know what a pain it is to redeem these!

Found a great sale, chicken, ham, dog food...spent under $9, and the receipt was $66 to start. Not bad!

I finally emailed the great savings day article to Jeffrey...it's long, with all the details. Hopefully it won't crash his computer! Or yours...although I am sure he will clean up any data overloads before he loads it onto the site.

So, I did indeed do my "standard savings", and documented it all with photos, receipts, and spreadsheets. Ick! But, it was good, too. Haven't allowed myself to shop in awhile.

So, now we are TRULY overstocked in our stockpile! Back to USE IT OR LOSE IT.

DH...well, we won't be taking any pictures of the stockpiles now! He's past embarrassed!

But tonight...tonight is SUSHI. Someone else is fixing, and I am taking some down time.

1 Responses to “Today's Groceries -- $66 for $9”

  1. jeffrey Says:

    Received and should be up soon Wink

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