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no useful mail today

June 20th, 2006 at 04:27 pm

I'm getting used to the gift of junk mail: freebies, coupons, ideas. Today, only a pile of magazines. Granted, good magazines, and all free. The New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly, Men's Health, three others. Received three more yesterday. Prepared Foods update came, and I need to do another trend analysis, I suppose.

Instead, I'm just feeling out of sorts. I *finally* had time to skim the forums, a favorite treat I rarely have enough time for. One rude post from a site member to me, and all the wind leaves my sails. Dead in the water.

Such a silly thing, too. But deflating emotions often lead to deflated savings, or at least more spending!

Well, anyway, a no spend day. Worked out, enjoyed the pup in his wading pool. Got some great advice on the dog forum. And, our close friends have two of the national champions in agility (dog), and are starting their own training camp. Looking forward to helping them get up and running.

DH is cooking, he has no clue on using up the stockpile (although he expects me too Big Grin ) so I'm intrigued what he is coming up with. I'm betting frozen dinners, but could be a frozen pizza. As long as he's not running out for take out from our favorite restaurant, it's fine.

11 Responses to “no useful mail today”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    I would certainly be daunted by your stockpiles!! Why is it you can have loads of meat in the freezer and still have nothing to eat??
    I wish I could bring my psycho dog to your friends training camp! Not sure what to do with her!
    Don't worry about the meanies out there! We think you rule!! :-)

  2. mjrube94 Says:

    Ditto. You have plenty of fans here, if you need positive reinforcement. Also ditto on the mail. I find myself anxiously awaiting the mail truck each day (he comes late, like 5:00, so it's a long wait). I try to find something of value from every piece of junk mail (competing auto insurance quote, 0% cc offer, etc.), free samples. It's been great...

  3. frugal02 Says:

    You have saved me quite a bit of money. I think that this work of yours deserves recognition. I too look forward to my mail and cannot wait to go through the fliers.
    PS: What is the least that any one has paid for Feta cheese?

  4. flash Says:

    Feta cheese...President's brand is often $6 a block here...but it goes on 1/2 price once every two months (approximately), and then with a coupon, about $2. I have a coupon for $2 off any cheese purchase over $3, which would bring it down to $1.

  5. LISA178 Says:

    I wish I had 1/4 of your shopping ability, it's alot hard than just clipping coupons.

    I know there's alot of negativity in the world today and just telling you to ignore to ignore it is easier said than done. I can tell you I think you inspire alot of people and that is a wonderful thing.

    Take care and Thank you for all you do for us.

  6. markio26 Says:

    i erased my entire blog.. cuz, i had 4 negative comments.. i do not need the hassle.. i try to be helpful, like you do flash.. i think i overkilled on my blog and that was what happened.. i was trying to post alot of what i came across or learned.. i am a giving person... besides, other ppl. post on their blogs alot better than i did..

  7. flash Says:

    markio26, no no no!!!!! you are one of the people I look forward too!

  8. flash Says:

    Oh, yes, mjrube...well, DH and I have a pact...he doesn't cook, and I don't microwave. We learned our unique skills early on...he took 9 hours to make arrozo con pollo (chicken and rice!) and I think microwaves have one power setting -- NUKE. So, when DH cooks, it's microwave frozen dinners. Or soup from a can.

  9. frugal02 Says:

    Dear Flash and markio26
    You are doing such great work.
    I have looked at the tables that you put up showing your spendings and savings. Untill I can achive 70% of what you have, I will keep going.
    I spent $50.00, saved $36.30, got back $27 dollars in checkout coupons and $9.00 in smartsaver machine coupons. I will be returning 1 item worth $3.99.

    Projected savings:
    Total $82.70
    Savings in coupons and deals: 31.30
    In Checks: $5.00
    Projected savings : $36.00 ( in the next trip.
    However, I looked at my bill and thought: Flash would have gotten all this for $9.97! Sigh!
    Thank you for your reply Flash.
    Markio26: whats your URl/blog site?

    Thank you once again.

  10. frugal02 Says:

    One or 4 meanies out of dozens of positive comments: the meanies win when you give up. My DH discouraged me in many ways, not believing in coupons. I showed him that I bout 12 24oz bottles of diet Coke for $1.10,
    The following week he got the Sunday's paper After making sure that the inserts were there. All thanks to people like you.

  11. flash Says:

    Thanks! I got caught without my coupon box today, though! I ran in to an out of the way store because I was coming from a meeting an hour away, and wanted to see if they had any of the Huggies coupons for a train member, and RATS if I didn't buy something. I did hold off on most, we have the same store closer and I can pick things up tomorrow...but I'm not, well, obsessed with the super deal.

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