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Shopping from my own kitchen

June 18th, 2006 at 01:01 pm

With compliments to a fellow blogger, I liked the statement.

Today, well, DH's radiation irritations have flared up, so we haven't been eating the mango. I peeled and diced the 6 remaining mangos and put them in the freezer. If nothing else, they will be blended and used in muffins, along with the aging ice cream.

Also, the last of the asparagus, and the corn from last weeks shopping. Tonight I will fry the chicken I picked up at a great price yesterday, and call it a simple meal. If we have any left over chicken...homemade mannicotti. Fatfree ricotta was on sale, with coupon, and it makes a nice high protein meal. I make my own manicotti pancakes to roll, old style. YUM.

The frig is PACKED, but I'm working on it.

Last night, to add some greens as a side to sushi, I took a pound of fresh spinach, chopped finely, added in the remainder of the artichoke stuff in the jar, remainder of the parmesan shreds package, remainder of some low fat dip, and this and that to make a surprisingly good spinach artichoke dip. On pita chips, actually went well with the sushi. DH was impressed, and he's difficult to impress after all these years.

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