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Finally something on the challenge!

June 30th, 2006 at 08:13 pm

Today I received a $50 Home Depot card from My Points. I think I purchased some Avon or Lancome, free gifts and sale, all that. Things I would have purchased elsewhere anyway, in my new TAKE CARE OF ME OCCASIONALLY state. The Home Depot card, definite bonus.

Well, maybe I wouldn't have purchased bath gels, and stuff, without the additional incentive of the gift card and the free gifts and the half price sale. But, this is one thing I am TRYING to learn. A bit of self-nuturing. I'm horrible at it, but I'm trying to get better. A nice bubble bath is a great start.

I also received two $20 rebates from, g/cs of course. $40, but I won't add that in to my totals until I use them. DH still wants that software, but I'm hoping for, maybe a new vacuum? Ionic Breeze?

Shopping, well, that was fairly excellent. Dropped by the store to see if they had more Oreo coupons, and use another meat coupon. They had a package of premium cut beef, originally $39.45, on sale for 17.45, and we had a $10 beef certificate WYB 5 oral-b, so we picked up a few more packages of floss. We run through loads of it for health reasons. DH wasn't happy...until he saw the meat. We'd never purchase something that expensive.

I've seen people in other stores finding sample sizes of floss, 18 cents a piece or so. Five of those for $10 of beef would be excellent. No such luck here. But, I'll take the savings we did find.

Also picked up cranberry juice at BOGO, and more salad. Last day to use the $2 coupon, and at BOGO it came out free.

So, new totals:

Current savings:
2006 $20 challenge: $4852
2006 grocery savings: $6661

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