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$5 Science Diet coupon or $5 Fresh Step coupon

June 23rd, 2006 at 12:50 pm

Ah, at the risk of being redundant, there is ALWAYS free dog and cat food, and litter, by the bag.

Hills Science Diet is rerunning their Pet Fit offer, this time instead of a free sample, it's a $5 coupon...which is a great deal...


Looking for Cat Litter? Fresh Step is running a coupon for $5 off on their cat litter, and you can receive the coupon BY MAIL if you choose.


Me, well, I'm well overstocked on dog food from my latest shopping. However, the Corgi has decided that bras are more to his taste....so with a LARGE sigh, I'm heading to the victoria secret site. At least they are having a clearance sale Big Grin

16 Responses to “$5 Science Diet coupon or $5 Fresh Step coupon”

  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Got mine! Thanks flash!

  2. John C. Willis Says:


  3. sinda Says:

    great food my dogs love it, our 11 yr. schnauzer acts like a puppy and our 5 yr, schnauzer is just as active. thanks coupons are appreciated.

  4. tlw Says:

    always looking for good deals

  5. Russell Says:

    Looking for coupons on Science diet dog food 40 lb. bag.
    Also looking for least expensive place to buy pet medicine for dogs and cats.

  6. Michelle Hutchison Says:

    I just started my dog on the new science diet natures best and she loves it. Any coupons for this would be appreciated.

  7. Glenda Says:

    I cannot get to the fresh step coupon. It takes me to the website and there are no coupons. Is is expired or am I doing something wrong?

  8. Elaine macomb Says:

    I am looking for Fresh Step Litter coupons

  9. sue Says:

    Thakns for the coupon.

  10. Lisa Says:

    Link works great! Thanks for the savings!

  11. Cythia Quintero Says:

    I have Pet Perks from Pets Mart,which is useless for science diet dog foods., why??? My dogs take small bits for ages 1 to 6 yr.My google search takes me on a lot of wild goose chases with no coupons from Science Diet.I am a long time user of Science Diet,as of today no more.If I have the wrong site please forward it to the correct one, I give up trying to fine it. Thank you for your time.Cynthia from Austin TX.

  12. Joanne Heady Says:

    my dogs and cat have been on science diet since they were 6 weeks old. They are happy and healthy thanks to science diet. They get nothing else.

  13. erika Says:

    [b] hey i am really looking for those coupons

  14. Jennifer Says:

    thank you so much
    this works great!

  15. Amy Says:

    i just went to the site for hills science diet, and got an $8 coupon!!!! happy day!!

  16. Mary Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you so much flash! The link worked!

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