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Need free meat? Try Wine Tag Coupons

July 14th, 2006 at 02:05 pm

I receive quite a few questions about coupons on meat. My favorites are wine tags. Something new to me, they don't have them available in my state...we are a "packaged goods" state, where wine is not sold in regular grocery stores.

Surprisingly, most wine tags, or at least the ones I receive, don't require the purchase of wine! Due to the numerous laws regarding wine purchases, sales, and promotions...many wine tags are simply coupons for other items, like $2 on ANY BEEF...no brand specification, no wine purchase, and few limitations.

To learn more about wine tags, and whether or not you might find them in your own local stores, check out our latest article at GroceryCouponGuide.com...

Wine Tags

If they are available in your state...consider sharing them Smile A great surprise to find in coupon trains!

hair coloring...hmmm...

July 14th, 2006 at 11:55 am

Okay, so I have a bundle of coupons for hair coloring, but I was more focused on finding the right hair color than getting a bargain.

I chose what seemed to be the easiest and less, um...noticeable-in-case-of-failure product...Clairol Natural Instincts.

It WAS easy to apply. It took FOREVER to rinse "until water runs clear". Did I mention I have LONG red hair?

The hair is great, the color, well, since my hair was previously colored, I probably should have done the roots first, then pulled through to the ends. But since I wasn't sure it was a real color match, I followed the instructions and started at the roots.

The overall color is nice. A bit redder than usual (except the roots, which are perfect), and not quite as much coverage of the one white streak I have. Then again, the box says to use a different product for coloring major grays (it's NOT gray! It's White!)

Overall...yes, I'd do it again. Maybe a different product, different color, but I can afford to try a few different things. And $5 - 10 versus $120 or so every six weeks, definitely fits into the savings challenge.

How well it holds up...TBD. But my hair feels BETTER than usual.

So this week's saving challenge, I'm calling a success.

Jen, how did yours go?

Karma - More Free Kashi coupons!

July 13th, 2006 at 12:36 pm

Well, I was happy that Kashi sent a second packet of their promotional coupons after I told them mine went in sixty seconds.

And, even though it's almost impossible to get a "FREE" product coupon accepted around here (coupon fraud worries, no printables, no frees)...it's a bit humbling to give away dozens of FREE product coupons. Hoping it's $$$ saved for people learning to save.

I received a really nice surprise in today's mail. Kashi sent -- 6 FREE PRODUCT coupons! The promo packets only had one free product coupon, and 5 $1.50 off one item coupons, and receiving a second set to share was nice.

But, by giving away that one free product coupon...I've received 7 more!.

What goes around does come around, and what you give does come back abundantly...just not usually in coupons!

5 hours packing coupon envies!

July 13th, 2006 at 12:30 pm

How long does it take two doctors to fill four welcome packets and one coupon train?

Five hours!


Why? Well, we want to do a good job, ensure that everyone gets their wish lists filled, and, well, there are THAT many coupons!!!

DH did kick me out of the room for an hour while he focused on one list.

Nothing quite like playing Santa!

So...debtfreeme, kashi, amorphous02, garthbarth1, and the Northeaster train...watch for snail mail envelopes!

Eddie Bauer FREE gift card

July 12th, 2006 at 03:39 pm

Eddie Bauer is having their summer clearance, actually ENDING their clearance (and it's only July!). To mark the occasion, they are offering a $25 g/c for any $75 purchase. Add in the 50 - 70% savings...and that's my deal of the day.

Now...do I NEED anything...no. But hopefully someone else can use the info!


today's savings...whoops!

July 12th, 2006 at 03:31 pm

Last week I placed my quarterly order with drugstore.com. They have a quarterly 5% back, plus it was gold card week for GNC items...and I went through eBates for another 5%. Several items we still can't purchase locally...

And, they had a offer, buy two soy nation products, get a $50 sample pack of all the different products they offer. It "sounded" reasonable.

I received it today. Whomever priced this at $50 worth of samples...well, hmmm...let's say I have NO interest in buying anything that would be THAT expensive. I'd have just said free samples myself.

I usually like drugstore.com's free with purchases. I'm adjusting to their new online manufacturer coupons...albeit I have not used one! And their online manufacturer rebates...well, okay, maybe.

But, this was a WASTE of my money. I purchased two packs of soy protein nutrition bars to get the sample pack, and yes, we do eat protein bars every day. But soy protein is not optimal, and we already know our favorite bars.

I KNEW better, if it's too good to be true to it usually is...but curiousity and savings greed got the best of me.

Yes, SAVINGS GREED. The greedy obsession to SAVE, even if you don't need to.


We all make mistakes. We all learn (hopefully).

So, on to the next saving adventure.

Zoe coupons and samples...

July 12th, 2006 at 03:21 pm

Zoe Foods is running their promotion again, Break the Donut Rut.

Last year they sent me two large boxes of granola bars, and several dozen small bags of granola, healthy and delicious. Loads of coupons, too, plus a coupon on every bag.

The bars weren't my favorite, but the granola was YUMMY.


Break the Donut Rut With Complimentary Zoe's Cereals and Bars!

Break the Donut Rut - bring healthy snacks to your next office meeting courtesy of Zoe Foods. Change the sugar blues to whole grain energy with complimentary Zoe's Bars or Cereals for your next office meeting. On company letterhead, please fax Zoe Foods at 781-453- 9990, or send an email from your office email address. Tell us that you want to break the donut rut and serve Zoe's cereals or bars instead! Please remember to include your name, email, company shipping address and telephone number (for UPS).

Not All Organic Milks are created equally

July 12th, 2006 at 01:11 pm

or at least scored equally.

The Cornucopia organization recently released a report rating the quality of commercially available organic milks. While the article is quite long (38 pages), the alphatical scorecard is available at:

Organic Milk ratings[/url]

Surprisingly, or perhap...

It just can't be simple, can it?

More Thumbs Up -- and FREE Organic coupons!

July 12th, 2006 at 11:19 am

Well, I'm continuing to reap the rewards for an hour of emailing organic manufacturers a week or two ago.

From Hain Celestial Group -- 10 coupons, including some FREE products,

from Bolthouse Farms, two 50 cents off coupons,

and from After The Fall, two $1 off coupons, which is a great discount on their juices!

So, to Jeffrey, who noted that US stores are full of JUNK FOOD (we have an equal number of junk food coupons to match!), yes, good coupons are available on healthy, organic foods, too! And frankly, almost EASIER to find, no digging through inserts, and no "thanks for playing" emails from the companies who can afford to mass market their coupons in other venues and can't afford to respond to every coupon request they receive.

Of course, many kudos to the mass marketers, too, we all appreciate their coupons, and those inserts are fairly important.

It's important to have a balance, though, and for those of us who do try to maintain a more natural, organic, or simply healthy lifestyle, and support the organic farmers, it's nice to know they are supporting us right back. Full circle.

Taco Salads and Quesadillas from the stockpile

July 11th, 2006 at 04:18 pm

Dinner tonight -- using up the remains of the lettuce (romaine and baby greens) and tomatos from the burger fests. Toss in some olives, corn, fritos, cilantro dressing (aging), sour cream (also aging), shredded cheese from the freezer...this and that...and O organic kidney or black beans, from the $1 O coupons (5 cents or less!).

Add in some flour tortillas from the freezer, they thaw right out without sticking on the defrost microwave setting...hmm, who knew it had more than one power Wink with the LoL cheese and more aging non fat sour cream...voila! dinner.

Tomorrow, well, I'd really like to do some manicotti, but I need to fry up chicken for a meal first, as I use the left overs for manicotti. Nonfat ricotta, handmade traditional pancake wraps...sigh.

But for today, the Corgi went to the vet, and he has a TREATMENT twice a day for pink eye (thanks sis!), and tomorrow, dentist. for a quiet week...it isn't!

This weeks challenge - hair color at home

July 11th, 2006 at 04:07 pm

I don't have much grey hair, but the red is fading with age, and the blonde is well, a bit ashy. At least, I think so. I've been having my hair highlighted for 15 years. Somewhere under there used to be gorgeous red hair.

Last year's savings, I switched to all over color. The cost for my cut and color, along with DH's, went from $250 every six weeks, to $150 every six weeks.

Still...once again, Diva Jen, well, you started me on Target...

They have swatches of synthetic hair next to each box of color (and there are shelves FULL of products), so I can actually see the color of the treated hair.

Hmmm...the hair color DOES look MUCH better on the model on the box.

But, it does seem ridiculous to waste so much money on a simple vanity that I should be able to do myself, and better, right? Right?


So, this week, sometime, I'm going to color my own hair, for the first time.

Like I needed the stress.

If I'm fluorescent, at least you can't see me in cyber space!

But the savings...over a year...without coupons, is still YIKES $120, over a year, that's...painful! (I'm skipping the hair cut this week out of fear, but DH still needs regular cuts, and we both have extremely wavy hair, so do it ourselves there is just not practical -- yet).

Free Kashi coupons!

July 11th, 2006 at 02:57 pm

Well, inquiring minds wanted to know, so of course I emailed Kashi, thanked them for the coupons, told them they were gone in 60 seconds, including my FREE product coupon! I admited I did know which promotion I had received them under, but obviously was a good ambassador for them, and was it possible to get, well, some more coupons...???

Today, I received a box, which contained a packet with one more set of 5 $1.50 coupons and one more FREE PRODUCT coupon! YEAH!

It does pay to ask!

On a related note, I wrote to Eden organic, which makes SO many different organic products, and asked for info and coupons. I received a STACK of brochures, recipes, coupons, and a recipe book containing another 8 coupons.

Also, GREAT information on their products.

It took ONE EMAIL each...and the web page to find their contact forms is UP, just select your brand, click on the link, and ASK.

(BYW, Kashi makes great products. And Eden has products for almost every food allergy...soy free, gluten free, etc...)

Dad's birthday and other lessons of love

July 10th, 2006 at 04:09 pm

I've been stressed all day, stomach chewing away, and no idea why. DH was the first to recognize it was because I needed to call my Dad and wish him (perhaps his last) happy birthday. I argued heavily, no, could not be it.

But I called, we called together, that WONDERFUL supportive DH I have. And, yes, I feel much more relaxed now.

Dad is so down to earth. He accepts dying as just another phase to living. He is so relaxed, calm, happy with his life, enjoying his family. Doctor appointments ON his birthday. And tomorrow, and the next day.

But he's happy. He's proud of his family, not himself. Such an amazing man.

Survival, I've learned that from BOTH my parents, in such different ways.

My mother, always motivated by the mounting bills, the need to have more and succeed and do better. Climbing out of poverty.

My father, the fulcrum balance. The one who made lemonade. Polio as a child...just an inconvience. Grape farm died in a drought...chickens had a disease...moved on to be a school custodian. He's a BRILLIANT mathematician, genius, but life didn't hand him the obvious way to exploit it. Instead, he passed his gifts, and his wisdom, on to his children. Humble, quiet, grounded. My touchstone in life, and now approaching death.

Whatever comes, he's content. While my mother has done a remarkable job striving to pull us out of poverty, he's done an equally remarkable job keeping us centered, grounded, aware of the greater things in life, and the frugal ways of planting a garden, chopping trees for heat in the winter, gleaning after the corporations have taken the best. Just part of living life.

Frugality, poverty, success, wealth, it's all relative to ones mindset. Life's a balance. You get what you get, and use it to the best of your abilities. Life changes, and you adjust.

No married couple agrees on everything, and finances is probably the most sensitive. What I've learned from my family...balance. My parents balance each other. They don't agree, they don't have the same stepping stones to achieving what they want. Yet they arrive there, balanced, grounded, and very real.

A Note on those Coupon Trains

July 10th, 2006 at 02:09 pm

Since we have reduced the new coupon train members to only established savingadvice/blog/DAGG or other proven track records, the stress is less...but I'm still overrun with coupons! More so than ever.

If you have a wish list...post a detailed list. Lisa's done a great job. 5 top items is great for sending around, but when I have 1000 coupons here, I need more guidance from everyone! What do you need?

DH is helping more...since he made all these categories for coupons (thanks Lisa, but don't give him any more ideas for categories!). He helped me fill out the welcome packets and new trains, and he went down everyone's list in great detail! He even pulled of few coupons out of MY private stash for someone, after deciding that WE probably wouldn't use them (that's one way to remove temptation Wink ). He really is that kind of a guy.

I've also started trading coupons our members can't use for one they need. Seems to be working fairly well.

So, let me know where to direct all these coupons!

And a reminder, email those companies! I emailed Pictsweet (thanks Lisa!) to compliment them on their products, and they mailed a thank you letter, with TWO coupons for free packages. (exp. 12.31.06)

Stockpiles and savings

July 10th, 2006 at 01:58 pm

Last night we had the grilled portabella mushrooms and used up romaine, tomatoes, munster cheese...and a bottle of Lawry's marinade. I haven't purchase that brand in years, but it was free after coupon, and I needed something to add a bit of flavor. WOW. They turned out GREAT, and I think I made up a bit of ground in getting DH back to a veggie diet! YUM!

Tonight...broccoli and beef. A steak left from last week, just a touch, loads of broccoli, and the rest of the marinade. Serve on some rice...that'll do!

We finally received one of the Canon rebates, $20, the Biotene rebate ($2), and a survey payment $5, so $27 into the challenge.

Current savings:
2006 $20 challenge: $4956
2006 grocery savings: $6661

Still trying to think of another way to add up grocery savings for NOT spending. Hmmm...must think...

Go Organic! coupons

July 10th, 2006 at 01:15 pm

The foremost question you've asked for is how to be environmentally conscious shoppers, and buy quality 100% organic certified products.

Many of the major organic and natural product manufacturers have created a Go Organic for Earth Day coupon booklet to help the environmentally conscious shopper.

You can request a FREE copy of the Go Organic! for Earth Day Coupon Book at:

PHONE: 612-377-1142 or 1-866-I-GO-ORGANIC (1-866-446-6742)

EMAIL: info@organicearthday.org

updating the update - coupons!

July 10th, 2006 at 01:13 pm

Had to take two trains to the post office today, so dropped in to the neighboring store...COUPONS. Updated the haves list with...

Ritz crackers, $1 on any two (12.5 oz +), 9/30/06
Hickory Farms, $1.50 /2, any, 10/31/06
Marshmallows, FREE (NTE $1.50) WYB (1) Honey Maid honey grahams and (1) Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bars (6 pack), 9/27/06
Wheat Thins or Ritz toasted chips, any 9 oz. +, $1 /2, 8/31/06

Free Money from Cleaning House!

July 9th, 2006 at 03:05 pm

DH was putting away his pile of "stuff" so I could clean house, all those weird things we get in the mail that need to be dealt with, and...

the AmEx statement had a $72 check attached! It's another costco rebate, only from the AmEx side of it. YEAH!

Now, what to spend it on this time...could be meds...or fresh produce...or meat (although I'm not much of a meat eater, and I'm ready for more veggies!). This time DH can decide.


Current savings:
2006 $20 challenge: $4929
2006 grocery savings: $6661

Slow and Steady Sunday

July 9th, 2006 at 03:01 pm

A slow day, cleaned house (cheated a bit and used some of those free Lysol wipes to wipe up things instead of cleaner), marinating Portabella mushrooms for some burgers to use up the buns.

Finally updated my coupons "have list", of what's available for everyone. LOL, because DH has his own idea of what products are, and filing, well...it's interesting where he files things. Sunsilk is NOT hair color, and well, not all flowered coupons are for feminine products Wink

The have list is not a brag list, just what's available for request. Train members, do your best! It's no where NEAR a coupon queen list.

I froze the blueberries left from picking a few days ago. Have to be careful, as the Corgi saw me picking them, and now he is dragging me on the leash to eat them straight off the bushes! Does anyone know if dogs should eat blueberries? They are roped off from the deer, but he went right under the netting! Too smart for us!

We desperately need to go get more picked and frozen, and we are gearing up for the muffin bake. 50 dozen at a time, takes a day, and uses up every left over we have. Great way to use up cereal, milk, grains, protein powder, fruit, juice, ice cream, dried fruit, produce, candy, just a stockpile downsizer!

Next week, though. Today I'm tired, staring at all those little coupons. Most didn't get listed, as I'm not ready to type up all the inserts.

Flash's updated have list

July 9th, 2006 at 02:35 pm

Flash's updated have list

(plus loads of inserts and individuals)


Beverages (non-dairy)
(3) 5 free 2-liter Coca-cola product, 8/31/06
(2) Bottled water, FREE (NTE $1), WYB (1) Crystal Light mix, any, 9/30/06
(20) coffee, various
(3) Folgers Simply Smooth, $0.50 /1 any, 6/30/07
(5) Hansen’s soda, $1 /2 6 pk, DND,8/31/06
(6) Hain Celestial Group products, $2 /3, 8/31/06
(1) Kool-Aid, B10 get 2 free, 9/30/06
(3) Nescafe Tasters Choice, $2 /1 (4 oz +), 11/30/06
(2) Nesquick Strawberry, 64 oz. carton, $1/1, 12/31/06 - pending
(1) Nestle Carnation Instant Breakfast, $1 /1, 3/31/07
(3) Nestle Juicy Juice, $1 /2, 7/30/06
(3) Odwalla, any drink FREE/1, NTE $3.49, 12/31/06
(4) R.W. Knudsen juices, $0.75/1, 8/31/06
(3) Santa Cruz organic, $0.75 /1, 8/31/06
(7) Silk Live!, $2 /2, 8/31/06
(7) Silk soy milk, (1) half gallon, $0.55/1, 8/31/06
(7) Sprite, FREE 2-liter WYB 3 2-liter coca-cola product, 8/31/06
(3) Turkey Hill Iced Tea, Lemonade, or Nature’s Accents, any ½ gal +, $0.35/1, 12/31/09
(2) V8 Fusion, 12 oz., $0.50/1, DND, 8/31/06
(2) V8 Fusion, 46 oz., $0.50/1, DND, 7/31/06
(2) Welch’s Sparking Juice, $1 /2, 12/31/06

(4) 7up, 2 liter, FREE (NTE $1.59), 7/31/06
(4) Ice, $1/1, $2 minimum purchase, DND, 9/9/06
Miscellaneous inserts

(2) Bagel Bites, $0.55/1, DND, 6/30/07
(65) Cheerios, any, $0.75 /2 DND, 9/10/06
(11) Eggo, any, $1 /2, DND, 7/31/06
(65) GM cereals, $0.75 /2, DND, 9/10/06
(4) Kashi, any one product, $1/50 /1, DND, 8/31/06
(2) Kashi, FREE, 8/31/06
(2) Kashi GoLean Instant Hot Cereal, any, $1 /1, DND, 12/31/06
(5) Mamma Bella, $0.50 /1, DND, 7/31/06
(3) Nature’s Path, $½, 7/30/06
(10) New York Texas Toast, $0.50 /1, DND, 8/15/06
(1) Pepperidge Farm hamburger/hot dog buns, $ /1, DND, 9/30/06
(2) Sara Lee Buns, FREE (NTE $2.10) WYB (2) Ball Park Franks, 7/31/06
(6) Rhodes breads, various
(3) Toast ‘em pop ups, $0.35 /1, 12/31/07
Miscellaneous inserts

(25) Advantage Caramel Bars, $1 /3, DND, 9/30/06
(3) Cheese Nips Chips, $1/1, DND, 8/31/06
(6) Clif bars, $0.50 /2, 8/31/06
(4) Country Choice, any, $0.50 /1, 8/31/06
(15) Doritos 13 oz. bag, FREE WYB 3 cards, 7/04/06
(3) EatSmart baked potato crisps, 6 oz., $1 /1, DND, 12/31/06
(9) Famous Amos cookies, 16 oz. package, 9/1/06
(16) Frito-Lay Light snack chips, $0.55 /1, 12/31/06
(40) Hershey’s Kissables candy bag FREE (NTE $3.19) WYB 2 Hershey candy bags (10 - 14oz), 12/31/06
(1) Hershey’s Syrup, FREE (NTE $2.99) WYB any 2 bags (11-14 oz) Hershey’s candy, 12/3/106
(8) Jet-Puffed Marshmallows AND 10 oz. or larger Honey Maid Graham Cracker, $1, 12/31/06
(36) Jet-Puffed Marshmallows, $0/50/2, 9/30/06
(11) Keebler Right Bites Fudge Shoppe, $1 /2, DND, 7/16/06
(6) MetRx bars, BOGO, insert, 8/31/06
(40) Nabisco multi-pak AND (2) Kraft snack products, $2, DND, 8/31/06
(5) Nabisco Honey Maid graham honey sticks, 13 oz, $0.75/1, DND
(2) Oreo’s, FREE milk (NTE $2.99) WYB any two oreo, DND, 7/31/06
(4) Ore-Ida, $1/2, insert, 7/31/06
(40) Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies, FREE (NTE $3.00) WYB 2 boxes goldfish crackers (11 oz. or larger), 7/31/06
(3) Quaker Chewy 90 Calorie Granola bars, $0.75 /1, 10/31/06
(11) Ritz crackers, any 2 12.5 oz or larger, $1 /2, DND, 8/31/06
(5) Ritz crackers, 14 oz +, $0.75/1, DND
(2) Sourpatch or Swedish Fish, BOG (NTE $1.69), 10/28/06
(2) Stax FREE WYB (2) Doritos or Tostitos, 7/15/06
(40) Sunchips, Rold Gold, Frito-Lay Baked! And/or Frito-Lay Light snacks (any combo, 9 ¾ oz or larger), $1 /2, 12/31/06
(8) Tostitos, $2 /2 WYB 2 jars Tostitos dips, 12/31/06
(2) Triscuits, 8.5 oz +, $0.75/1, DND - pending

new - 7/10/06)

Ritz crackers, $1 on any two (12.5 oz +), 9/30/06
Hickory Farms, $1.50 /2, any, 10/31/06
Marshmallows, FREE (NTE $1.50) WYB (1) Honey Maid honey grahams and (1) Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bars (6 pack), 9/27/06
Wheat Thins or Ritz toasted chips, any 9 oz. +, $1 /2, 8/31/06

Miscellaneous inserts

(17) Cheese - King’s Choice, Joan of Arc, Ilchester, or II Giardino cheese, $2/ 3, 7/31/06
(2) Dannon yogurt, any, $0.50 /1, 12/31/06
(1) Eggland’s Best Eggs, $0.50/1, insert, 9/30/06
(3) Eggland’s Best Eggs, cage free, $0.50/1, insert, 9/30/06
(2) Eggland’s Best Eggs, $0.35/1, insert, 9/30/06
(5) Kraft singles cheese, 12 oz +, $0.75/1, DND
(5) Kraft sting-ums cheese, 24 ct. $0.75/1, DND
(12) Land O Lakes ½ pound or (1) package pre-sliced Land o Lakes Cheese, DND, 9/30/06
(1) Land o Lakes eggs, FREE/1, NTE $4, no expiration
(2) milk, FREE (NTE $2.99) WYB any two oreo, DND, 7/31/06
(1) milk, $1 WYB any Nabisco cookie and 1 gallon milk, DND, 8/31/06
(4) Organic Valley any one, $2 /1, 2/28/07
(2) Organic Valley, any item, $1 /1, DND, 8/31/06
(1) Rondele, any, $1/1, DND, 9.30/06
(2) Slammers, 14 oz., $0.50/1, DND, 11/30/06
Miscellaneous inserts

(1) Amy’s product, any, FREE/1, no limit, 12/31/06
(2) Bagel Bites, $0.55/1, DND, 6/30/07
(5) Breyers, Good Humor, Klondike, or Popsicle, any, FREE /1 (NTE $6), 3/31/07
(4) Contessa Homestyle Convenience Meal, any, $1 /1, DND, 12/31/06
(14) Edward’s whole pie or any two slices, $1, DND, 9/30/06
(11) Eggo, any product, $1 /2, 7/31/06
(28) Freschetta Pizza, any, $0.75, DND, 8/14/06
(22) Healthy Choice Frozen Meals or Entrees, any, $1 /3, DND, 7/22/06
(2) Ian’s Natural Frozen Foods, BOGO (NTE $3.99), no expiration
(3) Ian’s Natural Frozen Foods, $0.35/1, DND, no expiration
(11) Ice cream, $1.25 off store brand, WYB any (2) Keebler cones or bowls, 9/30/06
(2) Ice Cream, $2.50 off store brand, WYB any (2) Keebler cones or cups (12 ct.+), DND, 9/30/06
(28) Kid Cuisine meal, any, 0.50 /1, DND, 7/23/06
(4) Lean Cuisine, any, FREE/1, NTE $3.49, 2/28/07 - pending
(15) Morningstar Farms, any one, $1 /1, DND, 7/31/06
(3) Texas Toast, any, $0.50 /1, DND,8/15/06
(3) Turkey Hill ice cream, any 48 oz +, $0.55/1, 12/31/09
(3) Turkey Hill frozen yogurt, ice cream, or carb IQ, any 48 oz +, $0.75/1, 12/31/09
Miscellaneous inserts

(25) Aidells sausage, any, $0.50/1, DND, 8/31/06
(36) Beef WYB A1 Steak Sauce OR Marinade, 10 oz. or larger, $1 /1, DND, 5/31/07
(28) Bumble Bee Prime Fillet Steak, 4 oz pouch, $0.50/1, DND, 9/30/06
(2) Fast Fixin’s, any, FREE/1 NTE $7.99, 12/31/06
(23) Ground Beef WYB Lea & Perrins, any, $1 off, DND, 9/30/06
(25) Ground Beef, Giant, WYB (2) 64 oz. Heinz ketchup, FREE (NTE $2.50), DND, 9/30/06
(2) Ground Beef WYB (2) Hamburger Helper, $1 off, 9/1/06
(2) Honeysuckle White product, any, $1/1, 1/31/07
(2) Honeysuckle White product, any, $0.50/1, 1/31/07
(4) Organic Prairie meat, $2 /1, 2/28/07
(5) Pilgrim’s Pride cooked chicken, any, $1 /1, DND, 2/28/07
(30) Prairie Grove Farms pork product, any, $1/1, 2/01/07
(2) Perdue, any chicken product, $2/1, 5/31/07
(16) Rancher’s Reserve Beef, WYB any (5) Gillete, Oral-B, or Duracell products, $10/1, DND, 7/31/06
(2) Seafood, WYB any (1) A1 marinade for seafood, $1, 1/31/07
(1) SeaPak Shrimp, FREE package (NTE $9.99), DND, 6/30/08
(1) SeaPak Shrimp, any, $1 /1, DND, 6/30/08
(41) Tyson canned or pouch chicken, any, $0.50 /1, 8/31/06
(1) Tyson fresh chicken, FREE/1 any, NTE $3, 12/31/07
(2) any meat, $2 WYB any Lawry’s marinade, 12/31/06
(20) BEEF, $2 WYB any A1 steak sauce or marinade (10 oz.+), 5/31/07
(2) Any meat, WYB (2) Wishbone salad dressing, 16 oz+, 8/31/06
(1) Alaska Seafood, $1.50/1, 9/30/07
(20) Chicken, Beef, or Produce, $2, WYB (2) Wishbone (16 oz +), 3/31/07

Miscellaneous inserts

Produce/Salad Dressing
(1) Brianna‘s salad dressing, $1 /2, 9/30/06
(3) Earthbound Farm Product, any, FREE/1 (NTE $6), 12/31/07
(1) Et Tu salad, $1 /1, DND, 8/31/06
(4) Fresh Express packaged salad, any, FREE/1 (NTE $4), 12/31/06
(11) Fresh Express Complete Salad, any, $0.75 /1, DND, 7/31/06
(21) Fresh Express baby lettuce blends, any, $0.55 /1, DND, 10/31/06
(21) Fresh Express any salad blend or complete salad, $2 /2, DND, 7/31/06
(53) Fresh Express any salad blend or complete salad, $1 /1, DND, 7/31/06
(20) Fresh Express complete sale, $0.75 /1, DND, 7/31/06
(9) Fresh Express salad, free bag (NTE $3.99) WYB (1) Oral-B Pulsar or Advantage twin pack toothbrush, DND, 7/15/06
(175) Litehouse dressing, any, $1 /1, DND, 12/31/06
(26) Mann’s Fresh Cut Vegetables, any, 0.55/1, 9/30/06
(5) Maple Grove Farms Dressing, buy 2 and lettuce, $1, DND, 10/31/06
(5) Marzetti dressing, any, $0.50/1, 7/31/06
(30) PRODUCE, any WYB (1) Kraft Parmesan Cheese (7 oz. +), and Good Season Salad Dressing mix, $2, 9/30/2006
(1) PRODUCE, any WYB Reynolds Plastic Wrap, any, $1, 11/30/06
(2) PRODUCE, any, FREE up to $2 WYB (2) Kraft salad dressings and chese crumbles, 12/31/06
(20) Chicken, Beef, or Produce, $2, WYB (2) Wishbone (16 oz +), 3/31/07
(44) Ready Pac Bistro-to-go or Ready-to-go bowl salad, $0.55 /1, DND, 12/31/06
(11) Sunkist Almond Accents, any bag, $0.75 /1, 12/31/06
(100) Sunkist Almond Munchies, any bag, $1 /1, 12/31/06
(23) Sunkist Almond Munchies, any bag, $1 /1, 12/31/07
(1) Tomatoes FREE (NTE $3) WYB two Fresh Express slaw or shreds, 8/31/06
Miscellaneous inserts

(2) Athenos Hummus, any, $1.50/1, 9/30/06
(5) Athenos Hummus, any, $0.55/1, 7/31/06
(27) Cattlemen’s, any, 0.75/1, 12/31/06
(3) Cherrybrook Kitchen, $1/ 1 any item, no expiration
(5) Classico pasta sauce, any, $1 /2, 12/31/06
(1) Delmonte, free can, any, 1/21/07
(4) Filippo Berio Olive Oil, any, $1, DND, 12/31/06
(10) French’s brown mustard, FREE (NTE $1.49) 12-oz squeeze bottle WYB (2) packs Chinet Classic, 12/31/06
(3) Heinz cocktail or chili sauce, $0.50/1, 12/31/06
(3) Heinz 57 sauce, $0.75 /1, 12/31/06
(15) Heinz Tomato Ketchup, 32 oz or larger, 0.50/1, 7/31/06
(3) Heinz vinegar, $0.75 /1, 12/31/06
(3) Heinz Worcestershire Sauce, $0.50 /1, 12/31/06
(16) Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce, $0.25 /1, DND, 10/31/06
(16) Jack Daniel’s steak sauce, $0.40 /1, DND, 10/31/06
(5) Jello Pudding, 4.5 oz, $0.55/1, DND
(2) Kikkoman Teriyaki Takumi, $1/1, insert, 12/31/06
(3) Kikkoman, $1/2, insert, 12/31/06
(2) Kikkoman, $0.55/1, 9/30/06
(8)Kikkoman Takumi collection, $1/ 1, DND, 3/31/07
(20) Kraft pasta salad, $1 /1, 12/31/06
(23) Lea & Perrins, $1 off ground beef WYB (1), DND, 9/30/06
(2) Nasoya, $1 /2 any, 10/31/06
(3) Olivio, any product, FREE /1, NTE $2.30, 12/31/06
(3) Pacific Natural Foods brand, any product, $1 /1, DND, 12/31/06
(15) Splenda Quick Pack pouches, any 5 ct. box, $0.55/1, 12/31/07
(2) Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter, any, $0.35 /1, DND, 4/30/07
(7) Tabasco, any, $0.75, DND, 7/23/06
(1) Tree Top Apple Sauce, any, $0.30 /1, DND, 7/31/06
(3) Vlasic, $1 /2, 7/31/06
(12) Vlasic, $0.75 /1, DND, 7/31/06
(5) Vlasic, $0.40 /1, DND, 7/31/06
Miscellaneous inserts

(4) Brawny Napkins, any, FREE /1, (NTE $5), 12/31/06
(31) Cottonelle TP in Ultra or Aloe & E, (3) 4-pk OR (2) 6-pk OR (1) 12-pk, $1, DND, 8/13/06
(25) Reynolds Wrap Release Non-stick Foil, any, $0.75/1, 12/31/06
(25) Reynolds Wrap Release Non-stick Foil, any, AND Reynolds Wrap Foil, $0.75/1, 12/31/06
(1) Reynolds Wrap Release Non-stick Foil, any, AND Reynolds Wrap Foil, $1/2, DND, 9/30/06
(17) Solo, any product, $0.50 /1, DND, 8/13/06
(6) Scott any (1) 4 pack or larger scott extra soft tissue OR (1) 12 pack or larger Scott 1000 Tissue, $1 /1, DND, 10/08/06
(3) Scott any (1) 4 pack or larger scott extra soft tissue OR (1) 12 pack or larger Scott 1000 Tissue, $0.50/1, DND, 8/13/06
(29) Scott any (1) 4 pack or larger scott extra soft tissue OR (1) 12 pack or larger Scott 1000 Tissue, $0.50/1, DND, 10/08/06
(105) Sparkle paper towels, (2) big roll or (1) larger size, $0.50, DND, 7/16/06
(1) Viva, 2 big roll or (1) big roll 2-pk, $1, 8/12/06
(1) Viva, 2 big roll or (1) big roll 2-pk, $0.50, 8/12/06
Wet Ones, canister or box of singles, $1 /1, 12/31/06
(1) Ziplock easy zipper bags, $0.35/1, 7/1/07
(1) Ziplock container, $1/1, 8/31/07
Miscellaneous inserts

(3) Shoebox card, BOGO, 8/31/06

(1) Airwick Freshmatic starter kit, $4/1, 12/31/06
(2) All small and mighty, insert, $1/1, 8/20/06
(2) All or Surf laundry, insert, $0.50/1, 8/20/06
(1) Ajax liquid dish, any, $0.25 /1, 1/30/07
(3) DampRid, any, FREE/1, (NTE$5.59), 8/31/07
(1) Glade candle, $2/1, 11/1/06
(1) Glade scented oil candle holder, $2/1, 11/1/06
(1) Glade plugins extra outlet and night light warmer, $2/1, 8/1/06
(1) Glade glass scents or air infusion spray, FREE WYB Glade Wisp or Oil Fan, 12/31/07
(7) Hot Shot, $1 on 1 ultra, or $1/2 other, 7/31/06
(1) Murphy’s Oil Soap Product, any, $0.50 /1, 1/30/07
(1) Palmolive Automatic, any, $0.40 /1, 1/30/07
(10) Panasonic AA or AAA Oxyride batteries, $2 /1, any, DND, 8/31/06
(3) Pledge product, any, FREE/1 (NTE $4.50), 8/31/06
(2) Pledge Multi Surface, $1/1, 8/31/06
(12) Real Simple, $1 /1 magazine WYB Real Simple cleaning product, 8/21/06
(1) Scotch Brite floor cloth starter pack or refill, $1/1, 12/31/06
(1) Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner refill, $1.50 /2 12/31/07
(1) Scrubbing Bubbles shower starter kit, $5 /1 7/31/06
(1) Woolite carpet, $1/1, 12/31/06
Miscellaneous inserts

(30) Chapstick, $1 /3, 12/31/06
(1) CoverGirl Last Exact mascara, $1/1, 9/30/06
(2) Dermal Therapy product, any, $3/1, 12/31/06
(1) Dove Energy Glow, FREE/1, (NTE $6.49), 6/30/07
(5) Dove Energy Glow, $1.50/1, insert, 8/12/06
(1) Dove hair care, FREE/1, (NTE $5.99), 6/30/07
(4) Hawaiian Tropic suncare, 4 oz.+, $1 /1, 12/31/07
(12) Jergens Natural Glow, any, $1/1, 12/31/06
(1) John Frieda Luminous Color Gaze, any, $1.50, 12/31/06
(1) L’Oreal Feria haircolour, any, $2/1, 12/31/06
(1) Maybelline Pure Makeup, fullsize, $2/1, 1/1/07
(4) Nivea, various, $1 - $2
(1) Olay, any, $2 /1, 9/30/06
(1) Pantene Pro-V expressions, any, $1/1, 9/30/06
(4) Selsun, any, $1/1, insert, 11/7/06
(42) Sunsilk, any 24/7 crème, volumizing crème, or masque, $1 /1, 7/01/07
(1) Sunsmakers, $1/2, 10/31/06
(3) VO5 styling product, $1/1, insert, 7/31/06

(50) miscellaneous inserts

(3) No nonsense products, $1 /2, 7/31/06
(1) No nonsense, $ off 3-pair pack of sport socks WYB no nonsense sleepwear, 2/01/07
(3) No nonsense MIR, $3 back on $10, 7/31/06

Personal Care (not hair)
(4) Adidas deodorant, any, $2/1, insert, 9/30/06
(20) Banana Boat product, $1 off WYB 1 minute maid coolers, 8/31/06
(1) Colgate Power Toothbrush, any, $1/1, 1/30/07
(1) Colgate toothpaste, any, $0.75/1, 1/30/07
(1) Colgate toothbrush, any, $0.75/1, 1/30/07
(1) Colgate kids toothpaste, any, $0.75/1, 1/30/07
(1) Colgate Total toothpaste, any, $1/1, 1/30/07
(6) Crest Spinbrush, any, $1/1, DND, 7/31/06
(4) Hawaiian Tropic suncare, 4 oz.+, $1 /1, 12/31/07
(1) Hawaiian Tropic suncare, $2 /1, 12/31/07
(1) Irish Spring soap, any multipack, $0.30 /1, 1/30/07
(1) Ivory personal cleansing product, any, $1/1, 9/30/06
(7) Lamisil AT cream, 24 g, $3/1, 1/31/08
(7) Lamisilk, any, $1/1, 1/31/08
(10) Mitchum, any product, $1 /1, 12/31/06
(25) Oral-B, $1 any (1) Pulsar, Crossaction, or Advantage Artica, OR any (w) Oral-B Advantage, Indicate, or Stages toothbrushes, DND, 7/18/06
(25) Oral-B Crossaction power toothbrush, $1 /1, DND, 7/18/06
(13) Refresh Dry eye Therapy, any, $3/1, insert, 8/31/06
(12) Refresh, any, $1/1, insert, 8/31/06
(1) Secret, any, FREE/1, 9/30/06
(1) Secret Platinum, $0.50/1, 9/30/06
(1) Softsoap Body wash, any, $0.75 /1, 1/30/07
(1) Softsoap liquid hand soap, any, $0.40 /1, 1/30/07
(1) Speedstick, any, $0.75/1, 1/30/07
(1) Speedstick, any Ladies, $0.75/1, 1/30/07
(1) Thermacare, any, $2/1, 8/31/06
(1) Viadent, any, $1 /1, 12/31/07
Miscellaneous inserts

(12) Accuchek meter, $40 coupon and $40 MIR, 8/31/06
(6) Freestyle meter, FREE, 12/31/06

(42) Advil PM 20 ct +, $2 /1, 11/30/06
(4) Aleve, 8 +, $1/1, insert, 7/31/06
(2) Aleve, 8 +, $0.75/1, insert, 7/31/06
(1) Aleve, 20 ct + or Cold and Sinus 10 +, or Sinus and Headache 10 +, $1/1, 3/31/07
(1) Bayer, any up to 120 ct., Free/1 (NTE$8.50), 3/31/07
(1) Bayer, 24 +, $1/1, 6/30/07
(6) Benadryl, any, $1/1, insert, 7/31/06
(4) Caltrate, any, $1 /1, 3/31/07
(6) Claritin, any, $2/1, 3/31/07
(2) Digestive Advantage Children’s Lactose Intolerance, $1/1, 11/30/06
Lactaid, Pepcid, or Imodium advanced, $2 /2, 9/30/06
(1) Metamucil, any, $1/1, 7/31/06
(11) Mylanta liquid, 12 oz. or larger, $1 /1, 12/31/06
(2) One-A-Day, any $1 /1, 6/30/07
(2) One-A-Day, any 200 ct., $1.50 /1, 9/30/07
(11) Pepcid, any 25 count or larger, $1 /1, 10/31/06
(6) Pepcid, any 25 count or larger, $1 /1, 1/31/07
(2) Robitussin, any, $1 /1, 12/31/06
(1) Rogaine, women’s, any, $5/1, 12/31/06
(3) Rolaids Plus, FREE UP TO $1.50/1, insert, 8/31/06
(1) Rolaids, any, $0.50, 12/31/06
(12) TUMS, 45ct +, $1 /1, 9/30/06
(7) Tylenol PM, 50 ct or larger or 8 oz liquid, $2 /1, DND, 8/31/06
Miscellaneous inserts

(1) Baby Avalon organics, $1/1, 12/31/06
(28) Beechnut table time bakery, tubs, or dices, $1/4, DND, 9/30/06
(1) Bright Beginnings formula powder, 31.7 oz, $3, 12/31/07
(1) Gerber bowls or utensils, $1/1, insert, 10/31/06
(1) Gerber Grins & Giggles, $1/1, 10/31/06
(1) Gerber Grins & Giggles, $1/1, 12/31/06
(1) Gerber Graduates, any, $0.75/1, 10/31/06
(1) Gerber Graduates, Lil’ Entrees, $1/2, 10/31/06
(3) Gerber Graduates Fruit or Veggie Dices, $0.75/3, 10/31/06
(1) Gerber Graduates Fruit Splashers, $1/2, 10/31/06
(1) Gerber Graduates 1 liter Fruit Splashers, $1/1, 10/31/06
(3) Gerber Graduates Garden Mashers, $0.75/2, 10/31/06
(2) Gerber Graduates mini Fruit or Veggie, $1/1, 10/31/06
(3) Gerber Tooth & Gum cleanser, $1/1, 10/31/06
(3) Gerber 2nd foods, $1/8, 10/31/06
(1) Gerber 2nd foods, $0.50/8, 10/31/06
(3) Gerber 3nd foods, $0.75/6, 10/31/06
(3) Gerber Puffs, any, $0.75/2, 10/31/06
(10) Gerber Tender Harvest jars, any, $1/8, 9/30/06
(4) Gerber Tender Harvest jars, any, $0.75/4, 10/31/06
(200) Huggies Baby wipes, $0.50/1, DND, 8/31/06
(3) Huggies Good Nites, $1/1, insert, 8/14/06
(11) Huggies Lil Swimmers, $1 /1, insert, 9/06
(6) Huggies Lil Swimmers, $1/1, DND, 7/31/06
(4) Huggies any, $1/1, insert, 7/20/06
(6) Huggies any, $1/1, insert, 8/20/06
(26) Huggies any, $1/1, DND, 7/29/06
(5) Huggies Pull-up, jumbo or larger, $2/1, insert, 9/4/06
(4) Huggies Pull-up, jumbo or larger, $1.50/1, insert, 8/13/06
(2) Pampers, jumbo or larger, $1/1, 7/31/06
(2) Pampers, jumbo or larger, $1.50/1, 9/30/06
(3) Pampers, jumbo or larger, $1.50/1, 3/31/07
(2) Pampers, Easy up or Feel n Learn, insert $2/1, 7/31/06
(3) Pampers Splashers, $1.50/1, insert, 7/31/06
(8) Weis Bear Essentials diapers, any, $1 /1, 12/31/06
Miscellaneous inserts

(10) Cesar dog food, $10 rebate on grooming WYB 12, 10/14/06
(1) Cesar dog food, BOGO, 8/31/06
(1) Eukanuba puppy food, 4 lb. +, $2, 7/31/06
(4) Feline Pine cat liter, $3 on 2, no expiration
(1) Fresh Step Cat Liter, $5, 7/30/06
(15) Friskies cat, miscellaneous, inserts
(1) Greenies coupon booklet, various, 12/31/06
(1) Hills Science Diet, $5, PRINTABLE, 7/23/06
(12) Iams tartar Treats, $2 and $3 off, inserts, 7/31/06
(6) Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, miscellaneous
(1) Meaty Bone Chew-Lotta, any, FREE /1, NTE $2.99, 5/9/07
(1) Meaty Bone Chew-Lotta, any, $1 /1, 5/9/07
(2) Meow Mix, any 3.15 lb +, $1 /1, DND, 6/30/07
(4) Milk Bone, $1 /2, insert, 8/5/06
(5) Natural Way dog food, $1.50 on (1) 5 lb +, insert, 7/31/06
(12) Pedigree dog food, miscellaneous
(1) Pet Promise dry dog or dry cat food, FREE 3 lb. bag OR $9.99 on any 5 lb. bag or larger, 12/31/06
(2) Purina brand pet food, any 4.5 lb, $2 /1, 5/31/07
(3) Purina Busy Bone, $1/1, insert, 7/31/06
(8) Purina Dog Chow, $1 on 22 lb., insert, 7/31/06
(6) Purina Little Bites indoor complete, $2 on 4 lb, 10/31/06
(6) Purina dog food, any, $1, insert, 8/21/06
(1) Purina One Natural Blends Cat Food, $2 3.3 lb +, 12/31/07
(12) Purina cat, miscellaneous
(3) Purina Pro Plan Selects, $5, any, insert, 7/31/06
(10) Purina Whicker Lickin’s, various
(20) Whiskas cat food, various
(20) Miscellaneous dog treat coupons
Miscellaneous inserts

Miscellaneous inserts

(12) Accuchek meter, $40 coupon and $40 MIR, 8/31/06
Colgate, FREE kids toothpaste or Toothbrush (NTE $2.99) coupon by mail WYB (1) Colgate kids toothpaste and (1) Colgate kids toothbrush, 3/31/07
Blockbuster, Rent 1, get 1 free rental voucher by mail WYB Orville Redenbacher, 8/31/06
(1) Adidas anti-perspirant or deodorant, $2, 6/30/07
(1) CowBoy Charcoal, $1, limit 4 per household, 12/31/07
(2) Feline Pine cat liter, $3 on 2, no expiration
Feline Pine, $5 on 2 17 lb. feline pine or 18 lb All Pet Pine, no expiration
(2) FiberSure, $2 coupon by MIR, any, 12/31/07
(1) Filtrete filters, B2, $3 rebate, 7/31/06
(47) KC Masterpiece (any one) and Kingsford charcoal, (any one), ($2.00 rebate), 12/31/06
(1) Kedem sparkling juices, $1/bottle, up to ($6 rebate), NO EXPIRATION
(38) Ortega products (2) AND “eight below” or “glory road” DVD, ($3.00 rebate), 7/31/06
(3) No nonsense MIR, $3 back on $10, 7/31/06
(1) Saralee, $10 on $20, 7/15/06
(3) Sidekick System, ($5.00 rebate), 12/31/07
(2) Starbucks coffee, buy any 3 12 oz. bags at grocery store, ($5 g/c by mail), 9/15/06
(40+) Sunny D movie ticket official order form, exp. 8/31/06

(42) Advil PM 20 ct (FREE, no $), 8/15/06
(20) Aquafresh White & Shine or Extreme Clean 4.3 oz or larger (up to $3.69) 3/31/08
(3) Boost with Benefiber (up to $8.50), 10/31/06
(3) Herbal Essences Styler, (NTE $5.99), 1/06/07
(2) Helmann’s or Best Foods, Squeeze, NTE $3.49, B2, 12/31/06
(1) Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, (NTE $3.49), WBY Superman Crunch and Life Cereals, 8/15/06
(5) Reach Act Restoring Mouthwash, (NTE $5.99), 12/30/06
(5) Resolve Dual Power carpet cleaner, MIR, (NTE $6.19), 9/30/06
(5) SpeedStick with Irish Spring scent, any, (NTE $2.99), 12/31/06
(1) Wishbone salad spritzer, NTE $3.50, 12/31/06

(1) Aquinas napa valley, ($1.50 /1 - $30 /12). 1/31/07

Beck’s beer up to $4, CT, DC, DE, GA, MA, MD, NJ, RI, SC, WV only, 7/31/06
(10) Black Velvet Canadian Whiskey, 1.75L, $3, 8/31/06
(10) Burnett's gin, 1.75L, $2. 9/9/06
(3) Burnett's Vodka, 1.75 l, $2. 9/9/06
(1) Delicato wine, up to $7 MIR,. 8/31/06
(1) Francis Coppola wine, $2, 12/31/06
(1) John Barr, $3 on any, 12/31/06
(2) Rosso Bianco, $1 any, 12/31/06
(10) Ten High Bourbon Whiskey, Lauder's Scotch Whiskey, Imperial Blended Whiskey, Northern Light Canadian Whiskey, Corby's Reserve Whiskey Or Corby's Canadian Whiskey. ($22 on 6 1.75L, $10 on 3 1.75L, or $3 on 1 1.75L) exp. 8/31/06




(4) $10 g/c for new or transferred RX, 7/24/06

Inside Lysol wipes 4 pack, $10 coupon booklet, each expires 12/31/06:
$1/2 Lysol wipes
$1 /1 any Lysol wipes, 70 or 80-ct
$1 /1 any Lysol all purpose cleaner or antibacterial kitchen cleaner trigger
$1/ 2 Lysol all purpose cleaners 40-oz
$1 /2 Lysol Mildew Remover triggers, 32 oz
$1 /1 Lysol spray
$1 /1 Neutra Air
$1 /2 Lysol bathroom cleaner triggers 32-oz
$1 /2 Lysol Cling Clip-ons
$1 /2 Lysol toilet bowl cleaners 24-oz

$125 Target g/c when you join AOL, details on CD in specially marked packages (have 4)

Rite Aid

(4) $20 g/c with transfer of Rx, 8/31/06

(6) $5 off GNC Gold Card at Rite-Aid

Rite Aid Allergy Booklet – exp 7/29/06
(6) $1 /1 NasalCrom
(6) $1 /1 Visine
(6) $1 /1 Sudafed PE
(6) $1 /1 Zicam
(6) $3 /1 Nasal Comfort Mist
(6) $1 /1 DayQuil Sinus
(6) $1.50 /1Claritin
(6) $1 /1 Benadryl

Rite Aid Skin Care Booklet - 8/30/06
$5 /1 Coppertone continuous spray
$2 /1 any Neutrogena sun care item
$2 /1 any banana boat sun care item (retail $7.99 - 10.99)
$2 /1 any Hawaiann Tropic Sun Care item (retails $7.99 - 11.99)
$1 /1 Neutrogena healthy skin moisturizer SPF 15 OR Aveeno Radiant Skin Moisturizer SPF 15
$2 /1 any Eucerin or Aquaphor Skin Care Product
$1 /1 any dove Hand & Body Lotion item
$2 /1 any Curel Skin Care Product

Seniors, $10 g/c for Rx

CVS Pharmacy Booklet
$5/20 for 12 weeks - pending

(3) RadioShack, $10 off on $20, marked Baltimore area but good other locations, 9/30/06

(3) Costco summer passport to savings coupon booklet
(5) Costco sign up and receive $10 g/c form
(40) Costco refer-a-friend form ($10 to you, $10 to friend), 12/31/06

Toys “R” Us
$5 off any toy or clothing purchase, some exclusions, 9/30/06


(3) Kingsford Charcoal and Bic Lighter, any size, $1, 6/15/07
(2) Kingsford Charol, $1.50 on 7.2 lb bag, DND, 9/5/06
(8) SixFlags America, $15 off with movie ticket stub, exp. 9/9/06
(5) Maxwell House Points Program, offer form, 12/31/06

Bed Bath & Beyond
$4 MIR 4-pack Brita Water filters, exp 12/31/06
$10 MIR purchase of Corningware French White 18 pc. Set exp 12/31/06
$10 MIR Invitations 5 qt. 11” pan exp 12/31/06
$5 MIR Pyrex 15 piece set exp 12/31/06
$10 MIR Pyrex 24 piece set exp 12/31/06

this weekends inserts, and things to look for

July 8th, 2006 at 04:00 pm

The coupons in tomorrow's paper are not outstanding, at least for me. If you've been looking for the Advil PM TMF rebate, there is a form. Colgate coupons.

The items of interest, though, are found in the store circulars. Target, $25 g/c for new or transferred prescriptions. RiteAid, $20 g/c for new or transferred prescriptions.

I know quite a few bargain hunters are taking advantage of this trend. You can pick up a voucher for a free Rx sample, usually 2 weeks worth (check www.reduceprescriptioncosts.com for current offers), have it filled, no copay or cost, and a g/c.

Or, you can fill new Rx, or transfer, and the g/c will at least cover the co-pay, a nice way to reduce your cost of prescriptions on it's own.

I could write a full blog on this...

but, also, look in the CVS ad, a manufacturer's TMF rebate for the new Herbal Esscenses products, does not need to be PURCHASED at CVS. On, and on...those ads are similar to JUNK MAIL...before you recycle them, skim through for deals you may not want to miss out on!

Free Lysol rebates

July 8th, 2006 at 03:54 pm

We finally received one of the Lysol rebates, $4.89. Something to add to the challenge. I'm trying to figure out something new for the challenge...

also in the mail, more coupons, of course. Another FREE Amy's product coupon, some Bob's Red Mill...the organic companies are GREAT about sending coupons. After all, they don't have the marketing budgets the major players do, and publishing those weekly inserts and putting coupons in stores is expensive. So, when the customers come to them, they have their target audience (obviously you are interested in their products), and are pleased to send coupons to encourage you to purchase their products Big Grin

So, the challenge...

Current savings:
2006 $20 challenge: $4857
2006 grocery savings: $6661

Not quite sure how to count the money we save by NOT shopping...maybe I will start a no=spend challenge for myself...

Is it really Saturday?

July 8th, 2006 at 03:50 pm

My sense of time is definitely off this week. Is it really Saturday? I didn't do the weekly grocery shopping; then again, I don't need to buy anything. Had a bit of a nap this morning (confessions are good for the soul, right?).

This afternoon, a bit of research and posting, following up on things that have gotten muddled over the last few days. DH is STILL filing coupons for the trains...and adding categories!

He announced last night he had added a separate category for ketchup. Why? Do we really have that many coupons for ketchup, they can't be under tomato sauces, or condiments, or just GENERAL?

My personal coupon box, yes, I do have many categories (but not for ketchup!), but when I'm in a store, I want to find a coupon quickly, not be in the aisle, and in the way, while I rifle through hundreds of coupons.

But for coupons that are going to others, really, why not just "personal care", "food", "beverage"...etc.

DH, I love him to BITS, he said

"people have wish lists, and we need to be able to find exactly what they want"

Seriously, it is very important to him that if someone asks for Kikkoman or soy sauce, or teriyaki sauces, we find the right match and make sure they receive it.

Of course, if he really thinks I am typing in the name of every coupon we have here...well, I'm not aiming for carpal tunnel...and the time is better suited to other things.

That has pretty much been the day!

Today's Try Me Free Rebates

July 7th, 2006 at 05:39 pm

I'll be the first to admit, I rarely do try me free (TMF) rebates. First, I don't want to have an item just to have it...I'm already overstocked on life and stuff. And, it seems complicated to keep the receipt for a single item, remove the UPC (which will probably start a war with me, and either tear or I'll burst open the package). If I wait to take the UPC off until after I've used the product, the chances of finding the rebate form AND the receipt AND it still being before the deadline, well...I've got too much to do.

But, having accumulated all these TMF and other rebates, I actually sat down and cranked them out today!

First - Resolve new dual action carpet cleaner. NICE, just a form and receipt, no trying to get the UPC off the cleanser (definite hazard there!). $6.

Second - Boost with Benefiber, also easy, and $8. Boost we use anyway, so trying the benefiber version was not a stretch.

Third, the new Act restoring mouthwash. Very easy. $6.

Fourth, well, not TMF, but $5 coupon rebate on Land of Lakes. Their cheese blocks are usually $4.19 each, but they were on sale at 2/$4, and after a $1 coupon on each, the $12 purchase requirement (3 blocks) was easily met, for $3. I bought 6, but it was a great deal!

Sunny D was on sale, so I did the movie ticket rebate. We rarely go to the movies, but a ticket without restrictions is impossible to find, and would cost us $12 EACH at our theater. Of course, we'd hit the matinee...

I still haven't done the FREE Advil PM 20 count, I think I used the receipt on something else.

And, having a form for Aquafresh White & Shine or Extreme Clean 4.3 oz or larger, and a separate form for just the White % Shine, means I can do them both...but I've got more toothpaste stockpiled than we can use in a year. Of course, those rebates are good through '08, so if the product is still around, I may just use one later.

MEAT...well, DH is still in charge of that one. $25, but it's due this next week. No nagging, though, he asked to be in charge of it, and whatever happens, it's fine. I love him LOTS more than the $25. As long as HE loves ME more than the steaks...

Free Coupons in Stores today - redux

July 7th, 2006 at 03:55 pm

Okay, I missed a few when I typed yesterday...these are the coupons I found in yesterday's shopping trip. They are only a few of the coupons I have, but I haven't had time to update my haves list. With apologies.

TMF Reach Act Restoring Mouthwash, NTE $5.99, 12/30/06
TMF Resolve Dual Power carpet cleaner, MIR, (NTE $6.19), 9/30/06

Cherrybrook Kitchen, $1/ 1 any item, no expiration
Hershey’s Kissables candy bag (10 - 14oz) FREE (NTE $3.19) WYB 2 Hershey candy bags (10 - 14oz), 12/31/06
French’s brown mustard, FREE (NTE $1.49) 12-oz squeeze bottle WYB (2) packs Chinet Classic, 12/31/06
Fresh Express baby lettuce blends, any, $0.55 /1, DND, 10/31/06
Fresh Express any salad blend or complete salad, $2 /2, DND, 7/31/06
Fresh Express any salad blend or complete salad, $1 /1, DND, 7/31/06
Fresh Express any complete salad, $0.75 /1, DND, 7/31/06
Fresh Express baby lettuce blends, any, $0.55 /1, DND, 10/31/06
Heinz vinegar, $0.75 /1, 12/31/06
Heinz cocktail or chili sauce, $0.50/1, 12/31/06
Heinz Worcestershire Sauce, $0.50 /1, 12/31/06
Heinz 57 sauce, $0.75 /1, 12/31/06
Ice cream, $1.25 off store brand, WYB (2) keebler cones or bowls, 9/30/06
Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce, $0.25 /1, DND, 10/31/06
Jack Daniel’s steak sauce, $0.40 /1, DND, 10/31/06
Kikkoman Takumi collection, $1/ 1, DND, 3/31/07
Kraft pasta salad, $1 /1, 12/31/06
King’s Choice, Joan of Arc, Ilchester, or II Giardino cheese, $2/ 3, 7/31/06
Lactaid, Pepcid, or Imodium advanced, $2 /2, 9/30/06
Mitchum, any product, $1 /1, 12/31/06
Panasonic AA or AAA Oxyride batteries, $2 /1, any, DND, 8/31/06
Pledge Duster Plus Starter Kit, $1 /1, 12/31/06
Real Simple, $1 /1 magazine WYB Real Simple cleaning proudct, 8/21/06
Sargento Deli Style Sliced Cheese, $0.50 /1, DND, (but did), 4/30/07
Splenda Quick Pack pouches, any 5 ct. box, $0.55/1, 12/31/07
Sprite, FREE 2-liter WYB 3 2-liter coca-cola product, 8/31/06
Staxx, free (NTE $1.59) WYB (2) Doritos 13 oz+ or Tostitos 9 oz+, 7/15/06
Tostitos 9+ oz. chips, $2 /2, WYB (2) jars Tostitos brand dips, 12/31/06
TransOcean surimi seafood, $0.55/1, DND, no expiration
TUMS, 45ct +, $1 /1, 9/30/06
Welch’s Sparking Juice, $1 /2, 12/31/06
Wet Ones, canister or box of singles, $1 /1, 12/31/06

Chicken, Beef, or Produce, $2 WYB 2 Wishbone (16 oz +), 3/31/07

Colgate, FREE kids toothpaste or Toothbrush (NTE $2.99) coupon by mail WYB (1) Colgate kids toothpaste and (1) Colgate kids toothbrush, 3/31/07

Feline Pine, $5 /2 17 lb. feline pine or 17lb All Pet Pine, no expiration

Blockbuster, Rent 1, get 1 free rental voucher by mail WYB Orville Redenbacher, 8/31/06

CowBoy Charcoal, $1, limit 4 per household, 12/31/07

Inside Lysol wipes 4 pack, $10 coupon booklet, each expires 12/31/06:
$1/2 Lysol wipes
$1 /1 any Lysol wipes, 70 or 80-ct
$1 /1 any Lysol all purpose cleaner or antibacterial kitchen cleaner trigger
$1/ 2 Lysol all purpose cleaners 40-oz
$1 /2 Lysol Mildew Remover triggers, 32 oz
$1 /1 Lysol spray
$1 /1 Neutra Air
$1 /2 Lysol bathroom cleaner triggers 32-oz
$1 /2 Lysol Cling Clip-ons
$1 /2 Lysol toilet bowl cleaners 24-oz

$125 Target g/c when you join AOL, details on CD in specially marked packages

Bed Bath & Beyond
$4 MIR 4-pack Brita Water filters, exp 12/31/06
$10 MIR purchase of Corningware French White 18 pc. Set exp 12/31/06
$10 MIR Invitations 5 qt. 11” pan exp 12/31/06
$5 MIR Pyrex 15 piece set exp 12/31/06
$10 MIR Pyrex 24 piece set exp 12/31/06

Rite Aid
Skin Care Booklet - $17, 8/30/06
$5 any Coppertone continuous spray
$2 any Neutrogena sun care item
$2 any banana boat sun care item (retail $7.99 - 10.99)
$2 any Hawaiann Tropic Sun Care item (retails $7.99 - 11.99)
$1 Neutrogena healthy skin moisturizer SPF 15 OR Aveeno Radiant Skin Moisturizer SPF 15
$2 any Eucerin or Aquaphor Skin Care Product
$1 any dove Hand & Body Lotion item
$2 any Curel Skin Care Product

Beck’s beer, MIR upto $4, CT, DC, DE, GA, MA, MD, NJ, RI, SC, WV only, 7/31/06

Jeffrey's weekend coupons by newspaper

July 7th, 2006 at 03:46 pm

Well, time to prepare Jeffrey for week 2 of couponing...the newspaper inserts! You can see by the schedule it's going to be a good weekend to check the papers for coupons.

Coupon Insert Schedule

P&G actually put out an insert last weekend, so probably a SmartSource and Vlassis weekend.

Picking up a local paper may not provide the best coupons, though. Papers vary, both with the subscriptions to different coupon magazines (inserts), and the promotions being offered. And, if there are GREAT coupons, he may want to discover a few inexpensive ways to pick up a few extras.

The details for getting the most from your weekend paper coupons are provided in the article

Getting the Most from Inserts

Of course, newspapers are only the start, and I'm sure he's already finding coupons in the stores, signing up for offers, contacting manufacturers...and all the other things we've described on the site.

The next few weeks should be interesting for all of us. The major expiration dates for coupon offers are always 6/30 and 12/31. So, while a multitude of coupons expired last week...that only means that the stores, newspapers, and manufacturers will be restocking with new offers and promotions. It doesn't happen overnight, product is stocked before coupons are, and ever store sales means restocking and reshelving to highlight promotions. But over the next few weeks, many more offers, and opportunities for savings, should appear.

You are invited to the Crayola Birthday Bash

July 6th, 2006 at 03:55 pm

If you are going to be in PA next weekend, you might want to check out the freebies and fun at the Crayola factory!

Join us in downtown Easton for The Crayola FACTORY® 10th Birthday Bash on Saturday, July 15, 2006. This indoor/outdoor celebration will be filled with lots of colorful fun, cool entertainment, and exciting prizes throughout the day. We will have strolling performers and entertainment such as clowns, face painting, a visit by Sponge Bob, hourly giveaways, and visits from Tip, the Crayola mascot.

A traveling exhibit from the Philadelphia Zoo will also be here to celebrate, along with characters from other area attractions. And be sure to visit The Crayola Store, where commemorative Crayola
items will be available to mark this great occasion.

For hours of operation go to www.TheCrayolaFACTORY/hours

Colorfully yours,
The Crayola FACTORY

Coupons and freebies for Teachers!

July 6th, 2006 at 03:51 pm

'Tis the season...ho ho ho...for back to school savings, sales, coupons...

and if you are a teacher, try to make it to all those teacher appreciation days!

Staples will be having their Teacher Appreciation Days in August. Each store provides a FREE canvas goody bag, teacher planner, and COUPONS to the first 200 teachers (and often more, depending on the location). Find details for your local store at


Office Depot provides a similar program, check your local store for details.

Most stores also offer Teacher discount cards, and other special contests and rewards. For example,

OD Get Tools for Your Schools

Whatever stores are in your area, whatever your affiliation with schools, it's time (already!) to start watching for the sales and specials.

Week one of the Jeffrey challenge!

July 6th, 2006 at 03:38 pm

You may have read the news...our site owner, Jeffrey Strain, has challenged me to teach him about coupons and winning the grocery budget game in the U.S.

He is returning to the states after living in Japan for quite a while, and things here have certainly changed! And, they don't HAVE grocery coupons in Japan. Having lived there myself awhile, I thought I'd better review my approach.

The basics of finding coupons and maximizing grocery savings are in articles on

Grocery Coupon Guide

a sister site to savingadvice.com

Many more articles are to come, but the basic information is there.

Then again, for someone who has never sought, found, or used grocery coupons...I decided to review the basics myself.

I personally don't believe in describing and recommending techniques I haven't successfully implemented myself. You need to have a proven track record before you can teach others!

So, I decided if I was going to teach Jeffrey about coupons and grocery strategies, I'd better see what it was like to be totally new to an area and the local stores.

We live in a "bedroom community", with no real retail area. We shop in neighboring towns within 15 miles, with a fairly good selection of supermarkets.

My plan was to travel 30 miles north, to a town we lived in for a few months, 10 years ago. A small central area of stores, easy to find and explore.

DHs plan was to travel 30 miles southwest, to an area in the big city we have never been to before. We had no idea where the supermarkets or shopping centers were. We had no idea where WE were.

Did I mention he didn't bring a road map?

It was actually fun, other than the traffic and trying to find entrances to stores without sliding across 6 lanes of traffic to get there.

First we went to Wegman's. Very large store, nice. Full range of organic to mainstream products. Some coupons, a bit overwhelming in size and choices.

Next, a Giant, then a Superfresh, dropped by an REI (hey, realism, who shops for groceries all day???). Back to Mars, Food Lion, Target, and a Rite-Aid. Then home to empty the dog Wink

I was struck by the differences between stores, coupons, policies, and demographics. Very different customers and products at each store.

I was surprised at SuperFresh; no coupons in the store, but the SmartSource floortalk was under our feet. How standing on a giant logo for Lean Cuisine lifts sales by up to 17%, I'm not sure...are we so afraid to make eye contact that we stare at the ground all day?

Now, to DivaJen, I must admit, I was totally amazed at Target. Ours does not have food items. To find 8th continent soy milk for $2.50 regular price, when our local stores regular price is $3.87...hmmm, definitely going to be looking for a Target closer to home!

And, while most stores have free trial AOL disks, Target has specially marked disks, with $125 Target g/c if you sign up for AOL from the disk. Target had more manufacturer's coupons than I expected, also. I was told they could be combined with Target coupons and Target sales...which could make for some impressive deals.

I also picked up sales circulars in each store, checked on requirements for store cards...and I think I made it fairly well through lesson one

Introduction to Grocery Savings

Toys 'R Us coupons and baby coupons

July 3rd, 2006 at 04:34 pm

Alright, lest we all forget why we are here...

I signed up for Toys R Us news quite awhile ago, since all nieces and nephews, and now THEIR little ones, seem to be registered at the place! Come a ways since I grew up!

In todays mail, a toys r us baby sale, with 56 coupons, $250, for baby and toys.

Personally, I have little use for $250 in baby coupons. My niece has stopped having them, and my nephew has not yet started; at 16, I hope he waits awhile.

So, while I'm not going to type out ALL the coupons (hey, even Flash gets to take a HOLIDAY!), if you need them, let me know.

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