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More Thumbs Up -- and FREE Organic coupons!

July 12th, 2006 at 06:19 pm

Well, I'm continuing to reap the rewards for an hour of emailing organic manufacturers a week or two ago.

From Hain Celestial Group -- 10 coupons, including some FREE products,

from Bolthouse Farms, two 50 cents off coupons,

and from After The Fall, two $1 off coupons, which is a great discount on their juices!

So, to Jeffrey, who noted that US stores are full of JUNK FOOD (we have an equal number of junk food coupons to match!), yes, good coupons are available on healthy, organic foods, too! And frankly, almost EASIER to find, no digging through inserts, and no "thanks for playing" emails from the companies who can afford to mass market their coupons in other venues and can't afford to respond to every coupon request they receive.

Of course, many kudos to the mass marketers, too, we all appreciate their coupons, and those inserts are fairly important.

It's important to have a balance, though, and for those of us who do try to maintain a more natural, organic, or simply healthy lifestyle, and support the organic farmers, it's nice to know they are supporting us right back. Full circle.

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  1. soph amad Says:

    love organic

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