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hair coloring...hmmm...

July 14th, 2006 at 06:55 pm

Okay, so I have a bundle of coupons for hair coloring, but I was more focused on finding the right hair color than getting a bargain.

I chose what seemed to be the easiest and less, um...noticeable-in-case-of-failure product...Clairol Natural Instincts.

It WAS easy to apply. It took FOREVER to rinse "until water runs clear". Did I mention I have LONG red hair?

The hair is great, the color, well, since my hair was previously colored, I probably should have done the roots first, then pulled through to the ends. But since I wasn't sure it was a real color match, I followed the instructions and started at the roots.

The overall color is nice. A bit redder than usual (except the roots, which are perfect), and not quite as much coverage of the one white streak I have. Then again, the box says to use a different product for coloring major grays (it's NOT gray! It's White!)

Overall...yes, I'd do it again. Maybe a different product, different color, but I can afford to try a few different things. And $5 - 10 versus $120 or so every six weeks, definitely fits into the savings challenge.

How well it holds up...TBD. But my hair feels BETTER than usual.

So this week's saving challenge, I'm calling a success.

Jen, how did yours go?

3 Responses to “hair coloring...hmmm...”

  1. DivaJen Says:

    It went fairly well, actually. It said to start 1/4" from you scalp, so in my paranoia I started even further away, giving myself some somewhat noticeable roots already. However, I only did a few highlights, may ten per side and siknny ones at that, so it's not terribly noticeable. I've learned from the experience, like the color and am going to see if I can get some more at Big Lots. It's a Loreal product and they're going for under $10 each. $10 every couple of months or so and about 30 minutes of my time for decent looking highlights? It's worth a try.

  2. flash Says:

    Hmmm...loads of coupons on Loreal haircolor, but there are SO many different products. I did the same with roots, protecting the scalp, but of course, the roots are the hardest to color (for me) since they haven't been colored before. I'm excited to try again Smile

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