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Free Filtrete filter!

March 27th, 2009 at 10:55 pm

If you haven't changed your air filter lately, this latest offer just might encourage you to do so!

Text is Free Filter Offer and Link is
Free Filter Offer

Send us a short essay, 100 words or fewer, for why you choose Filtrete™ Filters. Include a picture of your dirty filter. Really—we want to see your dirty filter. It’s proof that Filtrete filters are helping to capture the particles and allergens from the air that passes through the filter.

We’ll select the best stories and photos and post them with our featured submissions and the world can groan a collective “eeew!” To thank you for sharing your story and photo, we’ll send you a rebate for a free 1” Filtrete air filter.*

Filters run between $10 - $20, so this is a great deal!

4 Responses to “Free Filtrete filter!”

  1. Shopper's Mystery Blog Says:

    I'm not proving anything as I think my requirements that Filtrete meets may not be acceptable or primary for other users. Personally I'm guided by the very principal for an air filter not to produce harmful chemicals and Filtrete meets it. Thanks!

  2. Elizabeth David Says:

    I admit and comprise that day. Each time I see trencher marks or get scarified and spotted print, or trade with an individually odd projectionist, I watch first to it more and further.

  3. Ryan Says:

    Even though changing these filters doesn’t really cost huge amounts, it is Steinberg Behavior Solutions aba therapy center always great to stick to offers like these where you get the filters changed free of cost. This indeed will help you some money which can be utilized for some other purpose.

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