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Olay Professional or Regenerist?

March 11th, 2009 at 10:47 pm

One of the first things I gave up along with the corporate income was shopping for skin and beauty products at department stores. Sigh. I really liked the products, well some of them, and the cute little freebies in cute little packages. Some not so much. But the price, well, I didn't really notice how high they were until I had to work out a detailed budget.

So, drug store products it is. But how do you choose? Seriously? Do any of them work for semi-aging skin Smile

The thing that is confusing me the most right now is the multitude of products that a single brand puts out. Olay Total Effects, Touch of Olay, regular Olay, Olay Regenerist, and now the Professional. The Olay website for receiving a "personal recommendation" doesn't include the new professional line. The commercials, well...there is the Olay Regenerist beats the $700 department store cream...and then there is the Olay Professional quality guaranteed results...but nothing about Regenerist beating the Olay Professional, or vice versa. Great marketing hype, but HUH?

Both have LOADS of coupons and offers. $5 off ProX, $10 off ProX, $25 rebate on $50 ProX purchase, and $5 off Olay Regenerist, $25 rebate on $50, the drugstore rebates...Regenerist is much cheaper and better than the others, but Olay still recommends the Professional line. Because it's more expensive, or is it better?

Has anyone tried anything that is great on 40-ish skin that's starting to sag, with a few wrinkles from squinting too much? Glasses are the next item for the budget Smile

9 Responses to “Olay Professional or Regenerist?”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Have you compared the ingredients in the different lines? They may be very similar, just with a different name.

    Have you ever read Paula Begoun's "Beauty Bible"
    "Don't go to the Cosmetics Counter Without me." If I remember correctly, she talks about the best way to choose products for your skin type and age.

  2. flash Says:

    Thanks,FrugalTexan! I haven't heard of the book before.

    I've tried lots of free samples, which of course seem great for one or two days, and then when I break down and buy them, the long term results are ICK. I have sensitive skin, which doesn't help.

    I do read ingredients for natural, organic, and chemicals I do or don't recognize. But which hydrates versus lifts the sags versus gets rid of the lines...sigh...

    I actually did the OlayProx advisory survey online, and of course it recommended the entire line of products, which would be at least an inch thick on my face I think, and cost more than the department store products when you add it all up.

    I'll check the book out Smile

  3. Katt Says:

    If I am not mistaken Total Effects is a "medium-pro-range" for ppl aged 20-30. Regenerist is a "medium-pro-range" for ppl aged 30-40 and concerned about MOISTURE and HYDRATION. Pro-X for those concerned about FINE LINES, and SKIN DISCOLORATION (means No glow) so it is best for those whose skin looks DULL, obvious lines on the face. Regenerist plumps up the skin for healthy glow... and because of the moisture locked in, the fine lines looks less obvious. I love the Regenerist line btw. Been using for 5 years now. I am 32. Cant live without the Microsculpting Cream. I guess the value of starting early on Regenerist can only be seen when I am 40 :P (I hope to look like I am still in late 20s at that age hahaha)

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