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Taco Salads and Quesadillas from the stockpile

July 11th, 2006 at 11:18 pm

Dinner tonight -- using up the remains of the lettuce (romaine and baby greens) and tomatos from the burger fests. Toss in some olives, corn, fritos, cilantro dressing (aging), sour cream (also aging), shredded cheese from the freezer...this and that...and O organic kidney or black beans, from the $1 O coupons (5 cents or less!).

Add in some flour tortillas from the freezer, they thaw right out without sticking on the defrost microwave setting...hmm, who knew it had more than one power Wink with the LoL cheese and more aging non fat sour cream...voila! dinner.

Tomorrow, well, I'd really like to do some manicotti, but I need to fry up chicken for a meal first, as I use the left overs for manicotti. Nonfat ricotta, handmade traditional pancake wraps...sigh.

But for today, the Corgi went to the vet, and he has a TREATMENT twice a day for pink eye (thanks sis!), and tomorrow, dentist. for a quiet isn't!

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