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Coupons in Stores today (4/29)

April 29th, 2006 at 12:25 pm

I haven't done "end of month coupon" shopping in 15 years, but two trains arrived here yesterday, and I wanted to catch a few coupons before they expired. Especially the pup items. Who knew a Corgi would gut every single toy he had in less than a day. Even Bamboo brand, and they are guaranteed to hold up! (DH is LOL and can't wait to contact them!)

So of course, end of month means out with the old coupons and in with the new! Here's what I found today (one store only)

$1 Any Huggies littler swimmers - exp. 7/31
$1 Any Huggies diaper package - exp. 5/28
55 cent any Lysol - exp. 6/19
$1 Cottonelle YP (total of 12 roll, any combo) - exp. 8/13
50 cent Scot TP - exp. 8/13
$1/3 Healthy Choice meals - exp. 5/27
$1 Neutra-Air - exp. 6/19
75 cents any Freschetta pizza - exp. 8/14
50 cents/3 Bumble Bee salmon pouch - exp 9/30
$1/3 ANY General Mills cereals (about time!) - exp. 6/19
50 cents New York Texas toast etc., - exp. 8/15
50 cents one Heinz ketchup (this was in the frozen aisle) - exp 5/28

Also, loose in the store...

$4.50 rebate Bayer products
$1 off one any Morning Star Farms product -- exp. 7/31
$1 off Two packages any Eggo product - exp. 7/31
$1 off one Stoned Wheat Thins and One Athenos Feta Cheese (okay to double) - exp. 5/31

There are "journals" of coupons from 2424milk.com free with any milk purchase...the coupons are only $10 off $40 H2Oplus products, and one free week at curves. No grocery coupons.

For those of you who have signed up for freebies, don't forget to check those included brochures. The "free Greenie" for dogs comes with a $25 coupon booklet on pet products...they are doublable (? meaning NOT marked DND), and range from $1 on greenies to manufacturer coupons for free products.

Get the free Earth's Best baby food sample? Unfold the brochures to find 6 coupons on Earth's Best products.

I am going to do a post on how and where to find coupons, but for now, just start looking around!

3 Responses to “Coupons in Stores today (4/29)”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Where did you find the Morningstar coupons???? If you don't want them, or anyone else on any of your trains, I'd be MORE than happy to pay postage for as many as you can send me. Smile Smile Smile

  2. flash Says:

    Customer service desk gave them to me, and there really are quite a few. PM or email your snail mail, and I'll get them out to you, my treat! Least I can do for your reading the list!

  3. flash Says:

    Just double checked, I have 75 of them (gulp), they are $1 on any ONE morning star veggie foods product, DND, but if you get a sale...

    (and for every one else, the store has a pile more than double what they gave me)

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