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$100 in Home Depot g/c's!

April 22nd, 2006 at 07:03 pm

Today's mail had my two MyPoints rewards gift cards, $50 each for Home Depot.

I'm actually surprised, I received them in less than a week after requesting them. More surprising, I accumulated all those points!

Almost everything I did was a sign up or trial offer. I mentioned before, I hadn't bought new makeup for years and sister had pink eye while she was here. So, rather than driving all the way to Nordstroms for MAC or some other expensive products, I did the "try" Lancome (3000 points), Avon, a few others. Mostly I purchased the packages of trial size items and super sales so I could try lots of things, test the smells (allergies), and generally see what I liked. I found some things I really liked, some not so well, but cheaper than what I used to buy, the benefit of trying lots on less, and the gift cards.

Quite a few bath gels, too, for a bit of pampering, which I seriously need after the events of the last few months. I'm not one to treat myself, but several BOGO with special prices of $1 or so.

1 Responses to “$100 in Home Depot g/c's!”

  1. contrary1 Says:

    I just noticed you got a mention on Cheapwaysto's site today. Nice!!!

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