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I HATE MEDICARE, and other news

April 18th, 2006 at 02:59 pm

Maybe it's not Medicare's fault. But Mom broke her hip Sunday 11 am PDT, and they were still waiting to do surgery Monday at 5 pm PDT. No food, still NPO waiting for "the doctor they want to do it", i.e., who takes Medicare, to arrive to do the surgery. She's a diabetic, and they weren't even running a line.

Surgeon finally got there, and she was out around midnight. Unbelieveable. Who ever heard of surgery at midnight?

Excuses, waiting for an EKG, no, didn't need it, no waiting for more x-rays, no, but always came back to WAITING FOR THE RIGHT SURGEON.


My father found a ride to the hospital, but they couldn't stay FOREVER, so he finally went home in the evening, and waited for them to call.

I am LOL, though, Dad said she had NO TROUBLE telling them how she was feeling and how she felt! This is a woman even I wouldn't go up against on a bad day. So, I'm sure karma had it's revenge!

I do have many friends and the church looking out for Dad.

My ex-SIL, whom I treasure, is dropping by every night to check on Dad. An extra hour driving for her, but she really is that nice a person.

DH says we are ABSOLUTELY not going out right now.

1. He hasn't recovered from the last trip
2. We are on standby, so to speak, for when my Dad takes a turn for the worse.
3. The stress from the last trip has aggravated his radiation areas, and if he doesn't care for the ulcers, they will turn into cancer again (been through that once before).
4. He is still pretty angry at my entire family.

Me, I love them. I'm not responsible for their actions, only mine. And I choose to be loving, kind, and hopefully someone *I* can respect at the end of the day.

So, we keep the faith and hold down the fort here.

And save for the next trip! We have said we will be out there in June, so lots to do.

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