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Spring blooms in-store coupons

March 29th, 2006 at 10:58 pm

It's the end of the winter quarter, and the new Spring coupons are blooming in stores now!

I had a chance to do a walk-through today (okay, so I'm avoiding thinking about my father's health), and here are a few things you can be looking for in stores now:

8th Continent Soymilk, $1 coupons around the necks, exp. 12/14/06

Science Diet free can of cat food with 3.5 pound or larger bag; coupon is on bag

PetSmart is loaded with Kong Stuff'n Hounds gourmet sauce 50 cents off and loads of recipes.

Ragu has been having recipes, but the new pullout brochure includes a 75 cent coupon on Organic pasta sauce.

Check the milk and dairy aisle - has coupons for free weeks at Curves.

Kraft is offering $1 on produce with purchase of their parmesan.

Keebler Right Bites, loose coupons, $1 on two (7/15/06)

Lysol has two separate rebates; look for long almost unnoticable cardboard tear pad holders in the cleaning aisle. Buy 2 Lysol wipes, get any one product free ($4.19 limit), and BOGO by mail ($2.99 limit) for Lysol products. Through 6/7/06.

Ascenia still has the $50 coupon booklets, including $1 on Bayer, $3 on Dermal Care, and lots of Ascensia savings, all good through 12/31/06.

Advil has a new $1 loose coupon; look for in it the pharmacy area.

Vault tear pads remain: buy 2 get 1 (5/31/06)

Smartsource in store is restocking their monthlys and has some nice new quarterly coupons as well. Double check the expiration dates, because March's coupons may look just like April's coupons for the monthlys! The latest:

$1 on two Birds Eye Farm Fresh (5/21/06)
$0.50 Texas Toast (6/30/06)
$1 on 3 Healthy Choice (4/29/06)
$1 on two Vlassic (5/5/06)
$0.35 one Hungry Jack (6/30/06)
$1 on 3 Pillsbury dough products (5/20/06) (replacing Perfect Portion exp 4/24, 0.75 on 3 exp. 4/24)
0.35 on Friendship cottage cheese 96/30/06)
$0.50 Land of Lakes butter (6/15/06)
$0.35 Land of Lakes spreadables (6/15/06)
$0.55 Land of Lakes half and half (5/31/06)
$1 Yoplait Go-Gurt 4 pack
0.50 on two Yoplait yogurt cups (5/22/06)
$1 on two Cheerios (5/22/06)
$1 on two General Mills cereals (5/22/06)
$0.50 two Chex Mix (4/24/06)
$1 on three Chex mix, bugles, pop secret, etc.(5/20/06)
0.35 Smucker's toppings (6/30/06)
$0.50 Mamma Pella (7/31/06)
$1 one Pam (4/30/06 but a new date should be coming)
$1 on Carapelli olive oil (4/16, but a new date is reported)
$1.50 on two Boost (5/31/06)
$1 Speed Stick (5/30/06)
$1 on Febreeze (5/31/06)
$0.75 Cottonelle wipes (6/18/06)
$0.50 Chinet(4/30/06) (replaces the Dixie coupon expiring 4/9)
$1 Scott TP (6/18/06)
$0.50 Dawn (5/31/06, and should continue monthly)

Popsecret (4/24/06), Benadryl (4/30/06), Fruit Gushers (4/24/06), Land of Lakes 50 cent, 75 cent, and others (5/15/06), and Tetley canisters (4/30/06) are still around, but will be replaced by other offers.

Hope this helps, and happy shopping!

3 Responses to “Spring blooms in-store coupons”

  1. Wandering Indian Monk Says:

    I really appreciate your patience is letting us know about all the coupons. I wish I had a tenth of your patience. Anyway, if there is a way you can build an aggregator, then it would make your life easier. You could always submit them to and have the PF folks subscribe to it!

    I was thinking of a similar exercise featuring just 1 product. Here is my post on that


  2. mommom Says:

    HI, Sorry this is not really a comment re this entry. I think I was at your site the other day and saw list of various programs you could sin up for and get gift card, e.g. sign up for travel program and get $20 gift card. Now I can't find that list. Is it on your site. I am sorry if I am mistaken and taking up your time. Thank you.

  3. Champion Cheapskate Says:

    Saving make sense / cents on every item. It adds up. But I caution people not to buy items they don't need. They add up even more Smile

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