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A day herding elephants

March 24th, 2006 at 02:36 pm

Well, that's what DH calls a day spent trying to move others into action. Nothing major, just trying to get the coupon trains together. It's very exciting, but I'm frustrated, as are other members, with one member who is always on top of others to keep the train running quickly, but has sat on the current packet for two weeks. Since I've poured more than $30 into this particular train, constant mail outs, and priority mails and trying to sort out the mail problems, and have not received back a train in 4 weeks, I'm a bit bummed.

This week our supermarket has TRIPLE coupons, and I don't have any coupons left. Well, not for anything I need.

But, it happens. And, we've got 4 new trains going, with fabulous members. It's very exciting. So I'm working on wish lists. Dropped by a new store today, but all their in-store coupons expire 3/31, so doesn't pay to try to send them on.

I love coordinating these trains and trying to help people cut down on their bills. I do try to find as many wish list items as I can.

So, anyway, maybe this is providence. I'm trying not to spend any money, and triple coupons definitely inspire me to shop! I'll take whatever good I can find. It's not like I actually need to buy any more food at this point, and I did start up the trains to get rid of my unusued coupons -- and the temptations!

Plus, the coupons and trains are a way to deal with my stress without spending money. It's too easy to hang out looking for deals when I'm avoiding something stressful, and thinking of the upcoming visit with my family is pretty stressful!

I did receive 5 free Lean Cuisine product coupons by calling them up and complaining about the quality of 2 of them. They also sent a letter that they would refund if I sent the UPCs, so DH is handling that.

2 Responses to “A day herding elephants”

  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    I hope you know how much your efforts are appreciated. I am amazed at the amount of work you are putting into the trains. You are helping lot's of families. Your emails have been extrememly friendly and helpful...I am looking forward to taking part in the west coast train, and am willing to help if you need assistance. ?? Thank you for providing this service...It is WONDERFUL!

  2. jodi_m Says:

    I am in the same boat - I started a train locally on 2/4...then a second one a few weeks later after the first one stalled out - and still have not gotten one back yet. I am getting tired of having to e-mail everyone to get them on track...how frustrating! Here's hoping there are some great coupons for us when the trains finally return to the station!

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