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$23 in Pfizer coupons!

March 24th, 2006 at 02:46 pm

Divine intervention; if I don't have coupons, they find me!

I received yet another eversave.com offer. I've been ignoring them for a few month, but I finally signed up as a Pfizer advisor. I'd signed up before, but never saw the stage where they invite you to print coupons. I thought COOL, 8 $1 coupons on their products. Listerine, Purell, Zantac, Lubriderm, Neosporin, Sudafed...I lost track. PRINT ALL.

Well, they wouldn't print. The cheap ink cartridge from 123inkjets will only print lime green (first experience with a recycled, and I'm going back to the real thing). Seriously. They printed, but I don't believe any store would take them!

Then a new page opened asking if the coupons printed correctly. I said No.

Received another screen inviting me to call them to receive the coupons by mail.


So I called, and asked for Promotions. The woman had no idea what I was talking about, and connected me to the nicest person who I think I've ever received support from. She asked which products the coupons were for, and after I named off 3, she said, you know, we have a coupon package for $23 off our OTC products, would you like that?


Oh, and can I sign you up for our email program to receive our coupons? It's not part of the standard programs offered on the site, but thank you so much for calling us and pursuing this and your obvious loyalty to our products.

Wow. Sure.

So, more coupons are coming. And, it's their standard number, anyone can call.

Of course, this is how I get overrun with coupons, but if I need them, they will be there, and if not, I will pass them on!


3 Responses to “$23 in Pfizer coupons!”

  1. James Ridgeway Says:

    I am looking for coupons for Viagra
    Thanks for any coupons that you send

  2. James Ridgeway Says:

    I am looking for coupons for Viagra
    Thanks for any coupons that you send

  3. santos latorre Says:

    would like to get viagra coupons

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