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My Points and other rebate sites

March 23rd, 2006 at 11:15 am

There are quite a few rebate and reward sites out there. I wish I had realized it before last October, while I was still spending!

On rebate/rewards shopping sites, you go to their website, log in, and then go through their link to whatever store you want to shop at (amazon.com, EddieBauer.com, etc.). Some sites, like eBates, give cash back (my favorite!), a % of your purchase price. So, for drugstore.com, they may give 5% back, for Yves Rocher, 8%, etc. Every three months they send a check of the total. Very nice after the holidays!

Other sites, like Club Mom, My Points, etc., give points per dollar. Very much like the rewards credit cards do. You then redeem the points for g/cs or items.

The trick is to figure out which site gives you the most on any given purchase. It's not easy: a $25 g/c from Club Mom takes about 5000 points, while a $25 g/c from My Points takes about 3200. But each site gives a different number of points per dollar!

A few tricks before spending:

first, go to a coupon code site, like www.247malls.com, find the store, see what codes and discounts are available. (If it opens the store site window, just close it, and remember to write down the coupon codes the 247malls window displays).

Then go to the different reward/rebate sites and determine which gives you the best return on your purchase. You can use the codes when you check out.

Now, MyPoints has links for shopping, such as Barnes and Noble, Eddie Bauer, etc. But, if you go to "easy points", you will also find memberships, free trials, and other offers. You earn additional points by signing up for these offers. My Points also sends emails, you receive 5 points for reading the emails, but extra points for taking advantage of the offers.

An example. I get an email, join a book club, get 4 free books, only buy one more instead of the normal amount, get 1000 points. Join two clubs, get 4000 points. If I go through the links to sign up for the offers, I receive the offer, and the points add up towards the gift cards or other rewards.

Now, MyPoints has a new membership, my points insider-club. For a $1 trial (month), you receive a $10 rebate check, and they pay ALL S&H, return shipping, etc., for any purchases made through their site. While this is great for Eddie Bauer, or other shopping, it's fantastic for the clubs and deals.

An example of the insider-club:

Sign up for BMG music, 12 CDs for free with membership. You receive 250 points for signing up through MyPoints. BUT, there is a $3 S&H fee on EACH CD. Not so free. Now, go to insider-club, and submit the S&H for full rebate. You receive a check for the $36 (or whatever it comes out to), plus if you don't like them and return them, insiders-club pays for that.

Same for book clubs, etc. The S&H really adds up, but if you do the free for a month, free but just pay S&H, and other offers, collect the points, earn a gift card (I just received a $50 to Home Depot), and have all these freebies.

Sell the freebies? I'm using mine as gifts. Who knows what you can do.

There are many other clubs. I do prefer the cash back sites, like eBates. Club Mom I've tried, but they lost my purchase record TWICE, and hence all the points I earned.

Most sites also offer referral bonuses, where if someone signs up from your link or email, you each receive a bonus, points, cash (ebates is $5 CASH).

So, that's how it works. Any more questions? I've only been using these sites for a few months, but I'm happy to explain what I can.

9 Responses to “My Points and other rebate sites”

  1. katwoman Says:

    Credit goes to LeggsRobbins for posting this site on DAGG: www.evreward.com. It's a comparison site for multiple reward sites. You'll know in a jiff which site to link through and what reward you will get.

    Here's a link for the thread on DAGG: www.dealagogo.com/showthread.php?t+33169

  2. markio26 Says:

    i have been using the insiders club too.. i also, have been doing the trial offers, membership offers, and some other offers too... so, far, it has worked out just fine.. easy deals and gc's, freebies.......... thanks for posting the info.. it really helps to see someone else is thinking like i do...

  3. JuryDuty Says:

    I'm wondering if you can tell me:
    1. What is the MyPoints Insider-Club membership fee after the first month? They don't give any indication, just $1 for the first month.
    2. You mentioned that you got S&H fees back on BMG through the Insider-Club. Is this ONLY on your initial shipment? Or all shipments that follow, too?

  4. john Says:

    beware, it hard to cansell, even to log in, a scam?

  5. ramona Says:

    after youve paid the dollar for the trial of my insider points, yes its 6.99 a month after that, but you have to pay it in full........$84
    watch your accts

  6. jo Says:

    I have also had a good deal of luck with
    Text is dealmine.com and Link is http://www.dealmine.com
    dealmine.com ... it is a combination of credit card AAA and AARP discounts as well as some of the major rewards programs. Who knew you could get a AAA discount at target.com? very helpful tool to take advantage of programs where you might all ready be a member...

  7. Karen Dimock Says:

    I'm a member of MyPoints Insider club but can't figure out how to log into it. There doesn't seem to be a link to it on the MyPoints website. Also, I never received my 10.00 coupon.

  8. claudine Says:

    To log into the my points insiders club when the link is not available, go to

    I just put a shortcut on my desktop.

    It is also called internet insiders club and can be found by googling that.

    Contact the customer service about the $10 coupon. It takes a while to receive it (at least a month). They're pretty responsive if you have a question or problem.

    I've had pretty good luck with them.


  9. Yvonne Says:

    Hello, I have been a member of mypoints since 12/31/2008.
    Have you tried swagbucks? You can earn digital dollars and redeem them to purchase any of several gift cards, and/or products.
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    After I have enough points saved up, then I redeem them for amazon gift cards. The amazon gift cards never expire, and I save them up then I usually buy gifts for the baby-showers that I go to, I have bought some things for myself too. Several people use their swagbucks to get amazon gift cards and save them up to buy Christmas gifts. There are many things that you can choose from to redeem your swagbucks for.
    They also have American Airlines e-Gift Cards, Bed and Breakfast e-gift cards, Southwest eGift Cards, and Hyatt Hotels and Resorts eGift Cards, that you can redeem your swagbucks points for if you want.
    I have been earning swagbucks for the past five years. You can be my referral if you want. Here is the referral link: http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/kaay810
    If you join, be sure to keep an eye on the Swagbucks facebook page. The folks there are always willing to help with any questions and to share tips on everything.

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