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All good things must come to an end

March 23rd, 2006 at 11:25 am

All good things must come to an end...so that new and better things may take their place.


DH just informed me, after putting sister on a plane, that after doing taxes he has realized our burn rate (spending) is too high to sustain our retirement. Meaning time to go back to work. Or something.

Not unexpected. I mean, when he decided to retire at 40, I was completely taken by surprise. I'm afraid I came along kicking and screaming. I LOVED my job, I had worked hard to have a great position in a great company with a great salary. Leaving two six figure incomes behind was not my idea of security. Living on NO INCOME except investments, not my idea of a good time.

But it's been several years, and DH is my best friend, and we've gotten used to it. Love spending time volunteering with troubled and abused children, counseling, working at the woman's shelter. Love spending time with DH, gardening, all that.

So, a new plan. A new challenge! It's time to see if I can make this a year without spending. Well, DH just about fainted at that. But I mean, stick to the basics, don't buy nonessentials, cut our discretionary spending (DH said I can't say remove, just limit, or I will not make it...hmmm...a gaunlet?)



I'll keep you posted.

2 Responses to “All good things must come to an end”

  1. kristina moffitt Says:

    good luck!

  2. markio26 Says:

    we have not tried to retire all at once yet.. however, year before last, we worked 9 months and saved on almost everything, then took 3 months off from work.. it was great.
    last year, we worked 8 months and took 4 months off from work... the moral to the story for us.. the 4 months that we take off, vacation for 1 month, then work for ourselves, painting, repairing, then some volunteering, etc... we always give great gifts to our family too... i wish we could have a set of rules to follow to use, but, honestly, each year has been different in weather, events, health, etc.... just keep snowballing and it will work for you.

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