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Purina One challenge and other savings

February 28th, 2006 at 12:25 pm

I didn't really need to shop on Saturday, but I needed to get out of the house. I had received my coupon for free Purina from last month's challenge, and some other coupons, and thought I'd shop at one store only. But of course, not having much of a list, DH started remembering things we wanted, like more Soy Milk and Coffeemate and other things that really added up. Only saved 43%. HORRIBLE for us. On the other hand, we really limited what we went after on sales and coupons, so not bad.

We did get 5 Smart Ones tv dinners for $1 each, plus a rebate for $1 will come, and when you bought four you received a free Smart One dessert. Never tried, but I'm getting better at trying new things, especially when I can save money doing it.

Giant and Superfresh each had Rx coupons in the Sunday paper (we receive on Saturday), one for $25 g/c for a transferred Rx, and another for $10 g/c for a pet Rx.

Spending, ah, DH spontaneously decided on the ride home yesterday that he wanted to buy mulch, early, and do it himself this year. 30 cubic yards is alot of mulch to spread. But he pulled over at a nursery on the side of the road, ordered it up to be delivered that afternoon. He liked the price, but I would have preferred more research!!!

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