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February 28th, 2006 at 04:15 am

Received a %10 rebate check from a $1 trial to a health savings club, and a $10 rebate check from a $1 trial to an auto club. Neither turned out to be clubs I could use, and I did cancel early since things in the family back home are getting iffy, and I don't want to leave commitments hanging, and wasting money, if I won't have time to deal with them.

$10 g/c from Old Navy is going to a friend in need. So, no credit for that.

I still want to look more into half.com and other sites for all the DVDs we were buying during our spending phase last year. YIKES. Plus some for the holidays. I've never used the service, but have seen great results from others challenges and blogs. Not sure about the packaging and shipping costs. But I'm thinking about it.

The Play it Again Sports I was hoping to use to sell the older equipment has gone out of business. So I need to find another way. The weight bench is like new, lots of attachments that haven't been used. Usually we would just donate to charity and take the tax break, and we may still go that route.

So, add another $20 to the totals.

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