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Healthy Choice Try It Free and other coupons

February 28th, 2006 at 12:08 pm

Yesterday was a GREAT day for coupons.

The Healthy Choice Try It Free guarantee continues. While they will only accept one REBATE per household, if you request the $6 coupons instead of the $2 refund, you can receive a coupon set for each flavor you try. DH figured this one out. He is getting better at the coupon game.

Purina is running a NEW PURINA ONE 30 day challenge, new link, offering both a free 3.5 lb bag of cat food and a free 4.5 lb bag of dog food. I signed up Friday, and received the free coupons and booklet yesterday. WOW. It's a very limited time offer, and they RARELY run cat and dog challenges, cats least of all.

Two Del Monte coupons, including a free product, and another pile of SCJohnson coupons. Not for things I want, really, but still, coupons.

Also, a pile of coupons from Turtle Mountain, including a note that if I tell friends to write a phrase in their "heard about from" form, they will receive extra $1 on anything coupons.

Received my Mambo coupon booklet, a health care product booklet (Motrin, etc., about 10 coupons), and a pile of coupons from the organic moms group.

There were more, but at that point I just piled everything into a stack to sort it out later. Still trying to keep the focus on using what I have instead of buying more, so will send most of the coupons off to the coupon trains (and limit my temptation!!!)

2 Responses to “Healthy Choice Try It Free and other coupons”

  1. Katricia Says:

    Healthy Choice Try It Free and other coupons”

  2. Alina Says:

    need coupons

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