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continuing on the cooking adventures

February 28th, 2006 at 12:02 pm

Saturday wasn't bad. Had two large flour tortillas and some cheese, salsa, sour cream in the frig, so made to quesadillas to go with some frozen veggies and two spicy chicken frozen dinners.

I did give in and flip the chicken deal, adding 5 bags of pre-cooked chicken to the stockpile. BUT, it was half-price, at $3 a 2.5 pound bag of pre-cooked breast, and the store doubled the $1 coupons, so for $5 we have 12.5 pounds of chicken, ready to eat, at a "value" of $40 at regularly price. I put value in quotes, because I haven't tried this and rarely buy pre-cooked foods like this.

So, Sunday night I used the last of the carrots, peppers, some fresh broccoli, and a bag of stir fry frozen vegs, with a bottle of Husein sauce and a can of pineapple chunks and juice from the overrun pantry. Bit of cornstarch to thicken the sauce, added a bag of the chicken nuggets, and served over brown rice, also buried in the stockpile. A few grape tomatoes, also.

I did toss a small amount of unused cooked brocolli that had seriously TURNED in the frig. WOW. So, tossed maybe 1/4 pound of food.

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