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chicken again tonight

February 28th, 2006 at 10:22 pm

Goodness, I wish I had stocked up on DIFFERENT things before I started this challenge. Of course, that would defeat the point of the challenge. The piles in the pantry and freezer are things that have accumulated, as opposed to things that I buy and purchase regularly. It was so much easier last summer, when we had giant salad suppers!

So, I asked DH to take out the "biggest thing in the freezer" hoping to make room and a dent in this challenge! We have four whole bird chickens, bought at 69 cents a pound and BOGO last fall when the dog was sick and we had to feed her plain chicken every night. Makes me miss her. The new pup SHOULD not learn about chicken, but he has already learned to put himself right under my left arm, the direction I toss to the can as I prepare. Sigh. Smart little thing.

I wanted to do chicken tandoori, but no yogurt. I will have to wait until next week to shop and buy some. So, took out two boxes of "fixings" from Campbells, but the supper bake (? - okay, it was free after coupon, wasn't sure what it actually was) is rice, and I have rice in the frig that needs to be used.

So, the plan: DH cuts up chicken. He always ends up with BIG pieces and these little bits. Impossible to cook at the same time. So, tonight I will pan roast the large pieces with herbs, serve with leftover brown rice and a sauce, maybe a gravy. Fresh asparagus.

Tomorrow, the bits will go into one of the Betty Crocker alfredo dishes with broccoli and some additional sauce, or at least home improvements.

Only a dent in the pantry and freezer, but it's a dent.

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