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17 CDs for $11. BMG is my deal of the day!

February 28th, 2006 at 10:35 pm

I have never joined a monthly club before. BUT, DH and I need some new music we both like for our home gym. Working out together two or three hours at a time, it gets unpleasant if it's "his" music or "my" music, and having to alternate takes away from our workouts. ANYWAY...

BMG has a sign-up for 7 free CDs, purchase one, and get 4 more free. The hitch is the S&H, around $3 or more each. By signing up through My Points, you receive the 7 CDs and points towards a gift card. Also BMG points towards more free CDs. But, My Points Insiders Club (still on my $1 trial month) reimburses you for all S&H by going through their site. So, 7 CDs for $11 total.

After the sign up and first purchase, you earn another 4 free CDs. Still, S&H. But what I didn't know but confirmed today, you can go to BMG through MyPoints not just for the initial sign up, but for future purchases. As long as you go through MyPoints, they reimburse you for all S&H. So, another 4 CDs for $0.

That's 12 CD's for $11.

I referred a friend, received 5 more free CDs. I will go through MyPoints again to get the S&H paid for, which makes

17 CDs for $11. Brand new, just released albums, as well as some classics. Same CDs at the local store are $20 - $25.

Which makes...$300 of CDs for $11.

Nice savings.

I won't add that to my "annual savings", as I would not have paid out that much, at least not in one month.

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