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Rx tip - more info

February 24th, 2006 at 06:37 am

The deals may be available in your area. They aren't always obvious.

I received 3 g/c for Rx, new or transferred, from the check out coupons that get spit out with the bonus card. They were mixed in with the Wall Street Journal and Disney coupons, and I almost missed them.

One of the warehouse clubs had a $25 offer last month, but it was in one of the coupon books they sent out. Another pharmacy, I think Rite-Aid, had one awhile ago through it's online rewards system (memory here, I'm not a member).

Our Sunday paper has also had 5 - 6 coupons. You do have to take the coupon in to the store. One store even offered $10 g/c if you filled your PET's prescription there. That one was in their weekly ad.

I'm not sure what is available in your specific region, if any. But there is definitely a trend to be alert for.

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