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Rx tip of the day

February 23rd, 2006 at 09:48 am

With the change in medicare, and many companies changing insurance with the new year, many of the grocery pharmacies, as well as some of the pharmacy chains, are offering gift cards for new or transferred prescriptions.

$10 to $50 locally.

Now, I have been through the mill getting costs down switching to cheaper pharmacies. I'm not recommending any one switch pharmacies just to get the deal. BUT, if you want to do a "free trial" Rx, such as the 7 day Ambien or Lunesta, 15 day Crestor, etc., or even if you currently use these and your doctor will give you the short term Rx, you can fill them and get the gift cards. Insurance, etc., is not required for freebies, and if you decided to fill a full Rx later, you need a fresh Rx written anyway, which can be taken to whatever pharmacy you and your insurance use.

Most of the free trials are about $50 - $100 worth of pills, plus with the card, and since it doesn't take insurance, it also doesn't count against a deductible or other limitation.

1 Responses to “Rx tip of the day”

  1. mjrube94 Says:

    Bummer: In NJ, a lot of pharmacies offer $10 to switch, but only if you're 62 or over.

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