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Meaty bone rebate and a temptation

February 23rd, 2006 at 09:40 am

Today's savings are simple, just a $2 rebate on Meaty Bone (the only thing the Corgi WON'T eat, even when he has teeth!).

The temptation...they finally have Fast Fixin's here. At $7 a bag, I gave away my coupons to the coupon train, and wrote to the company that they were overpriced. They responded that they weren't and sent 5 $1 coupons.

But...the breaded chicken is on sale this week at $3.50 a bag, and the double coupon would make it $1.50 a bag. They would be good for stir fry's and things that have a sauce. General Tso's chicken...

AND, for February and March, Fast Fixin's has a offer, send in 10 UPCs and receive TWO coupons for free products of the highest value. No receipts required. That's a pretty good deal. BUT... no room in the freezer for 10 bags of chicken, even at the price, and I trying to use up what I have. So, we'll ponder this one overnight...

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