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dinner from stockpile continues

February 23rd, 2006 at 09:43 am

We actually have leftovers from last night's stroganoff (DH works out 3 -5 hours a day and EATS), so we will have that with either a bag or can of veggies. Keeping it simple.

Tomorrow night, seafood fettucini, using up crab and shrimp that was frozen from the holidays. Slowly chipping away at the stockpile.

Dog is having moistened dry dog food; mixing it with some free Eukanuba pouches the company sent me. Straight, he doesn't digest it well, but they suggested we mix it until his teeth come in, and he likes it. He has to eat crushed ice first (okay, and play with it on the tile floor). Gagged on the baby Orajel, but the ice he LOVES. Go figure.

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