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deal of the day - paying me to save!

February 22nd, 2006 at 12:49 pm

My "deal" of the day:

My points insider-club, trial membership is $1 for a month. Through them:

Entertainment book, Save $10 and get a $25 g/c (I chose an online coffee site, not a restaurant!). Get a $10 rebate for joining insider-club. They will rebate the S&H ($4). Refer a friend, and receive two free movie tickets.

So, my book came out FREE, I received $25 in free coffee beans, two movie tickets, and the book which surprised me.

It's not really an ENTERTAINMENT book any more! I haven't used one before, and I was surprised. A page of coupons for Safeway. A page of coupons for Weis groceries. Six coupons for our local teacher's store. $10 off Radio Shack. Coupons for Dick's Sporting Goods. Etc. So, it's really a SAVINGS book for stores I would shop at anyway. $5 off of groceries, 8 times a year? I'll take it!

now a question for others
It occured to me that through my points, you can sign up for one of their book clubs, get the 4 free books, purchase one more, use the $10 rebate, and have the shipping rebated, and complete your membership requirements in one deal. 5 books. Could you then sell them on half.com or ebookdrop for a profit? I've never sold on these sites, but it might be a way to make a profit, especially since you could select hot off the press books.

Yes? Anyone try this?

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