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today savings and more rebates

February 5th, 2006 at 12:31 pm

Did a "quick shop" to all three stores in the next town, had my lists, coupons, deals replanned. Not bad.

I did a few "super deals", $5 IAMS puppy food coupon on a $5 4 pound bag, purchased requirements for two rebates. Had a $2 Lysol wipe coupon good on two, which were on sale for $2 each, but I have a rebate for $2.99 back. Did that. Had to buy 5 chicken for a $10 rebate, but had a $25 g/c from Club Mom accumulated points, so good to go.

Giant was the best, with the above g/c, the $74 bill went down to $12, and I will have the $10 rebate coming. I picked up one item not on my list, Coffeemate creamer in a new flavor, which added the $2. Oh well. Pretty close!

Total price was $120, total spent was $42 for the day, and I have the two mail in rebates. Also the "auto" rebates from Weis, should have $13 coming back from there.

So, not bad.

Stocked up on coupons. LOADS of them.

So, pretty good day. I'll have to do totals later, I have some "links" in the freebies to check. These things expire so fast!

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