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Super saving, but still not

January 31st, 2006 at 12:14 am

I had a great plan to finally take advantage of the SuperFresh sales. Since they are always out of stock by Monday, I decided to go first thing Saturday, when the ads came out. They had a great rebate, the Pepsi rebate for $10 was doubled to $20 for their store. So...

Made it there. They had Pepsi packs 4 for $9 if you had the paper coupon and purchased $25 additional. Hmm...had the $25 g/c from the free prescription...and they actually had great sale prices with things I had coupons for...

Unfortunately, the sales prices hadn't been put into the computer yet, the girl was new and wouldn't go off of the paper I carried in to the store (they don't have them available ANYWHERE inside). The free with purchase didn't ring up free. And DH was SO sick of the store he didn't want to argue about it. Using the $25 g/c, we spent $18 for $88 in groceries, but it should have come out even. Rats. Granted, I will get the $20 rebate, unless they mess that one up too. Seriously, I can't win at that store.

Made it to Weis, picked up TP for the Kimberly Clark rebate, got that one off.

Finally, the frig is cleared of rebate slips and receipts and UPCs taped on to them. I won't count the rebates as income/savings until they are in hand.

I did get $120 in gas and gift cards. Not bad for a $5 investment. I did actually try and use all the memberships. Haven't canceled any yet.

Now, putting the coupon train together, organizing things a bit. I've got too many things going at once. It just seems like all the rebates and special offers and trials come in January. Which wouldn't be bad, but keeping track of everything, even the MyPoints that weren't credited, and choosing which rebate site gives the best deal on that day, well, it does make the head swim.

Having a cold makes it swim a bit, too.

The pup, however, remains lively and chewing up everything in sight! I have stitched up every seam in every toy with binder's thread, but he still finds ways to chew more holes. Can't wait for those baby teeth to be replaced by something not quite so sharp.

So, totals so far:

Savings for 2006 - $3600
$20 challenge - $2320

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