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Recovering lost money!

January 25th, 2006 at 11:49 pm

Another day, another dollar? I've spent most of the afternoon tracking down all the points/rewards/credits that I have earned on various sites and surveys. I'm quite surprised at how many credits had not been credited to my accounts, even though I had the emails confirming them. It has paid off though. I tracked down at least $200 of credits and gift cards never received, and they are now on their way!

I'm also pleasantly surprised with Weis market. Between their free "clubs" that reward purchases, their automatic online rebates, and their cash back, besides their sales and double coupons, I earned $38 back in addition to the savings. And it's set up so I am automatically credited for all these deals, without even being aware of it!

Yikes, power is getting flaky, storm coming through. More later...

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