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January 20th, 2006 at 10:39 pm

I have been using the same mismatched set of hand-me-down pots and pans since before grad school...23 years...pretty sad for the daughter of a formerly famous cook! Now that I'm retired (well, trying to be), I cook almost every day, and we are trying to stick to a commitment to use EVERYTHING we purchase. No more wasted produce or meat DH forgot to tell me was thawing in the frig. AND trying to eat healthy.

So, DH gave me a new Celephon (?) chicken fryer for Christmas. True love! It came with a promise that if I liked it, he would buy a set. For me, of course. He microwaves, no cooking.

Today Bed Bath and Beyond had a sale on their 10 piece cookware set, and I had a 20% off coupon. So, we got them. And, they gave us a $50 g/c for their store in the deal.

DH has already committed the g/c to my sister's b-day. Nice gift!

Club Mom also gives points for purchases at BBB. HOPEFULLY I will soon reach a reward level.

But, it was a TERRIFIC Christmas gift, and I would rather save the $150 than to have it wrapped under the tree a few weeks ago!

Also, let's insurance has kicked in, and I met the deductible, so my scripts were $18 each, instead of $300 each (just two). Ah...hopefully the premiums will be covered by the savings eventually.

Superfresh is also having a deal, $25 g/c with any new prescription. Since I was seeing the Dr. today anyway, had her write a script for a free trial. SF is a bit irritated, and is waiting until Monday to give me the g/c...I wouldn't normally be quite so, um, frugal, but I have gotten taken every week on their ads, and frankly I don't trust them to come through with this offer either. No way would I pay for a script from them only to find out that once again they won't honor their own coupon.

I finally email Kimberly Clark about their Scott tissue and paper towel coupons. They email them to me every month, and I can't print them, and they don't have a request-by-mail link. They were very nice, and sent 4 coupons to boot. Nice timing for the K-C rebate.

So, nothing special. Using up the last of the carrots in a quiche for dinner. Tonight our Sunday coupons will come, and I'll skim over them and a cup of coffee tomorrow morning. I've already got a full load for the next coupon train, so it had better make it back to this station soon!

Savings for 2006 - $3353
Extra income challenge - $2085

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