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Running on empty, but I'm still running!

January 17th, 2006 at 11:02 pm

Just one of those days that has turned into a week!

Savings, well, I went to SuperFresh yesterday to pick up a few of their advertised sales. They double coupons up to a $1, but they are QUITE picky about it. As usual, they were already out of everything. In one day. Personally, I think they are just loss leaders, as they do not seem to restock the shelves at all for sale items. DH thinks it's a warehousing problem...but it was irritating. I did get Kotex "on sale" with my coupon, seemed like a good price and it works for the K-C rebate. But, today Grocery Game printed Giant prices, and Giant's 2/1 sale was actually a better deal. Sigh.

Several of the Grocery Game deals did not exist at our store, and the coupons they show aren't correct for our area. But, they are great at showing what a "regular" price really is, so I can evaluate the sales price with coupons. So, I'm keeping the membership for awhile. $1 a week is still $52 a year, but I'll monitor it.

So, today, went to Staples, exchanged my empty ink cartridge for $3 coupon, which I used for some file folders. Definitely MUST get better organized.

Giant, groceries, here I am NOT going to buy anything until I clear out my freezer and pantry a bit...but I am still working on a few rebates with sale items/coupons, and then a few sales. Not a great deal, $150 down to $75. VERY disappointed. I refuse to buy anything just to get the rebate back on it. Other items, though, paper towels and TP. Orajel for the dog, who is preparing to lose his teeth.

Also bought a larger crate and pads for him online. Petco had a sale, plus 15% off. Went through ClubMom to get the 6 points/$1 spent. Fairly sure getting the cashback from eBates would be a better deal, but I am SO close to getting the $25 g/c for Giant through ClubMom. We'll see. Calculating all this out has my head spinning!

Bought heathy edible bones online, too. $10 for 3 in the groceries, and $1 a piece at The dog is CHEWING. He's gained a pound a week, up to 9 pounds, but he can go through a small Dentabone in less than 5 minutes. And he's getting more and more determined about it. I am getting concerned about all the treats he is going through, so I'm trying to find something he will chew for awhile. He doesn't gulp, just chew chew chew chew chew! Jaws of steel. I'm calling him our little land shark. He tried to eat a bounce sheet that was stuck to a fleece blanket yesterday.

Little things are suddenly paying off. So many paid surveys I've qualified for, and follow up tasks that pay even more. It's great, but it does take time that I suddenly don't have.

It's cold. DH and I are disagreeing once again about the draft from the garage. You can feel the wind coming in straight through the kitchen garage door, but DH reminds me that all houses need airflow. But then again, we just recaulked all the windows and insulted the outlets, etc. Seems to ME that we are plugging leaks when the flood is already coming in!

Coupons, picked up more coupons and rebates in the store today. Got a coupon train to keep running!

I did get a fairly good deal on orajel, the tooth pain product with the current rebate. It was $10, ouch, but they doubled the $1 coupon, and although the newspaper had a $4 rebate, the box had a $5 rebate, so that will go into the mail tomorrow.

DH promised today would be a catch up day. But, all this running around takes time. We haven't found a routine since the pup came. Didn't get our workouts in today.

Lunch we actually ate out at Taco Bell, shopping ran later than expected. That's how it is when NOTHING is on the shelves. Just lots of errands. Dinner, carrot and wildrice soup. DH requested it, and it's perfect because I have everything for it. Usually would use up fresh carrots, but we picked up DM canned carrots at 10 cents a can for the DM rebate, as well as Broth, and a freebie on wild rice, so a bit of tarragon and pepper, and we're in business.

Savings today, not sure, I have spent so much on doggie crates and doors, that money saved is just to try to get under our usual budget. Doggie expenses were never planned. Worth it.

Well, enough rambling. Better go see what everyone else has posted, and where things are on the bullet train!

Oh, actually got the confirmation mail that I won the Breathe Right strips contest! THAT will help.

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