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free gift cards with free trials are pushing my ethics...

January 15th, 2006 at 09:45 pm

Hmm. I consider myself an ethical person. But I keep getting these offers for trials of this or that, $1 for a month or a sample and such, and $20 gift cards for gas or grocery or even AMEX. So, I succumbed to two yesterday. $40 in cards for two free trials that I know I will cancel. Doesn't seem right. But then, I didn't come up with the offer, and I didn't email it to me.


Not much in the mail lately. Did get a hooded sweatshirt we won on Saturday. It's listed at $40, but really, where do they come up with these values? I haven't entered contests lately, though, so probably not going to be bringing in so many benefits.

Changing from retirement to consulting for the company to free lancing now, is quite challenging. I didn't realize all the benefits, and pot holes, there would be for women free lancing their own business. I need to establish something more formal, I suppose. Too much to think through right now.

Coupon day, and another pile came in. Seriously, I am so overstocked on groceries right now I will have to send most off. I am out of Downy, which is a pain because I specifically asked DH to check if we were out and he said we had too much, so of course I go to do laundry today and nada. The one thing I am never able to stockpile sufficiently is laundry products.

Hopefully stopping smoking is going to cut the laundry down considerably, and I can get that part of the household back under control. The pup is chewing EVERYTHING now, though, especially fleece blankets and anything in sight, so quite a bit of slobbers to wash off.

So, 2006 total savings so far is $3253
2006 "extra income" so far is $2035.

I'm not counting rebates or gift cards until they are in my hand.

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