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Total cereal coupons paid off - free cereal

January 13th, 2006 at 10:32 pm

Not a huge savings today, but I had purchased 5 boxes of Total cereal with $5 coupons, getting an $8 in store rebate. Those boxes each had a $1 coupon, so today I went back to do it again, but they had a different Total on closeout. Hmmm. $1 a box and a $1 coupon on each...they wouldn't give me the $8 rebate though ;-)

Several of the new General Mills boxes are labeled with coupons inside, especially for the Brand New Day partnership. So, maybe I will take the $1 coupons and go back tomorrow for more free cereal and coupons. But where am I going to store all this cereal? Ah, the agonies of wanting to get great deals.

Got the coupon train started. Over an inch thick envie, so hopefully something for everyone. I forgot about the holiday Monday, no mail, and I definitely want to get the coupons around before they expire.

Tonight, I'd better get hopping. Turkey divan, use up the turkey and broccoli and cheddar. DH says to USE THIS UP BEFORE I BUY ANY MORE. But is it buying if it's free? Hmm...too philosophical.

Much more going on. Maybe I will breathe this weekend.

Savings today, $23.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    How does one go about getting a coupon train started? I am interested in getting involved. Sounds like a very good thing.

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