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BUSY day, but cheap!

December 22nd, 2005 at 08:56 pm

Okay, I will admit it. I'm exhausted.

Got quite a bit accomplished today. Got up, peed, fed, medicated, played, and pooped the new pup. Checked email, and REI sent an email this morning that my express had been shipped. It's supposed to be HERE today.

Mixed up the cinnamon rolls, forgot to half the batch, but 3 dozen isn't too many. Made up a batch of pecan bars, two of brownies, and one of magic bars. Nothing special, but will go nicely with the cookies I froze before, and used up some free mixes and things from the pantry. After that, made 3 dozen scones, I do NOT think prepared pantry gave good directions, but they are what they are, and no one else knows what they were *supposed* to look like! Then, 12 dozen giant muffins. Really just 3 batches. Used up two boxes of stale cereal, some old oatmeal, the egg nog and eggs that had aged a bit, cans of pumpkin and much stuff from the pantry that I really needed to clean out. So, no actual expenses for the week.

MD was right, 2 pounds of butter were NOT enough. We will have to shop tomorrow (yikes!) for more eggs, butter, and SOMETHING that I just cannot remember. Every year I either buy too much butter, or not enough. One year we USED 12 pounds, but we entertained quite a bit and had the family here. The scones and cinnamon rolls took more than I realized, though, and we will need some for dinner and I still have spiced nuts and some dips to make. Just didn't get it all done.

Pup was pretty cute, first wedged himself between me and the garbage can while I was mixing up, then laid down between my feet. Keeping every thing picked up and out of his mouth was quite interesting. Every time I take him out, though, he wants to eat rocks. Truly a chow hound.

Did 7 loads of laundry, whic is pretty funny since MD said he had just done it all on Saturday. "All" turning out to be relative to what he needed that day, underwear. Yesterday he said he was out of jeans, ALL were in the laundry, and 7 pair were! So, today I fit laundry into everything else.

Ah, MD is arguing with the pup. I think the pup is winning! Better go check.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    You can always butter the rocks, if you buy too much butter... Smile

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