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sticking to the week's challenge - sort of!

December 21st, 2005 at 10:51 pm

Well, I didn't EXACTLY buy another gift, but when I went to wrap up a set of gifts I had gotten MD, I found all the "accessories" and not the main gift! Checked the order, it wasn't on the invoice, went back through all the emails, and nope, I FOUND what I wanted, and managed to order the car light adapter and charger and case, but didn't actually buy the gadget! Now, a charger that doesn't charge anything does NOT make a great gift, so I zoomed my little fingers to the site and ordered it, on express. Sigh. Boo. It had been on a nice sale, with a bunch of other outlet and sale and coupon/offer stuff, so shipping was nothing. NOW, of course, it's full price and shipping is OUCH. Guess my mind wasn't that focused last week!

The weight bench did come, and I'm thrilled. A $700 professional quality bench, was $450 at one of the web sites, on sale for $350, and then a coupon and I accidentally ran into a "cyber day" sale of an extra 20% and it was free shipping. Invoice came to around $250, which is ALOT of money, but still less than MD paid for the bench that is now falling apart. And he is putting it together (weighs 125 pounds, I managed to get it into the house, but I am NOT wrapping it!) and it is excellent. HAPPY. Feels a little more like the holidays.

Received a check for a survey I took, a nice holiday card from another forum member, and managed to get the dog outside every time today! Accidentally fed him breakfast twice, but we are all still a bit tired from recent events.

The only other savings I can think of today was we dropped by Gloria Jeans and picked up MD's favorite coffee. Had a coupon for a free 1/4 pound, and had reached the level for a $10 discount, so not bad. Other coffee's are MUCH cheaper, we usually get Trader Joe's or store brands, but it's a nice treat.

Now, I HAVE to remember to go cook dinner, as we are running low of emergency back-up plan meals, and I want to get some protein back to my hair!

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