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Fitness and Home Gym equipment on discount

December 20th, 2005 at 07:45 pm

Happy! MD's gifts have arrived. I'm upgrading our home gym equipment, and replacing some worn out parts. It has been a BEAR finding quality products at descent prices. There is no way MD will go to an outside gym with his scars and physical issues. But he has far exceded the capabilities of our basic equipment from Dick's and Sports Authority.

So, best sites I've found: Good site, no catalog, good prices, free shipping. Also incredibly great service. I was trying to find replacement foam pads that wrap around the leg lifts and arm cushions, and NO ONE has them. I sent emails everywhere, most sites were rude or didn't respond, but Scott at this site told me that they didn't have them, but he sent the address for a site that did ( I ended up buying several cool items there for 20% of what I saw at local stores.
Good prices, hit a great sale, good selection. Shipped very fast, great service.
Good prices, site was difficult to nagivate because they have SO much stuff, but they sent a catalog, and I found everything from bar wrap pads, to ab crunch weights, to well, I can't tell ALL of MD's gifts! But prices were excellent, and they don't bill until they ship, and they ship within 2 hours of receiving the order. Loved that.

A directory for finding different web sites for equipment vendors is:

I did spend more than I planned, but I saved more than 75% on everything I purchased, so I will need to calculate the break even point. I know it's all stuff he will LOVE, though, so HAPPY.

Even found a lat pulldown bar designed for extra tall men to target that area he claims he can never get to with our current equipment. Yeah!

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