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shipping costs surprize

November 30th, 2005 at 11:40 am

Well, it has been a bumpy week personally. Father is in heart failure, or not, and trying to get answers from the west coast while I'm on the east coast has been a roller coaster. So, we've been rearranging schedules, moved my MRI to Friday, trying to get the dog into the vet for travel while she is still recovering from surgery...

In the midst of this, we are still managing to focus on SAVING. I actually finished shopping for CA family and got everything wrapped. Now we just need to get it shipped, and we will be SO far ahead of the curve.

I was surprised on the first shipment we made. 9 pounds, bone china, great buy except for the shipping charges. Previously we've shipped at the last minute, and shipping was over $500, so our goal is to get them out. Anyway, I priced the ship with USPS, and $17 to ship standard ground, and $17.50 to ship priority 2 day. I know the size versus weight of the package changes costs, but this seemed odd. USPS worker said they are encouraging people to get things out of the queue, so it benefits them if you do priority now. Who knew.

So, we ARE making progress in our weekly goal. Have to total spending so far later.

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