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Rollercoaster day, but savings on gifts.

November 30th, 2005 at 10:40 pm

Okay, in between all the phone calls on health matters, I buckled down and did some serious shopping/savings.

For my littlest niece, used a $10 disney g/c win, a 25% discount promo, and a sale to purchase a beautiful personalized princesses sweatshirt, regularly $25 plus shipping, my total was $2.

For my littlest nephew, used 2 $10 g/c for Scholastic from hubbies win on Juicy Juice and sales to purchase $20 of spiderman activity/coloring/other books for $5 shipping.

For my other niece and nephew, costco sales on two toys, with coupons, total $60.

For DJ25 and hubby, two $100 g/cs for the new house, but eBates, coupons, etc. down to $100.

For DJ13 a $90 electric keyboard with features (!) on sale for $59, minus a Sharper Image $20 coupon minus rebate minue free shipping minus 20% friends and family, so approximate $30.

For DR16, let hubby do the shopping, Target gc for $100 (OUCH!) but he is like a son.

so, down to parents, hubby, and shipping costs.

So for today, $435 down to $237. Not nearly as much savings as I planned, but the gift cards will be appreciated, and will DEFINITELY save on shipping costs! Everything is DEFINITELy worth more than the money I paid, is perfect, but still higher than budget. Need to review where things are overall.

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