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Insulation challenge cost came out free!

November 28th, 2005 at 07:56 pm

Well, didn't get the decorations up. Had a family medical crisis, everyone is holding their breath, and I had to reschedule my MRI for Friday.

That said, we did figure out the insulation and saved!

We planned to put in R-39 for the attic, but the cost of insulation was $700. Even with the 10% coupons, $100 g/c, and $150 rebate, we would never get the cost back or justify spending that much.

BUT...Home Depot had some free pamphlets on insulation which noted that it was possible to layer levels of insulation to achieve the higher level. So, since we already have R-13 in the space, we bought one roll of R-19, which will bring it up to R-32, and it was only $51 total. Throw in another $20 for hanging tape, and with the $100 g/c it still came out FREE. THAT's a cost we can recover!

Hubbie says savings is $600.

I'm not sure how to count it, but hope to see some decrease in the heating costs, and definitely less chill in the bedroom walls! Certainly less expenditure than we had planned for.


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