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Some success

November 27th, 2005 at 05:54 pm

Well, I'm still having a Humph after the holidays, but I'm working on it.

I made a 13x9 pan of Turkey Divan and used up the white turkey, gravy, rolls, uncooked broccoli, stuffing, and some mayo that had been open awhile. Always strange to me that MD likes the easy recipe better than the fancy one that DOESN'T use up leftovers.

Had planned to use half the turkey for turkey manicotti. But, he did think I was overcommiting myself, with all the other plans we have for the weeks. So, chopped up the dark meat until it was small enough for our sick little dog to eat while her mouth heals from the surgery. The ricotta, non-fat, I purchased for half price minus a coupon, and it will last another week along with the free eggs (thank you Land of Lakes!), and it's easy enough to throw together the pancakes and filling for the manicotti next week. Toss the unopened bag of cranberries into the freezer, and leftovers are all accounted for. YES!

Today, need to research my parents prescriptions, get them enrolled into some of the discount programs, and review their medicare D. I've been urging my sister to go to the medicare site for months, but she waited until enrollment is underway and she can't get into the web site.

It is an EXCELLENT web site. You enter all the prescriptions and some basic medicare info, and they come back with various insurance plans that would be best for your $$ and needs.

Pfizer and some of the other sites have also come up with great literature on how their programs are changing, since discount cards etc. are out the door. Pfizer is GREAT with helping sort out how to afford their meds. I'm printing out some info to send my parents from

Better get to it!

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