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last week's challenge follow up, and more gift savings!

November 27th, 2005 at 05:15 am

Okay, we did not get everything packed and shipped last week, but we did complete the purchasing. Already posted the in-law sales, don't know shipping yet. MD did wrap up and prepare the heaviest items for shipping yesterday, so that will go in tomorrow.

So, for Hanukkah gifts:
We found a beautiful Lenox china menorah, was $172, got it for $38.38, and a Lenox Hallah tray, was $200, down to $63, plus a Lenox coupon for $30, brought the total down to $72, plus shipping. More than I planned to spend, but it is DJ25's first house after living with hubbie and two kids in a 600 sq ft garage while she went back to school and saved for the house. So, finally, she has room for nice things, and she loves to entertain.

For brother, a leather Executive Gift set (writing pad, portfolio, card case, memo pad, all leather, and a calculator), was $50, got it for $5.96 at an outlet sale BEFORE Thanksgiving.

For sister, a leather messenger bag specific to carrying papers, which is what she needs. She uses a purse for everything else. Was $100, got it for $8.96 at the before Thanksgiving outlet sale.

Also purchased clothing during the summer for DR1 and DR21, which is already at my sister's house, original cost was $272, final cost was $23. So they are taken care of.

So, $794 for $110. But, the Lenox was not on my list, so not sure if it counts as savings.

Still have my parents, nieces and nephews and little ones to go...


In addition, DR1 and DR21 are both extra large extra tall, so I caught the Casual Male big and tall sale BEFORE Thanksgiving. Will send these to my sister in CA to balance out Christmas and then over the year for birthdays or as needed.

So, got 3 pairs of pants, one sweater, two dress shirts, a sweater, and two long sleeve tee's in 2XLT and 4XLT, original price total was $272, total final was $66.

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