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Back on Track

November 27th, 2005 at 04:58 am

Thanksgiving wasn't bad, I think we spent a total of $50. Now the trick will be to use all the leftovers! Friday we had thanksgiving rerun. Now it will become turkey divan, turkey manicotti, stale could make bread crumbs to top the divan...and things we didn't use after all I need to get into the freezer!

Last night we had an easy dinner that was basically free. A few weeks ago a local store had Campbell's Select soups on sale for $1.29 each, but also a deal that if you bought 8 items on the page, including these, you received $8 off at checkout. And Campbells had a separate deal, buy more than 3 cans, receive a store credit of $3, which they also applied at checkout. So we got bread to use up the rest of the money. There was no limit, not sure why, but we did stock up for the winter at that price!

I'm just in a slump, trying to get past one holiday and on with the next. MRI is tomorrow, so the tension is NOT helping focus on savings. I like to spend when I'm tense, and looking for holiday gifts is the wrong time to do it!!!

So, time to get back on track!

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