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HUMOR for the day.

November 24th, 2005 at 04:56 am

I decided to order the Philosophy products that my mother actually likes for part of her gift. It's never on sale, but I did go through eBates to get 5% back, drugstore.com gives 5% credit, I added in the philosophy product I'm out of and have been meaning to buy, and received free 3 day shipping, a free gift, a diamond deal freebie, and the Philosophy gift set that was on MY Christmas list as a freebie ($45!).

So, I thought I was doing well. The package arrived, my husband took everything out, I handed him the gift set and told him this was one of the things on my list.

Hubby HATES when I buy my own gifts, as well as ruining the surprise, and he gave me that LOOK. I reminded him it was a $45 item, but he still had THAT LOOK. So, I actually said it: "IT'S NOT MY FAULT IT WAS FREE". I NEVER thought I'd say that!

HE did come back, 15 minutes later, smiling, and said "hey, free isn't bad!"

Go figure.

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